Monday, January 31, 2022

Trial of a Feminizer [PREVIEW] up on my Podcast

 Are you curious to check out one of my newest feminization audios?

Trial of a Feminizer audio

The story is called "Trial of a Feminizer"

written by Kylie Gable and narrated by myself

You can listen to it on my Spanking and All Things Femdom Podcast

click here to here the preview of Trial of a Feminizer

Here is a brief description of the FULL audio & a link to where you can buy the full audio:

When a man in lingerie runs into a police station and tells a tale of  being feminized against his will by an evil mistress, he sets in motion  the most scandalous trial in decades. Will the mysterious dominatrix  escape justice? She infuriates her attorney by practically bragging  about her misdeeds during cross-examination. The prosecutor believes  it's an open and shut case.

You get to hear about how once the powerful dominatrix realizes what a  very talented mouth her sissy has, she makes full use of this, having  sissy practice her cocksucking skills by taking a penis gag between her  scarlet lips or learning to suck her big black dildo. After all, she has  big plans for her little sissy slut.

This kinky courtroom drama features over an hour of feminization,  humiliation, encouraged bi, bondage, sissification, sissy training, and a  powerful woman dominating a weak sissy.

Sunday, January 30, 2022

New Book Out - Spanked into a Sorority Sissy

 Spanked into a Sorority Sissy:

Freshman Feminized Into a Sexy Sorority Girl


My new book is out, so go check it out!

Here's the link:

College was supposed to be a new start for Alex Warren, a chance for him to become someone new. It definitely was in his case, but not in the way he expected. He had been mainly invisible in high school, and he eagerly anticipated making a new identity for himself at Ingenue University, a liberal arts college in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York.

You know what they say, “Be careful what you wish for!”

As a lonely guy, he was hoping to make a lot of new friends in at college. As a virgin, he was hoping to meet a special girl and have his first romantic relationship. Again, both of those things happened, but not in the way he anticipated.

One day, while doing homework at the college’s coffee house, Alex meets some sexy sorority sisters. A dream come true? Or more of a nightmare? Alex finds himself taken in by these beautiful dominant women, who lure him into a trap, spank him into submission, and get off on his humiliation and feminization.

What emasculating plans do these lovely young ladies have for our helpless hero? Will Alex escape his feminized fate? Find out in this 4,000+ word, chaste, but still sexy story of first-time feminization. Contains erotic scenes of female domination, spanking, feminization, humiliation, role reversal, and other kinky fun. It is intended for a mature audience, and strictly for adults only!

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Submission Possible, Episode 2. "Seattle: Let's Get Physical"


Submission Possible with Madison Young and Miss Jenn Davis

My episode aired and has been live for quite a while now (since 2021), but I've been too busy to post. I'll write up a longer blog post with more details next week.


Link to Submission Possible on Revry TV:



Friday, January 28, 2022

Anyone know who this phenomenal spanking artist is? It's a great FF/f spanking


FF/f spanking

Love how much fun they are having and the lovely handprint on her bottom


Update -> Someone was helpful enough to let me know what the artists name is.  The artist of this great F/f spanking scene is Frans Mensink and after doing some digging I found his artist page on Deviant Art:

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Don't forget to check your junk mail folder


Even if I've been in contact with you for years, many times my emails ends up in people's junk mail folders.

This is especially important once I start scheduling my D.C. trip.

I'm looking at the first or 2nd weekend in April (most likely). Session days would more than likely be Sat through Monday, with flight days being the day prior and the day after.

Please don't contact me about this trip yet as I haven't had time to research flights and such, and none of my travel is booked yet.

 I will post to the travel page on my website & to this blog, once I have booked my trip and am ready to schedule.

So whether you are in D.C. or you are requesting a custom audio, please start this good habit by checking and cleaning out your junk mail folder (that way if in the future my emails end up in there, there will be less emails for you to comb through as you look for MY email. So go do it now, clean it up!

You do NOT want to see me angry with you!

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

With How Slow the Mail Has Been Lately I Thought I Should Remind You That Valentine's Day is Coming Up

 So don't forget to spoil your Favorite Disciplinarian and make her feel special on V-Day.


spanking witnessed by females

Here is the link to my wishlist:

 I am also planning to add 2 more items to this list, a very large suitcase and a carry-on suitcase as my current ones are falling apart (zippers broken, wheels not working properly).

But...I need to go to my storage unit and measure the ones I have right now to make sure I get the right dimensions. A few years back I didn't have the right dimensions and when they arrived I realized that my canes wouldn't fit in them. And we all know that I MUST have my canes with me when I'm traveling to D.C. or possibly other destinations.

Due to the water heater mess, I just threw as much stuff as I could into those suitcases and took them off site, as I've lost a ton of square footage during these many months of repair work (almost 5-months now I've been dealing with the mess of my neighbors water heater)

Disciplinarian holding a belt


Monday, January 24, 2022

Oh the intensity of this spanking and the tears


Jay Em Spanking art

Do you wish for this type of intensity, pain & punishment in your spanking?

Do you wish for the tears to be flowing while you are taken over the knee for a good thrashing?

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Thursday, January 6, 2022

A Bare-bottomed F/f Spanking


A Bare Bottomed Spanking by Blondie
What a lovely piece of spanking art. Does anyone know the history of this piece? Looks like an spanking artist named Blondie made this piece.  Love the OTK, the hairbrush spanking and the hint of a red bare bottom.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Turning Your Story into an Audio - my gift to you!


Mrs Claus spanks

I meant to offer this over Christmas as it was supposed to be my Christmas gift to you... But things got delayed between Christmas & the snow storm. 

As my gift to you, I am offering to turn your story into an audio totally FREE.

There are a few rules and here are the main ones:

Email me your story which I will narrate
Your kinky story must be under 1,500 words
Must be in a niche that I dabble in (ie- spanking, FemDom, humiliation, feminization, etc)
It must be clear in your story that all characters are 18 or older
Nothing that is banned by most or all the sites


Keep in mind that your story will be published to all or some of my sites, so it will not be private in any way. 

Anyways, I guess this is now more of a New Years gift as opposed to a Christmas gift ;)