Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Spanked For Looking at Other Women Audio

[This audio was originally recorded in 2017, see how far I've come since then if you compare my current audios to this one] A story about a man who has been warned that he will be spanked & punished if he gets caught drinking & flirting

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  1. Playful naughty devils will just have to get caught and entrapped being lecherously flirting with other women in more outrageous drinking binges for his loving darling to really get furiously jealous to need to establish a permanent residence for him over her silky knees! So cute when she's furiously scolding and threatening another trip over her knees, how could an incorrigible naughty devil resist to not tease and get entrapped by his loving darling?

    ND =;)

    1. I don't know if ND can handle my "furious". Do you remember how upset I was when my naughty devil was over 30 min late with no text or phone call and how worried I was? This would be WORSE than that time.

    2. A furious fast hard bare bottom spanking, especially an otk hand spanking with a severe scolding from worried Mommy, is just so exciting and dramatic bringing back such realistic memories of loving spankings to feel being truly wanted, cared for and loved!!! Naughty devils just love their worried Mommy and always needs her forgiveness and cuddling after a furious spanking for both of us to feel better and relief after worrying her so.

      ND =;)