Thursday, January 30, 2020

You Will Eat This Healthy Meal Mommy Prepared for You!

There will be no arguing with me. End of story
I care about you & only want what is best for you and
eating potato chips, ice cream & candy for dinner is not healthy nor is it nutritious.

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  1. But Mommy, naughty devils need to eat all the naughty junk food too to have a nice plump bottom to amuse you for your nice hard hand spanking over your lap you always promise. Indeed it certainly has been quite a while since being pulled over your lap onto your silky knees for a good hard bare bottom hand spanking, naughty devil sure misses his caring loving pretty Mommy!

    ND =;)

    1. No "buts". If I hear another butt you will be getting extra spanks on your butt & extra hard ones, to get the message across that you do NOT argue with Mommy

    2. Oh goody, now you know very well what playful teasing naughty devil just has to sass back with about that for the next time you're in town:

      But, but, but, but. but, but, but, but Mommy, it's so much fun arguing with you and getting you all flustered before, during and after being yanked over your silky knees!!!!


      ND =;)