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Phone Sessions - Do you dream of stretching across my warm, inviting lap? As great as that may sound, could you also take the punishment that goes with it? My phone sessions are fun ways to get to know each other to see if we’re a great fit together to explore your unique spanking interests, experiences, and fantasies. As an Alpha woman, I’m intent on giving you and your bottom warm (really warm) memories.

What words or phrases make you tingle with excitement? In your fantasies where are you getting your spanking? Am I the stern girlfriend, wife, or neighbor who has to teach you a lesson over my firm lap and hard hand? Maybe I’m even your girlfriend’s girlfriend, or that fit flight attendant, or your no-nonsense boss who needs to “have a talk” with you, over my knee, of course.

Scenarios like these can help us both discover if the fantasy is better for you than the painful reality. Whether you’re brand new to spanking, expanding your spanko network, or pretty far from Seattle, a phone session is a fun way to play and get your questions or concerns addressed while speaking with me about a topic we all enjoy.

Call my NiteFlirt listing & talk to me any time I am signed on. For those of you who are ABDLs, you will not be able to call me on NiteFlirt as it's against their terms of service, so for you, I will make an exception. You may email me & I'll let you know how to go about calling me.


Pros To Using NiteFlirt Things to NOTE about Using NiteFlirt
You can see if I'm online & spur of the moment contact me, and yes sometimes I'm even up at 3am PST Sometimes I forget to "sign off" or there's a glitch in the system & it says I'm online when I'm really not. I promise you I am not ignoring your call, I really do want to talk!
You can make the call as long or short as you want
Your phone number is kept completely confidential
Never need to schedule
Discretely billed as NF Services

Click the button below to get connected with me
Call Professional Disciplinarian MissJennD for phone sex on

or call 1-800-863-5478
ext: 11437472

Click for the web's best phone domination on
Just an FYI that this link just takes you to the sign-up for the free minutes, but does not take you to MY NiteFlirt page.  Click the link one paragraph above, to get to me.

So here are the options to call me & the one that I PREFER you use:

Option 1: NiteFlirt [BEST option to reach me]

I don't prefer you use these, but you may:
Option 2: call me directly but only if you are an ABDL
as there are no phone platforms available for those that have this kink

Call Miss Jenn Davis on