Tuesday, March 29, 2016

"Friendship Should Be Nurtured" Part 3

Friendships should always be nurtured
By Edward

Part III

After enjoying a lite lunch we decided to go for a walk on the mall, Jenn had never been here before and wanted to see everything. With as nice a day as it was we decided to enjoy walking and sightseeing all the monuments and before long we had walked around the entire tidal basin. Her fascination was almost childlike as she took in the historical representations of everything. Me, I just enjoyed watching her. Spending this time with my friend was everything I had remembered about our lifelong friendship. There was nothing I would not do for her. Finally at the National gallery hunger over took us, we decided to go to dinner at a little local bistro well known for both its cuisine and clientele. While eating we could speak about the day, how amazing the history combined with the present. And make plans for what we wanted to do after dinner. Our waitress took our orders and turned out to be one of those talkative servers, you know the type, overly friendly, the kind that on occasion can make your dining experience more enjoyable or on other times, be intrusive. As far as I was concerned this was one of those intrusive times. She was of course, quite attractive dressed in her white blouse and short black skirt and low heels, on any other occasion I might be inclined to try and get her number. I am a sucker for short skirts but it seemed as though she were constantly there. Asking about our day, making suggestions for where to go during Jenn’s visit, asking where J was from. Almost like she was part of our private dinner party. For J’s part she was enjoying our uninvited guest and engaging her. For my part, I was beginning to resent this young woman’s attention. I guess she was only trying to help, but all I could think of was ‘just get our food and quit interrupting us’ and slowly I began to burn. Finally and sarcastically telling her we were there to enjoy a quiet dinner and of course to make that happen, we needed our dinner some time before breakfast. Thinking I had put this young lady in her place I felt smug, kind of manly, until I glanced at Jenn. I could tell from her stare, she was not happy with me. Quickly I tried to change the conversation back to us, but J went quiet. Seating there in the uncomfortable silence I tried to lighten the mood “I’m sorry J, I’m so hungry I think my blood sugar must be low”. Mimicking the popular candy bar commercials. “I guess I am not myself when I don’t have a snickers bar”. I told her and It seemed to work. I saw her make a rye smile and she said “I guess we need to feed you more often and keep a supply of candy bars on hand for just these times, that and maybe a hairbrush”. Fixing me again with her rye smile. I know I turned red and scanning the room said, “I really am sorry J, I just wanted to visit with you and eat”. I said. “It seemed like she was monopolizing our time together with her constant chatter”. “She was just being nice E and point in fact, I was enjoying every thing she was saying. Remember I am on vacation and enjoying the sightseeing. She was really interesting to me, but obviously you didn’t see that did you?’ She told me. “No, I guess I didn’t J, I’m sorry”. I said. “No, you didn’t E thinking only of yourself again. You really need to learn to watch and listen before you speak. It will really help to keep you from embarrassing yourself and making others uncomfortable. But let’s don’t let it ruin a perfectly wonderful day”. J said. “You’re right J, I am so sorry and if it will help I’ll even leave our young server a very good tip”. I told her. “That would be nice E, that and an apology”. The last spoken as more of a command then suggestion and with that out came Jenn’s hairbrush as she then excused herself to go to the lady’s room. “Maybe I should invite her to join us later to see just how sorry you are” Jenn said quietly, causing me to blush effusively. “I expect my hairbrush to be right here on the table when I return, regardless of who might see it or any questions if may beg to be asked E”. Jenn whispered. “Understood young Man”? Nodding I suddenly knew that Jenn’s early threat in my guest bathroom was more than just teasing. I now understood she was looking for any excuse I might unintentionally give her to once again take me across her knee for another bottom blistering spanking and that was not only embarrassing, it was down right frightening. Staring at that dreaded hairbrush, I couldn’t help but blush remembering how red Jenn had colored my bottom the last time I saw it and just how much that coloring had hurt. It seemed I had created a monster, well not really a monster, but certainly a firm no nonsense disciplinarian with that first spanking I had unwittingly agreed to accept back in Seattle. What I thought back then would be a one and done had turned into two other spankings, each distinctly separate but each administered with a firm hand and a lesson to be taught. But never did I think it would lead to this. Even with the threat she whispered in my ear when she dropped me off at the Seattle airport. A threat I thought was just a teasing remark once again. Still, hoping she was only teasing, especially with her veiled threat of inviting our server to join us later, I began to think this was something more. Perhaps I had crossed that line leading to another bottom blistering spanking but she really wouldn’t invite this attractive young lady over to witness my punishment for my behavior during dinner. She’d never really do that, no not something like that. This was something very private between the two of us, going all the way back to our childhood. And as I was lost in this embarrassing circular thought, J suddenly reappeared and sat down. “Good, I see my hairbrush is right where I left it”. She said. “I would have been quite upset if you had tried to move it or worse, hide it. I intentionally left it very visible for you to contemplate your behavior and the consequences misbehaving could lead to E”. “Jenn, I’m not sure whether you are threating me or just teasing me, but please, I have learned my lesson and really just want to enjoy your visit”. I whined. “Can’t we just do that J”? “Certainly E, but our relationship dynamic has changed since I last saw you in Seattle. I care as much as I have ever cared for you, but I also want you to be the best you possible and if that means occasionally embarrassing you when you are less than you best, or putting you across my knee when you really deserve a spanking, well that is exactly what I will do and I do not care who knows it”. She went on. “In fact you are lucky I don’t put you over my knee right here and now for the way you treated that young lady! Now that would be embarrassing, but also deserved. That was no way to behave during what had been up until then, a wonderful day and going forward, I will not allow that kind of behavior in my presence, understood?” She asked. Looking down at the tablecloth I nodded and slowly raising my eyes up, I told her “Yes J, I understand and promise I got your message loud and clear. I am so very sorry and I will be on my best behavior always going forward. Believe me I do not want another of your ‘Bottom blistering’s’ as you are so fond of threatening now”. I implored her. With that a few minute later our dinners arrived and things seemed to calm down as we enjoyed a really good meal and a nice bottle of wine. ”How was everything”? Our cute served asked?” “Good, great actually and your service was delightful”. I responded being as nice as I could be. If we could get our check please?” I asked her as pleasantly as I could. “We’ld like to settle the bill and I really do apologize for my earlier behavior. It was nothing you did, I was just so hungry”. I said to the young lady, giving her my credit card, I looked at her and again sincerely apologized, telling her my rudeness was inexcusable. If that was not enough, the tip more than told her how sincere my apology was. Jenn watched all this and with a smile on her face.

Feeling like I had narrowly escaped not only a very embarrassing confrontation, but another spanking I headed to the door wanting to get out of there as quickly as possible. Not realizing J was not directly behind me until I got no reply to my question about where she wanted to go next, I stopped and turned and saw J in quiet conversation with our waitress. Seeing the quiet close conversation between them made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I’m not sure what she said exactly, but somehow I knew if I could hear it, I would not enjoy what she was saying. Looking up J saw me standing by the door and disengaged with our waitress and walked by me and out the door. Once outside I suggested we walk to the Lincoln Memorial telling her how beautiful it was on these early spring evenings with the Marble backlit and looking out across the reflecting pool toward the Washington Memorial. Hoping this might help her forget my behavior during dinner. The walk along the Mall was surprisingly empty and we fell into a very pleasant conversation talking about plans for the rest of her stay, what was going on back home, any new boyfriends/girlfriends just the kind of conversation you would expect between to lifelong friend. At the Lincoln Memorial we walked the steps up while looking at Lincoln’s statue gazing out, seeing all that lay before him. In the quiet of this late evening it seemed as though he were alive. There is both a comfort to his face and eeriness to the size and the caverness space he resides in. After a few moments we walked out and took a seat a few steps down from the top. Looking out towards the Washington Monument I pointed out to J the ‘Reflecting pool’ which when still and quiet you could see the reflection of the Washington Monument. Seeing two separate but distinct Washington Monuments. Jenn sat quietly looking in that direction. I thought she was looking to see this fun fact I had just given her, suddenly she looked at me and quietly said “You know your behavior in the restaurant was inexcusable”. Continuing on before I could answer. “ As quiet as it is here I half a mind to pull you over my knee right here, right now E. Fortunately for you I could neither spank you long enough or hard enough right now without pulling your pants down and since I have no wish to be arrested for disciplining a naughty boy in such a public and exposed place, once again you have escaped the spanking we both know you deserve! “Wha ..what do you mean once again? I asked. “You saw me talking to our young waitress, apologizing for your rude behavior. Well not only did I apologize, I was asking her if there was a room I could use for a bit to give you the very spanking you sorely deserved”. J told me. “You .. you.. you didn’t really do that di di did you J”? I stuttered. Knowing full well she did. “I most certainly did and lucky for you she had no such private space or you would be over my lap still getting your bum blistered good and red.” Jenn scolded and continued on “and if I were certain we could get away with it I’d pull you over my knee right here and now. Hmmm.. I wonder if your spanking would be reflected in the pool Hmmm” now that’s quite the thought”. She said lost in the imagery of her own revelation. “Please J, not here please”. I begged. I know I deserve a spanking, but please not here in such a public open space”. Oh stop begging, you know I am not actually going to spank you sitting here, out in the open like this. Not that a part of me really doesn’t want to”. She scolded. “ ike the part of me that really did want to spank you right in that restaurant, with our young server watching. She more than anyone deserved to see you get the spanking you had coming!” “It was just very lucky for you she could not find a space for me to use”. “Very lucky indeed. So no spanking while sitting here in what really would be a perfect spot”. Could you imagine that, for the rest of your life, when ever you saw this memorial, you would be forever reminded of laying over my knee and getting a spanking for all the world to see”. “I wish I had the nerve to do just that E, but not wanting to get arrested out weighs, at this moment, wanting to give you the spanking you deserve”. “Now let’s stand and leave here before I change my mind”. She told me as she rose and started down the steps. Me, I just sat there a moment, not really believing what I had just been told, but at the same time knowing I had narrowly escaped what could have been the most embarrassing instant of my life. Then quickly rising and following her down the steps. We continued our walk around the Mall. When we reached the FDR memorial we sat by the tidal basin in complete silence and I could see J looking about taking the splendid beauty of the setting in, at least I thought that’s what she was doing, but suddenly Jenn insisted I stand and face her. Wondering what this was about I stood and before completing my turn towards her, she was quickly undoing my belt and pulling my pants down and before I could really even protest, I was over her knee. Right there on the tidal basin walk, in the glowing evening setting sun, I was face down across Jenn’s bare lap getting the very spanking I knew was coming from the moment I picked her up. It seemed she was just biding her time, especially since dinner, watching me blush as she embarrassed me time and again, until she had found her spot. Then there on this quiet walkway, sitting on a public bench, Jenn had found a place, suitable to her need for discretion, without giving up her desire to publicly punish me. Scolding me as only Jenn can while administering her very distinctively fast spanks she let her desire to teach me a lesson unleash her stinging hand.

<Spank,Spank,Spank,Spank,Spank,Spank, Spank,Spank,Spank, Spank,Spank,Spank,> and I lay there squirming over her knee throughout absolutely the most embarrassing moment of my life just praying no one would come upon us. And seemingly just as quickly as it started, Jenn took out her hairbrush and gave me 5 of the hardest smacks I had ever felt and had me rise back to my feet. “Now there, don’t you feel better now, getting what we both know you deserved”? She asked. “I I can’t believe you just did that, my God what were you thinking”. I frantically told her looking about to make sure we weren’t seen. Big mistake, because as I was looking around I felt a tug on my belt and before I could struggle my pants were undone again and I was back over her knee. “The more you struggle young man, the longer this will take and the greater chance someone will see us”. Jenn patiently explained working my underpants down. You will never talk to me in that tone when I am punishing you. Is that clear E?” Jenn asked as she began spanking me once again. Only this time much harder <Spank,Spank,Spank,Spank,Spank,Spank, Spank,Spank,Spank, Spank,Spank,Spank,> This time her spanks were much more briskly applied and on my bare bottom sounded like a gunshot going off. I wanted to struggle but she had me over one knee with her free leg across my legs literally locking me into this embarrassing position that had placed my bare bottom at her beck and call. “Please Jenn please, I am so sorry please I promise Jenn please” I begged like the naughty 10 year old she had me feeling like. “I promise Jenn I will never question you again please”. And thankful, as quickly as it began, again, this spanking ended. Jenn let me up and believe me I never got a pair of pants up so fast. Standing there, surprised that we had gotten away with this public spanking unseen, I was both relieved and embarrassed beyond belief, but strangely as I looked at Jenn, sitting there on the bench, legs crossed and arms folded across her chest. I could not help but admire her even more. Not that I enjoyed my spanking in the park, but that this Woman cared enough about me to not let me get away with my temper tantrums. Treating that young lady the way I had was wrong and Jenn was not about to let me get away with it. Suddenly I knew this was something that I had missed throughout my younger life. All but once, when another strong willed lady had called me on my childish behavior and spanked me until I could not sit for several days. For some strange unexplainable reason, this was something that really got through my thick skull and grabbed my attention. “I’m so sorry Jenn, I know I deserved that, I know I should not have questioned your right to punish me. I guess I was just so surprised and afraid someone would see us” I told her quietly, head down, afraid to look her in the eye. “E, come sit by me?’ Jenn requested patting the bench next to her. I sat down and Jenn placed both hands on my cheeks turning my face to her. “You know I care about you and while I may now punish you when it is well deserved, I will always do it with love and caring, no matter how naughty you may have been and you my dear friend, will never question me as to when and where”. She told me looking me straight in the eyes. “Are we clear on this E?” She asked. Nodding my head as she held me in her gaze I heard myself muttering a quiet “Yes ma’am, I understand and am sorry for questioning you”. Fine Jenn told me releasing me, smoothing out her skirt and rising from the bench. “Shall we go back to your place? It’s been quite the first day and I am tired”. Taking my hand, helping me up, she asked. Just like that my spanking was over, short and to point, painful, but happily over and once again we were just friends. Walking back to my car I don’t think I was ever happier to be leaving the scene of a crime. I couldn’t believe I had so suddenly been given a spanking in such a public place and not been caught. What I didn’t know was that Jenn had been looking for just such a place, public, but for a moment seemingly private, a place, just like our bench, since leaving the restaurant. If I only knew what else she had planned for me before this night was over.

To be continued...

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Happy to be Home and Changes to Houston Trip

I am sooooooo happy to be home even if it's just for around 32 hours! I started to unpack & re-pack for my next trip, then just gave up and went to my local Cheers. You know the bar where everyone knows your name & the bartender slides you a drink before your butt hits the barstool? It was so nice to see familiar faces & talk about everyday things.

Enough so that I've decided to shorten my Houston trip! So if you want to schedule a session with me in Houston let me know so I can make sure to have enough time to see you before I change my plane ticket. Email me soon if you want a session.

The Hard Part...

If I were her, I wouldn't try to "convince" them of anything... I would just let them know they were about to get a spanking,  then I would take their pants down, and start spanking!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Some of the Toys That I Travel With

Each time I travel I take different implements with me, typically based on the interests of the spanko's I'm seeing as well as my own personal preferences. Here's some of what I took with me on my Portland trip. 

Thank You Sabrina For My Purpleheart Paddle!

Thank you Sabrina for the lovely silky smooth Purpleheart paddle. I love it!!!

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Spanking in Portland

Sorry I'm out of town and won't be able to answer your emails as I am too busy spanking my dear Spanko's in Portland, hehe ;)

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"Friendships Should Always Be Nurtured" Part 2, A Story By Edward

Friendships should always be Nurtured
Part 2
By Edward

Well here I am in the cell phone lot of my local airport, the flip side of my trip to Seattle. Waiting for my BF Jenn who was flying in to visit me this time.  As you may remember from my first story, Jenn and I had grown up together and been Best Friends since 1st grade.  A friendship I have always nurtured but had, for a very small period of time, not paid the degree of attention to that our friendship really deserved. During that time I had allowed my personal wants and desires to make an expedient decision, without thought to how this would affect my BF Jenn.  That disrespectful decision to move had hurt Jenn in ways I had not imagined. I had been so focused on my own little world, I completely failed to see what I was doing to her.  Something I learned only to well on my visit home this past February.  Believe me Jenn let me know just what she thought about my self-centered actions, while face down over her knee, on the receiving end of a very long hard bare bottom spanking. For only the second time in my life, the first being by the hand of a very attractive younger woman who was a friend of my Mother’s.  Jenn was the only person who knew of this singular spanking event in my young life. She knew the effect it had on me and also knew while I may desire the intimacy of an over the knee, bare bottomed spanking, enduring the embarrassment and pain of a good sound spanking was not something I would ask for or ever actually enjoy. She also knew though a spanking was certainly something that would grab my attention and boy did she grab my attention. In the course of the week we were together on my Seattle visit, I found myself face down across her lovely lap not once, but on three (3) separate occasions over three (3) days with only a single one day break in between.  Needless to say, I left Seattle sitting on a very sore, very red, well-spanked bum and a new appreciation of my Best Friend Jenn and how important it was to show that appreciation to her in an open and respectful fashion.  Fortunately as a result of those three spankings we had healed our slightly fractured friendship and were now back to normal, speaking by phone, by text and email every day as we had always done. So, here I was at he Airport to pick up Jenn, who had come to spend a few days visiting me and seeing my new home and city.  I was so excited, while we were staying in touch, nothing beats face to face, the togetherness shared, eating together, walking around and talking together.  I couldn’t wait, and while sitting here listening for her call, letting me know she had her bags and was waiting curbside for me to come pick her up, I had time to reflect on that first spanking Jenn had administered to my bare bum. While it left my ‘bottom blistered’ (her words), bruised, very red and oh so sore, it had also given me my best friend back. Teaching me that very lesson of nurturing my friendships always.

  I had so much planned for us while she was here.  The museums we would visit, the kayaking and cycling adventures, dinners out and dinners in, just talking and laughing.  The one thing I had learned back in Seattle and across Jenn’s lovely lap, was just how important good friends are. She had made certain to warn me of that, before leaving Seattle. That while we had healed our friendship, I needed to realize that the spankings she had administered to my bare bottom might not be the last.  Rather, they more than likely marked the beginning of a new, caring turn in our friendship. A turn that meant I should take very seriously the lesson she recently taught while over her knee and to be on my best behavior always should I not want to find myself back in that most embarrassing position, staring at the floor, while face down over her lovely lap. To always treat those I cared for with the utmost respect and nurturing my true friendships so they continue to grow strong.  Remembering all that and the possibility of additional future spankings was a very sobering. Thought and I silently vowed not to do anything to warrant a repeat performance of my Best Friend’s new found spanking prowess.  Just as I was making this silent vow my phone beeped with a text from Jenn telling me she was ready for pick up.  Starting the car, I was off to get her.  Five minutes later, there she was, pulling up to the curb, I jumped out and we took a quick minute for a very warm embrace, loaded her bags into the car and off we went, already catching up with one another. Jenn looked so beautiful, in an age when travelers dress so overly casual, She had chosen to dress in a beautiful summer dress showing her curves and long beautiful legs.  I always seem to forget how beautiful and sexy a woman Jenn is when we are apart, but when together I can barely keep from staring at her and her tanned bare legs.  Something Jenn has always found amusing and tolerated.  Although at times like this, she did remind me to keep my eyes on the road and little less on her legs.  Blushing beet red, I returned my attention to the road and we began to lapse back into our lifelong friendship, talking and laughing, pointing out the sights. I asked her what she wanted to do first, stop for lunch some where in route, go for a walk before lunch giving her a chance to stretch out her legs after the long cross country flight?  Whatever she wanted, her wish was my command.  Smiling Jenn suggested we go back to my place, let her unpack and rest a bit. Maybe take a refreshing shower perhaps have a lite lunch there and  go out to dinner later this evening. So off we headed to what now was my home. Arriving at my condo, Jenn walked in and began looking around. Commenting on how nice the place looked, while thanking me for cleaning up for her visit. She knew me to well and had been to my old place in Seattle to often, so while smiling, she also remembered what a bad housekeeper I generally am.  “How sweet of you to have cleaned up the place for my visit” She told me. “We both know housecleaning is not your strong suit.”  I took her to her room, proud that it had its own bathroom and sitting area.  “Take your time unpacking and showering Jenn, Me Casa su Casa.” I told her.  “I will make us some lunch while you do”. So I left her to her own devices and headed to the kitchen to begin fixing us a light lunch. Suddenly Jenn voice’s called out asking me to come into her room.  When I got there Jenn was standing at her bathroom door, arm’s folded. “Come in here.” She beckoned. “Do you see that”? Pointing at the toilet seat left up.  “I am not going to make it a big deal this time E, but I want you to realize its little things like this that I want you to think about.  When entertaining a Lady guest, you will never leave the seat up again.” She told me in her scolding Miss Jenn voice. “It is disrespectful and thoughtless E and I expect more out of you”. Jenn told me going on. “It is the little things like this, that can add up and lead to another spanking!”  She said.  “I know neither of us wants that again, am I right?” She asked. “You got that right Jenn, I’m so sorry, I don’t use this bathroom ever and must have left it up when I cleaned it.  I promise it won’t happen again”. I told her. “Good, now go back to what you were doing and I’ll join you shortly”. She told me.  Going back to the kitchen, I thought about what just occurred and wondered if she were serious or just toying with me, seeing how I would react.  Jenn had always loved to tease me and after the spankings she had given me in Seattle, she now had a whole new arsenal of mischievous banter with which to tease me unmercifully.  Surely she wouldn’t actually follow through with her implied threat of another spanking for something so small. Yep, that had to be it, she just wanted to watch me squirm and blush while subtly reminding me of those spankings she had given me in Seattle. That had to be it and laughing to myself  and I continued fixing us lunch.

To be continued...

Do You Think This is What He Had in Mind?

What a naughty boy! And we all know what happens to naughty boys ;)

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Get Your Session in Before my Temporary Closure

I won't be taking sessions in Seattle starting March 24th for approx 2 weeks. And I've only got about 5 session days still available between now and the 24th. I will probably be reopening April 7, 8 or 9th. So if you are in need of a spanking, get your request in before this temporary closure happens.

And yes, I am still only doing 90-minute or longer sessions in Seattle.

(Are you ready to feel the belt?)

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Thank You Roger, For the Lovely Testimonial

This was truly a very fun role play & Roger gave me lots of details to work with. I enjoyed getting to take on "Janet's" role (she's a feisty one, and I admire her strong will & independence), as well as getting to play with Roger on multiple occasions.  Thank you for the testimonial, Roger!

When meeting a disciplinarian for the first time, I usually explain how I came to be a spanko.  There was the dominant mother, and the Penthouse Variations letters, but the experience that utterly transformed me happened one summer when I was at my friend John’s house across the street.  It was one of those sweltering late July afternoons between 6th and 7th grade.  He had moved in about a year ago, and his dad coached our little league team.  They moved up from Louisiana, and John was an only child.  His mom's name was Janet.  

Some of the moms on our street got together and decided to keep their kids indoors during the hottest hours of the day when the temp was in the mid 90's, and the Mid-South practically boiled in heat and humidity.  Mrs. Hampton wasn't a party to the deal though.  “I don't necessarily agree with what other mom's do," she advised, tipping her streak of old school independence and strong will.

John and I were checking out his comic books when he told me he had some vintage Batman issues out in the garage.  I told him what a treat it'd be to see them, and he jumped up to get them.  Mrs. Hampton stopped him halfway out the door.

"I don't want you going out in the garage while your father's got his tool rack project in progress, it's dangerous."

"Aww mom, I just want to get some comics from that box in the closet, I won't go near dad's tools."

"John Earl Hampton, you heard me.  Now stay out of the garage."

John turned around and shuffled back to the bedroom.

"So where are they" I asked as he returned.

"Can't get 'em.  Mom won't let me go out in the garage because of my dad's tool project.”

"No way, I'd really like to see those early issues!"

"I know, but I gotta wait 'til dad gets home.” 

"Oh man, we're going on vacation tomorrow.  It's gonna be August by the time I get to see them.”

"Yea, but my mom."

It's all right."

A few minutes passed and I noticed Mrs. Hampton taking a load of laundry out to hang on the clothesline in the back yard.

"Hey John, your mom's busy with the clothes in the back yard.  This is our chance to get those comic books while she's not lookin."

"Ahhh, I don't know, she sounded pretty strict about me staying out of there."

"Yea, but she won't even know!"  Look at the basket full of clothes she's got; she's gonna be busy for five or ten more minutes."

"Well, I would like to show ‘em to you.  Man, I can't believe I put them out in the garage!"

"John, don't be scared little girl, just go out there while your ma ain't lookin’ and bring them in."

"Ok, but if I get caught you're getting it too."

"Don't worry, she's got a whole load of laundry to hang up."

A whole load of laundry and just a few clothespins, as it turned out.

Off John went into the abyss.  Directly, Mrs. Hampton turns around and heads back for the kitchen door just in time to bust John slinking back in from the garage.  "What did I tell you about staying out of the garage?"

"I -- I -- I wasn't gonna go, but Roger's going on vacation tomorrow, and he really wants to see my vintage Batman comics."

"What has that got to do with disobeying your mother?  You need to tell Roger to wait here in the dining room while you and I have a talk in your room."

Gulp, “a talk?"

"Your father's belt will be doing a good bit of the talking..."

John told me he got caught and I had to wait out in the dining room for a while.  Next thing I know Mrs. Hampton is in there lecturing and cracking the belt on poor John.

crack.  'Don't you listen to him.'  crack.


'When he tells you something else what are you going to do?'  crack

'N--n--nothing ma'am.'  crack.  

“That's right.”


'Oh my god, he's really getting it,’  I thought. What's she hitting him with?  That's got to be his dad's belt.

'Yeeeaaahhh ooouuch'.
'I'm sorry ma'am!’

crack.  'When i tell you to stay out of the garage i expect you to obey me'

'oowww, I--I---I'm sorry ma'am'

'I'll see to it you're sorry.  You're not to disobey me no matter what your friends say."

"This is a nightmare.  Poor John.  That should be me, not him.  What have I done?  He's gonna hate me from now on."

It's one thing to dodge a deserved punishment, but It's quite another to stand by and hear your friend take the belting you yourself so richly deserved.  I suppose Mrs. Hampton thought my mom should do the honors for my punishment, though to my knowledge, neither she nor John ever told her about the incident.  The guilt from that experience is seared in my memory, and offends my sense of justice to this day.

With the foregoing as the backdrop, fast forward to present day.  I’m in Baton Rouge, LA hunting for a room to rent for my new project at the medical center.  I answer an ad in one of the West suburbs and am calling on the landlady.  We say our hellos at the door and I’m already wondering where I’ve seen her before.  We share some small talk and have a look at the place and she’s telling me her “rules of the roost.”  That’s when it hits me: I’m talking to Janet Hampton, the woman chiefly responsible for my lifelong spanking fetish.  Holy Shit!  Does she remember me?  That’s simultaneously exciting and terrifying to think about ….

After another couple of minutes she says, “You look familiar to me.  Were you ever in Ft Smith, AR?”

Whooo Boy!  I realize I’m busted in terms of identity, and before long the conversation turns to that fateful day during summer break long ago when I led her only son astray ….

“You know I felt terrible about getting John into trouble back then.  It still offends my sense of justice.  Why didn’t you whip me along with him?  After all, I put him up to it.”

Janet Hampton is old school, steel magnolia, spare the rod and spoil the child.  She may have mellowed a little in the intervening years, but she’s got a sense of justice too, and can see that settling this old account would make both of us feel a lot better about the past.  And it just so happens she has the next hour free …

Miss Jenn brought this fantasy to life for me, and crazy as it sounds, it helped me get some closure on the guilty feeling that never seemed to go away before.  After all, I finally got what I had coming, with interest.  Jenn was superb in her preparation, down to explaining why she felt like she couldn’t punish me way back when – a minor child and all.  But the fully grown man paid his debt in full.  One of her rules for renters was making the garage off-limits, just like back in the day!  I was over her knee about five different ways, struck with her hand, her brush, her belts, her straps, her kitchen utensils, and even a paddle or two for good measure.  I was a well-done (former) corruptor of youth!

My main use for discipline these days is maintaining accountability for getting my chores and projects completed in a timely fashion.  I hate it when other people are counting on me and I fail to come through for them.  We keep my local disciplinarian busy a few times per month.  Miss Jenn made it easier to stay focused on the present, having finally buried the ghost of Janet Hampton in the past.  Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with her.  She’ll deliver what you need.

Satisfied Spankee
Repeat Customer

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Now This Would be a Fun Place to do the Miss Jenn Experience At

I've been waiting for over a year for this place to open.  It's in Bothell, WA and fantastic! It's got 5 bars, a public pool, hotel, and movie theater.  There are also fire pits all around and even in Feb, people were sitting outside around the fire, having a cocktail and catching up with friends.


Have you been naughty? You might get sent to the Principal's Office (or shall we call it Miss Jenn's office?)  I do like the fact that my office is a bar, hehe ;)

THE ENFORCER (This should instill fear)


Which room did you get?

The movie theater was showing Deadpool. They even have a limited food & alcohol menu


What a cool lamp this was.  This is up in the Tikki bar which overlooks the pool

The Tikki pool.  Open to the public during "public swim" times.

Is this a spanking bench? Might just need to be a tad longer... Think about how uncomfortable this would be for the poor spankee...Tisk, tisk. This should be incentive to be good.

More Tikki stuff