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Possible trip to Baltimore Feb 25-26, 2023

Update -> the trip is happening!

Please see my travel page as I will update this as it gets closer:

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I'm debating a trip to Baltimore Feb 24-26th, 2023. 

Please send me an email if you are interested in a session so I can see if this trip will be possible.



Monday, January 23, 2023

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Thank you for the Testimonial, Aaron

Thank you, Aaron for the wonderful & thoughtful review. I've definitely been enjoying our sessions together as well & am already looking forward to the 3 more you've got scheduled in the near future. Time to toast some buns!

I had browsed Miss Jenn Davis' web page several times over the years, while we had discussed a session in the past, for whatever reason we never set a time and date, mostly because I was often traveling for work and my schedule was unpredictable. I now wish I had not waited so long. 

There was a review of a man who was using Miss Jenn as a disciplinarian to quit his porn habit. Being that it was a new year. And the fact that I let myself get addicted to porn and that was bothering me. I was intrigued.

I have seen 5 Disciplinarians in the past. But this was about 5 years ago. While I did have some good experiences. I never really fully clicked with the other disciplinarians. Or they traveled and we’re not easy to set appointments with. I decided to give Miss Jenn a shot. And I’m very glad I did. 

I contacted her via email. And after the application process and setting up a time. We decided to meet on Sunday afternoon.

I explained to Miss Jenn I was to be quitting porn and masturbation. And using spanking and her as my disciplinarian for accountability, extra encouragement, and motivation.

Our first meeting was very exciting. We discussed the issue at hand and shortly she got down to business. She reintroduced me to some implements I haven’t felt in years, and some formal introductions were made with new implements I’d been wanting to try 😈😬.

During this first meeting she disciplined me very, very nicely. And finished me off with a bath brush (I hate the bath brush), and some brutal straps that were applied nicely but not exactly full force. Our second session they were applied HARD and exceeds the first session in all aspects. More of that below.

At the end of our first session. I enjoyed the post spanking feeling. Being swollen, bruised, and chapped on my behind is such a nice feeling to me. 

I immediately scheduled another session. In my email I told Miss Jenn I want her to take me somewhere special. I requested some certain things and asked not to be given any mercy.

Time for visit number 2. I do my normal routine. I eat lightly so I’m not hungry or full during the session and hydrate with lots of water. I arrive on time. She welcomes me and is wearing a sexy little dress and looks fantastic. 😍 Even though I’m a porn addict, I’m always respectful towards women and their boundaries. So I notice her look but I don’t stare. 

During the pre spanking discussion I inform her I had a little accident, I had masturbated on Tuesday. This was a violation of the agreement we had made. There was to be no porn or masturbation. The consequences were to be felt and a punishment was to be realized. 

Miss Jenn summons me to the bed. Unbuckles my pants, across her lap I go, and cold starts me with a bath brush. This was harsh and not very much fun. I took around 20 licks with the bath brush on my cold butt 🥵. And this is on the warm up. So safe to say there was no true warm up, the only mercy I get is when she rotates through implements less painful. What was I thinking requesting a session like this. 

Prior to Miss Jenn finishing me up on the bed. She delivered 50 plus more with the bath brush. And realistically I probably took over 100 strong wacks with the bath brush through the session. It was cruel to say the least, and hard to control my body from squirming but surprisingly took them all. 

I stated in my email that I would TAKE anything she gave me and kept my promise through the entire session. I always keep my word (or try my best).

This was a 90 minute session. And while a lot of it went by as a blur I will say this. It was a hard punishment spanking. I was pushed both physically and mentally throughout the whole session. While there were moments where she used lighter implements and those were a welcomed break. It was just a mater of time before a paddle or strap or other hellish implement would be reminding me that’s it’s not ok to masturbate. 

This session went above and beyond discipline. It was straight PUNISHMENT😈. Unlike anything I’ve ever received or felt in my entire life. She worked me over with multiple strapping cycles, more bath brush cycles, tawse, small canes and many other weapons of ASS destruction. 

Periodically, Miss Jenn would check in on me. Rubbing my head and reminding me of my goals, and not to give up on myself. 

The last 15 minutes were the most intense of my whole life. No words can truly describe what happened here. But I’ll give it a go.

I was bent over a table, my blistered cheeks exposed, so she could impose her will on me. I was secured into position with thick leather cuffs to keep me from moving or trying to cover my bottom. Prior to the cuffs she had imposed such intensity I was fighting to not cover my bottom with my hands. As a result, she cuffed my wrist, with a short chain connecting at the table. I only had enough movement to either lay on my chest or hold myself up at arms length, but I could not stand fully upright. 

From here she rotated through 3 straps, bath brush, and wooden paddle. I believe that rotation was 2x. The EVIL RUBBER strap is always last and they were all brought with punishing force. It hurt. All I could do to get through it all was focus of the commitment I made to Miss Jenn prior to our session. If she pushed me, I would “take anything she gave me”. And she did just that. 

The short stubby strap started PUNISHING my ASS. She went through her straps, paddles, and bath brush before turning the RUBBER EVIL strap on me.

My beautiful disciplinarian proceeded to punish me so HARD. Those licks were landing…BLAM BLAM BLAM!!!! 

I managed to get some space between me and the table. Only to be met with BLAM BLAM BLAM as this rubber strap BEAT heavily and deeply into my ASS cheeks! My buns were destroyed earlier in the session, so the final round was straight up PAIN.

As I lay there, the 3 straps, bath brush, paddle, WACKING my already punished ass was a feeling unlike nothing else. I felt a strong resolve to take this punishment. The pain and agony building in climatic fashion. But ultimately, she completely BROKE me. 

My body sweating. I stood up as far as my cuffed hands would let me and I let out several SCREAMS. This met no sympathy. Only to get more wacks BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM. I was over the top with pain and emotion. This went on and on. I was struggling, it hurt so bad it was intolerable pain. She announced 1 more. Then drew back her arm one more time and the EVIL rubber strap crashed into me the final time.


Now relieved it was over, I lay there in my sweat. My breathing heavy. Still cuffed, humbled, and truly punished. I had met my match. Clearly the alpha, Miss Jenn had conquered me. 

It hurt so bad. It was horrible. But I LOVED it so much. The thrill of it. I love what she did to me. 

She dressed up my back side with some alcohol wipes. And we chatted. She said she was proud of me. That I had taken a good punishment spanking. And I love her for it. It feels so good to have someone to help me with my goals. I love taking the medicine she gives me. Miss Jenn is a true top and I’m her humble bottom.❤️

I enjoyed it so much, I now have 3 more sessions scheduled with her. 

Thank you so much Miss Jenn. 
Aaron aka BigTunaNW