Thursday, January 23, 2020

The Sissy's Mentor 2 Preview (audio)

This is a 22-minute "preview" fo the 2nd Audio in the "The Sissy's Mentor Collection" series. Rachel is determined to get revenge on Tracy by turning him into her own sissy pet. She has a whole summer ahead of her and no intention of letting her voyeur of a roommate off easy. After all, he violated her privacy and she could have gotten him in a lot of trouble. What's a little mascara compared to expulsion? The action begins the day after the events of audio one, with a very terrifying walk to class for Tracy accompanied by his domineering roommate who is there to make sure he doesn’t back out. If this is the new normal, he’s beginning to doubt if DuPont College is the place for him. Of course, they say it's always darkest just before the dawn. This is an audio .mp3 which contains elements of forced crossdressing, feminization, FM spanking, public humiliation, forced femme, sissification, female domination and chastity.

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