Saturday, December 29, 2018

Want to see me on one of my upcoming trips (Vegas, LA, OC, Vancouver)?

Christmas is over & now it's time to get serious about my upcoming trips (and there sure are a lot of them).  Remember that even if we've discussed a date/time for your session, that is never saved for you until I have "received" your deposit. I am scheduling right now for Vegas, LA, and Vancouver (Canada). I am taking applications for Orange County. And I am pre-screening for Baltimore.

Because of my extensive travel during Jan & Feb, I will have very limited time for Seattle sessions. 
I will be giving priority to spankos who see me regularly or book multi-hour sessions.

Check out my travel schedule for more info:

Friday, December 28, 2018

Didn't have time... get me something off my Amazon wishlist but still want to get me something?

An Uber electronic gift card will come in handy, especially with New Years Eve coming up.  You can buy Uber gift cards off the Uber website or off the Amazon website.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Ho Ho Ho Santa Says You Deserve a Spanking

Merry Christmas to all my blog readers, fans, and all the spankos all over the world. Hope Santa brings you what you wish for & lots of spankings!

santa spanks

santa spanks

spanking quote

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Spanking Christmas Songs

  • It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Spanking
  • I'll be Home For Corner Time
  • I'm Dreaming of a Red Bottom 
  • Caning Around the Christmas Tree 
  • All I Want For Christmas is Discipline 
  • Holly Jolly Paddling 
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Strapping 
  • I Saw Mommy Spanking Santa Claus 
  • There's No Place Like Your Lap For the Holidays 
  • The 12 Implements of Christmas 

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout I'm telling you why. Miss Jenn is coming to town!

I'm trying to figure out the exact dates for my upcoming travel schedule, but trying to figure out how long I'll be spending in each city will depend on how many people want to see me & such.  So if you want to see me in the following cities, please answer the following questions:

1. What city you want to see me in (please place this in the subject line of your email)
2.  How long of a session would you like?
3. If your availability fits with my schedule & what that availability looks like?

Vegas Jan 19-22nd, 2019

LA, if I can get deposits Jan 22-23

Orange County, if I can get deposits, Jan 24th

Vancouver Feb 8-10th (I'll be at the clips4sale booth at the Taboo Trade Show)

  • Feb 8th, NO availability for sessions
  • Feb 9th, I could do a session around 10 or 11am
  • Feb 10th, I could do a session around 11am

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Let Us Remember

Caribbean Dominatrix Sadie Hawkins RIP

a Goddess!

The strong powerful Goddess Sadie Hawkins

Fetish Performer
Video Producer
Content Creator
Caribbean Dominatrix
Kink Educator

She was murdered & taken from this world far too soon. Although I didn't know her personally, I'm still utterly depressed over hearing the news. We have a lot of the same friends so I heard a lot about her.  She was also one of the traveling ladies like myself, touring all over the US and the world. Once I started following her on Twitter a few years ago, I realized that the woman was absolutely brilliant, she was at the forefront of so many things in our industry, an innovator, a brilliant & savvy business woman, and a Powerhouse beyond compare.

Why, oh why??? They don't know yet, but sadly the one thing that we fear, that we hope is not the that it might be a client. Or someone who posed as a client with an agenda of his own. Perhaps someone who didn't understand kink, & perhaps from his perspective thought what she was doing in her professional life as a ProDomme was wrong & therefore wanted to silence her.
We just don't know. And with a lot of these psycho nutcases, we may never find out what the motive was. But let us not ever forget Sadie, I know I certainly won't.

And let's also not forget to acknowledge all the strong fearless women out there, whether they be Professional Disciplinarians, Pro Dommes, Spanking Models, Fetish Models (the list goes on) who do in-person sessions. Who potentially put their lives on the line every time they meet with someone in private. And they will continue to do it because it's their passion & they know they are making a difference in the lives of those they touch.

And lets also not forget to let people know when we respect and admire them. I wish I had told Sadie how much she influenced me. I always assumed that one day I'd run into her at a convention or party and that I'd tell her then. Now I'll never be able to do that.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Portrait of Miss Jenn Holding the Cane by Fetish Artist Engwemabala - Amazing Piece of Spanking Art

Miss Jenn Davis caning

I just recently got to know Engwemabala, who is an art and fetish enthusiast. Latex, discipline and the overwhelming desire to accept female superiority are his main fetishes.  And believe me, I've seen his work and am blown away by the amazing fetish art that he creates. Here's a little bit more about him in his own words:

"Since i work as a freelance designer and teacher for photography and computer based illustrations, drawing is something that falls short most of the time. Therefore i use my spare time to transfer pictures into drawings and try add some creativity to the normal work day. As an artist i am always interested in new ways to express myself and to find the best possible method to show the beauty of my models. Latex as a material is really complex to transfer to an illustration. Shiny reflections are quite hard to achieve but with some experience it gets easier every time creativity hits me.

My workflow normally starts of with of an image, a photograph or a 3D rendering. I take it to the drawing board and try to get the main aspects of the image using pen, pencil, watercolor and sometimes acrylic colors. Next step is scanning the drawing into the computer and making additional changes and adding some features.

The final result is an illustrative drawing - as I call them.

I am always interested in new things and I am glad to share experiences with others. If someone wants to have an illustration, everyone can contact me via Twitter or Instagram. Contract work is always possible and prices are negotiable.
The handles are the same ... @engwemabala"

Fetish Art

Thank you ever so much Engwemabala, I am honored you chose me as one of the Femdoms who inspired you to create this amazing piece of artwork that you did.  You are so incredibly talented! Thank you so much for this lovely piece of spanking art.

I have also added his art to my page dedicated to the artists who have created pieces of art inspired by me: click this link to be taken to that page
As a static page on my site, it will never be buried under blog post after blog post and get hidden as the years go by.  It will always be easy to find.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

I Went to See Miss Jenn in Seattle, My Poor Bottom Clearly Lost the Battle

A new poem from naughty boy

I went to see Miss Jenn in Seattle
My poor bottom clearly lost that battle
Miss Jenn and her implements surely won
But my bottom still had a lot of fun

Miss Jenn spanked my bottom so very hard
To help me lose weight and stop eating lard
Miss Jenn is the disciplinarian I most admire
Miss Jenn is the one who sets my bottom on fire

Time stood still on Miss Jenn's wall clock
When she trapped me in her leg lock
My poor bottom ached, stung and burned
But it was a spanking I had earned

So I took my punishment from Miss Jenn
Whose beauty far exceeds a perfect ten
She spanked me so hard, she spanked me so good
She spanked me with canes, straps, leather and wood

I used to be naughty but now I'm super good
I obey Miss Jenn like every good boy should

Miss Jenn Davis

Friday, December 14, 2018

Ways to Stay Connected


I have no plans to stop spanking. so if my site suddenly goes down, know that it was beyond my control. I will post to some form of social media, if my site needs to be moved.

Here are other ways to know if I'm still around & to stay connected if that happens:

Any of my clips sites, Patreon, or call me on my NF account
Write down my email address for future reference

I know that Tumblr is going down, so will not list my Tumblr account.  If a "new" form of social media emerges, I will probably sign up under one of the names that I usually go by for user names "Miss Jenn Davis", "missjennd", "MissJenn", "JennOTK" or some kind of variation of this.

I do not anticipate any of these things actually happening, but if they do, that's how to find me, or use "google".

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

New Implement

Isn't she a beaut? And boy does she feel good! A lovely new spanking paddle.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

There was No Note With this Gift

female spanker

Someone got me this Wonder Woman dress, was it you?
If so, please send me an email so I can properly thank you for the gift :)

Monday, December 10, 2018

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Thursday, December 6, 2018


Alright Mister, you are in for a very hard paddling for keeping me waiting & making me worry like that!

Got a few updates for you:

- I am back on Patreon posting some of my audio clips & my Patreon members are typically first to see my photos. If you are a spanking author, I highly recommend you become a member of my site and join the community

- Teaching a class on January 10th, 2019 about spanking, here's the link in case you missed my post:

- Don't know what to get me for Christmas?  Check out my Amazon wishlist (it's at the bottom of every email I send). Keep in mind that some gifts are coming from China so it sometimes takes 3 weeks to a month to get to me, and as far as I know there is no way to tell which products come from China and which comes from the States.  Or buy one of my clips! Go to one of my clip sites here

- As my gift to you, I am still recording free audios if you are an author.  Here's the link for more information:

- I am currently working on my travel schedule for Jan & Feb 2019. Check the travel section of this website as I don't always make a post regarding specific cities.  Vegas & Baltimore are happening for sure.

- With how busy my schedule is plus how busy the holiday season is, I sometimes get behind on my emails.  Please don't take this personally, no matter how much I adore you, sometimes I just can't do it all...

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Can I just Say Thank You To All the People Who Drive, Train, or Fly...

...from all over the States & the World to see me!
It's a total honor to hear your commitment to me, to spanking, & to discipline.

I think the longest "drive" has been from Florida to D.C. just to see me while I was touring the East Coast.  There have been longer flights, but for some reason a drive sounds more grueling to me than a flight ;)

Of course, then there are those who won't drive 30 min out of there way to see me too, haha...