Saturday, January 18, 2020

The Sissys Mentor 1 Preview Audio

This is a 22-minute "preview" fo the 1st Audio in the "The Sissy's Mentor Collection" series. Tracy is a soon to be freshman at DuPont College. He's taking classes over the summer at the school and through a mixup winds up rooming with a senior at the college named Rachel. Academically, Tracy's a world beater ready to be the top student in his class. Socially, he's an egg beater ready for four years of lonely isolation in his dorm room. Rachel is an athlete whose social calendar is always filled. They couldn't be more mismatched. When Rachel catches Tracy sneakily taking pictures of her leaving the shower, she decided to teach him about life in her shoes--literally. This is the most humiliating thing that's ever happened to Tracy, but it also may just be the best. This is a .mp3 audio which contains elements of female domination, chastity, F/m spanking, feminization, sissification, and humiliation.

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