Friday, January 29, 2016

Now Offering Sessions Where You Can Watch Me Spank Another Female

Yup, you read right! Maybe you don't actually like to be spanked, but have always wanted to watch a lady being spanked.  Or maybe you want to be disciplined right along side this woman. Either way, I can make this fantasy of yours happen.

Please note, some ground rules:

  • Neither the other female nor myself will be naked. 
  • This is ONLY available in Seattle (and not while I'm traveling)
  • You will need to plan on paying for at least a 1/2 hour phone session, on top of the regular session cost.  There are a lot of details that I will need to work out and coordinating between 3 people is not easy.  15 minutes will be allocated to talking with you about your needs and what you are looking for in a session.  15 minutes will be relaying this information to the other female and trying to set up a time that works for the 3 of us. Once the nitty gritty details are worked out, you will then need to pay your deposit and bring the remainder to your session.
  • You will need to schedule at least a 90-min session for this (60-min is just too short)
  • Due to the fact that there are a lot of wankers out there who get their jolly's off just by talking about this scenario (and not actually doing it), I will not discuss it unless it is in the paid phone session. You've got questions?  Great, ask them in the phone session.
  • You are not allowed to touch the other female unless you have some kind of role play that involves hand holding while being spanked
  • You will need to be ok with me sharing the details of what you are looking for in regards to your session with this other female
  • If you do anything that makes the other female or myself uncomfortable, you will be dismissed, whether the session time is up or not!

Did I mention that this was only in Seattle?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Strongest Among Us Are Those Who Have Borne the Burden of Uniqueness

Great quote that I wanted to share with you.

"It's the great irony of life, that we must keep our oddities, our eccentricities hidden away, as they are what gives our life it's humanity. The special ones among us recognize those traits for what they are, keys. Keys to a door whose threshold few dare to cross. Beyond which lies uniqueness. And through the harnessing of that strange power, one finds true strength. Thus, my friends, I submit to you this: the strongest among us are those who have borne the burden of uniqueness. And the only ones who have a true right to call themselves human are the strange."
- Kenneth

Friday, January 22, 2016

Feeling the Love...

What beautiful gifts from *J, an absolute sweetheart in Dallas.  The top one, "Small Hickory", a silky smooth (in my opinion) OTK paddle hand carved out of hickory wood.  The bottom one, "The Brute", made of black walnut wood and engraved with my name!!!! It's a force to be reckoned with, 18" long and a full 1/4"thick and 3"wide. And both are so silky smooth that I just love the feel of them against my skin, and you will too!

What a beautiful belt, a lovely gift from *B in Houston. Sturdy, stiff, and a great snap!

I hadn't been back in Seattle more than 30 minutes, when *C showed up with a belated Christmas present for me. Would you like a heart on your bottom?

Definitely feeling the love from Dallas to Houston to Seattle.  And thank you to those wonderful spankee's who gave me rides to the airport in far away cities as well as back at home in Seattle, as well as those who brought me meals, ran errands, and picked up other things that I so very much needed.  I can't thank you enough!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

"I Should Have Listened", A Story by Barry

He's written before, & has made some changes to his story and added more to it.  Check out this new & longer edition of a previous story.  Miss Jenn

I should have listened

'Barry, Jennifer yells. You jump guiltily. 'How many times have I warned you about your drinking and flirting with other women?'
'Umm...' You try to stall, but she continues without an answer.
'And what did I tell you would happen the next time I caught you looking at women while drinking and flirting?'
Her fists are balled on her hips, her brown eyes flashing fire. SLAP! I asked you a question! You stare down at her black pumps. She grabs your chin and lifts your head as you scan her black skirt and white blouse

'Um, you, uh...' You flush with embarrassment as her eyes bore through you. 'You said I’d get a spanking,' you finish quickly, staring at the floor, your face burning. SLAP!! 'That's right, young man, and that's exactly what is going to happen. You wanted a disciplinarian, you got it!!!

You are going to get a very sound spanking on your naughty, bare bottom. I think 30 minutes with my hand and leather paddle should do it...just for starters!!!!!! I promise you won't forget this spanking for quite some time.'
Your eyes are beginning to sting with tears of humiliation as she scolds you and starts to squeeze your nipples. 'Get your naughty bottom into the corner, young man.' You move slowly to obey her command, feeling childish and humiliated.

'Now, you will have exactly 5 minutes to stand in that corner like a naughty boy and think about how you've behaved.' You hear her footsteps move away and you sigh, staring at the paint in front of your nose, our bottom twitching in anticipation of Jennifer’s wicked hand and paddle.
The seconds crawl past, by the time the 5 is finally up, a swarm of butterflies has taken up residence in your tummy. You hear Jennifer's footsteps approach.

'Come here, Pet.' Biting your lip, you slowly turn and approach the straight-backed chair on which Jennifer is sitting. She grabs your ear as she brushes her long brown hair away from her face, and fixes you with a cold stare that chills you to the core.

'You should be ashamed of yourself, Barry,' 'Yes, ma'am,' you murmur. You lower your eyes and spy the brush and leather paddle next to her lap and folded hands.

Your pulse quickens and your mouth feels dry. 'A 48 year-old man and you're about to go over my knee and get your bare bottom spanked like a five-year-old. It’s shameful, Tony, that you still make it necessary to punish you this way. ‘Please...' you whisper, pleading, clenching your buttocks in dread anticipation. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP 'Quiet,' she orders. 'Come here.' You take another halting step forward, bringing yourself to within a few inches of her lap. She reaches out and quickly unbuttons your pants and lowers your fly. Then she tugs your pants down to your ankles.
You close your eyes in hopeless embarrassment as you feel her fingers in the waistband of your briefs.

In a breath, they too are bundled at your an ankles, and you feel goose bumps prickle across your bared backside. “Chilly?” Jennifer inquires, taking you by the wrist. 'We can take care of that in no time,' she says as she pulls you forward. SLAP!
You lose your balance and fall across her thighs. She slips one leg out from under you and places it firmly over the backs of your legs. Then she pushes your head down until your bottom is upthrust prominently over her left thigh.

'I have told you time and again, if I caught you drinking and flirting again I would spank your bare bottom until you cry like a baby.
Since you obviously can't act like an adult, I think it’s appropriate, don't you?'
'Yes, ma'am,' you say softly, trying to keep the whimper out of your voice.
'I'm glad you agree,' she says matter-of-factly, and without warning, you hear a loud slap and feel a sharp sting on your right bottom cheek.
'OW!' you yelp in surprise, caught off guard by the sudden spank.

A second swat quickly follows, lighting a new fire on your left cheek.
You fight to remain stoic, but as the blazing spanks rain down on your defenseless bottom, you are soon grunting and squirming.
She reaches between your cheeks and squeezes warning you to be still.

You are sure you look ridiculous, face down, your red bottom wiggling about in the air, but you can't help it as you look across at yourself in the mirror.
You kick and writhe, but your bottom is trapped firmly in place.
As the sting and burn becomes unbearable, you are overwhelmed by the pain, and the humiliation, and the helplessness, and hot tears spill down your face.
For a moment, the assault on your tender bottom ceases, and you gasp, trying to fight down the tears that are still wetting the carpet.
But then you hear her pick up another instrument that begins smacking against your bottom and you howl as searing pain envelopes your aching backside.
As you reach back, desperately trying to block the blows, you feel your wrist being pulled up and pinned in the small of your back.
You struggle helplessly against the restraints, but the spanking continues endlessly.
You hear your desperate cries and pleas melt into incoherent crying, and you let your body go limp, accepting the blazing punishment.

Finally, the spanking ends. As you feel the grip on your wrist loosen, your hand flies back to rub your flaming rear.
As, Jennifer pulls you to your feet, you dance about, rubbing your bottom vigorously with both hands.
She turns you around and gives you another 10 whacks. Did I say you could rub your bottom?
Jennifer watches you for a moment as you stumble about, hobbled by your pants which are now hopelessly tangled about your feet.
'Ok, that's enough,' she says finally, taking you by the upper arm and leading you back to the corner. 'Keep your hands at your sides, unless you want another taste of the paddle.' Maybe I should clean your mouth out?
You stand contemplating the corner once more, sniffling, your bottom burning, stinging and smarting.

Even as you are promising yourself never to earn another spanking for the rest of your life, you have a sinking feeling that none-too-soon you will find
yourself right back in this corner, bottom burning, tears running down your cheeks.
You know deep down that it won't be very long until you are making yourself those promises once more...Then you hear her get up and fumble for something in the drawer. You hear the snap of a rubber glove. “Come here Tony and get back across my lap!”  You then realize your punishment is far from over.

Enjoy the view

Jennifer walked into the Control Center and laid down a few papers in front of Barry while asking: “I see here the abbreviation S.O.B., where does it stand for?” Barry looked to her clueless, so she bended over and pointed with her finger where the abbreviation was. Barry started to read that paragraph, but before he could answer, his phone rang. While he answered it, Jennifer suddenly looked up and saw Barry from the other side of the table peeping to her breasts.

Jennifer, suddenly fiercely, hissed to Barry: “Do you have a nice view, you brat?” Barry’s head went immediately red and he averted quickly his head from her décolleté. But that wonderful valley between those breasts, which themselves were hardly covered by that lovely tight blouse, did work as a magnet to his eyes.

Especially when she was standing in this position, he just couldn’t resist letting his eyes shyly wander to her breasts again. Though at one side she was flattered by his admiration, Jennifer was furious that he secretly took the opportunity to peep. She looked to Barry coldly, who made a quick escape towards the coffee-machine.

In the meantime Barry had finished his phone-conversation and explained Jennifer the abbreviation meant Secure Object Mutations, which was an important application hosted by the company for some insurance company’s. “Thanks for the info dear” Jennifer said. Still being upset about his behavior she said to Barry while passing him: “I will get back at you, you little peeping Tom!” “Ut oh, are you gonna put me over your knee Jennifer?” Barry said in a funny way, just to cover up his embarrassment, and walked quickly back to his room with the coffee, without waiting for response.

Jennifer instantly got a shock by hearing those words. While she was walking back to her room, she thought about it, and she noticed that just the idea of putting Barry over her lap turned her on. She would teach him not to peep anymore, by stripping off his trousers, pull down his shorts and then creating a nice black and blue project on that virgin white bottom of him. The moment he would start wailing, she would take a break. She would caress his bottom softly, just giving him the idea that his punishment was over.

Then the moment he relaxed, she would put her right leg over his legs, just to avoid that he could wriggle himself loose. She then would take the nice old fashioned leather paddle out of her office desk, and let it dangle right in front of him while saying: “Look, this brush is going to be the red paint on the canvas called your bottom, you naughty brat!!!” And with a firm WHACK SMACK SLAP would she follow her words through, covering each inch of those naughty buttocks, until he would sob in pain, promising her to be good, and begging her to please stop.

Jennifer smiled, went back behind her computer and concentrated on her work. Still every now and then her thoughts wandered to that caught peeping Barry. She made a decision, if he would come near her one of these days, he would be in burning hot trouble.

She got startled when she suddenly out of the blue heard: “eh Jennifer, my apologies for acting that bad, but what I just wanted to ask, what is the code for the A.S.S. application? “ She saw a blushing Barry standing in the door-opening and replied coldly, while carefully rolling up her sleeves: “I will tell you, but close the door first, not everyone has to hear it”

He did as been told, and walked after that towards her. In the meantime she had turned her chair from the desk and said with a smiling face: “The code for you is from now on Scarlet RED” He looked at her not understandingly, but then the rascal was finally close enough. “And yes, to answer your question, yes, you will be put over my lap. Let’s get started with the spanking of your life.  She grabbed his ear…….

Things don’t always add up right

My name is Jennifer and I want to tell you I am very pleased with the two discipline instruments she purchased several weeks ago. I must add that Barry is the least gratified with respect to the purchase. His level of obedience has risen immensely since I introduced both the Hairbrush and the little Spencer hand leather paddle when delivering discipline.

I have always been a firm believer in that the hairbrush is the maternal instrument for punishment and started using mine on Barry for that purpose early on in our relationship. I found however that something more was needed to deal with his recurring recalcitrant behavior. I decided on scheduling Friday night conduct reviews and brought the two new implements into practice.
Friday nights are no picnic. I like all my sessions to start Barry having a sore bottom. Before we start, I pull Barry by the ear next to me. I put him over my hip and give him 30-50 spanks with my hand just to get his attention. If I don’t spank him standing up, it’s over to the table. First I have him lie on his stomach and sit on his back. He gets the same 30-50 spanks. If I am particularly upset, I get the rubber glove and humiliate him a little.

Here is how it works. Whenever Barry does something wrong, I tally points in my head. He never knows how or when I am making a tally or when I want to cash them in. Take the other night. Barry had two cocktails at dinner. He also had a bit of a roving eye. I waited until he was almost done eating and then said “Well Barry, that’s well over 300 points. I guess the spanking before dinner didn’t get my message across. I think I will cash them in tonight after you drop me off.” He dropped his fork and gave the always famous line “What did I do?” “You had two cocktails. At almost 80 calories a drink, that’s 160 spanks. Plus, look at the difference in cost between a drink and a bottle you could buy in a liquor store. More points. Then you had a roving eye at that table with all those 30 year old women.  5 girls’ times their ages are a lot of points.”  In short, it allows me to punish him whenever I want.

The results have been astounding. Barry's dread of these spanking devices is such that he is becoming fully amenable to my command. I keep both, hanging, with loops attached, in full view on the back of our bedroom door. Today being Friday, he is going to experience their usage for I've just learned of an omission of lies that he will answer for this evening.  God will he be sorry.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

"The First Strike" a Story By Beaver

The First Strike
Day 1 - 10:30 PM

We walk arm in arm across the snow-covered square, admiring the beauty of the carefully lined Christmas lights illuminating our path. As we begin approaching the stairs leading up to the resort, my mind races for an excuse to extend this amazing day just a little bit longer.

"I'm freezing, are you up for some hot cocoa before we head to our rooms?" she ignores my question, and I can tell she's distracted by the way her eyes are eagerly scanning the area around us. "Are you looking for something?" I ask earnestly. Rather than answer she stops walking, squares her stance, and drives her shoulder into my chest. Unable to hold my footing in snowboarding boots, we stumble backwards into the stone wall. Her body landed hard against mine, she looks up at me and let's out a cute laugh.

"I bet you enjoyed that earlier" she says in her alluring, teasing tone "When we were sitting by the fire and you slipped your hand up my thigh, knowing I'd be less likely to slap it away in the company of others"

She doesn't seem angry, so I smile back at her and nod. The moonlight reflecting of her gorgeous, seductive eyes is putting me into a trance.

"I bet it felt amazing, being in a position of power with your former babysitter.." - she says as she begins unbuckling my belt - "being in control." - she unbuttons my pants and smoothly slides my underwear down to my ankles. The winter air is chilling but I am kept warm by my climbing arousal. My eyes dart around the square ensuring we are alone, I don't see anyone but I honestly don't know if I'd care. Her eyes rise back up to meet mine and she slowly uses her tongue to moisten her luscious lips. Thinking we are finally about to move past our platonic relationship, I close my eyes and position my lips to welcome hers. But just as I feel the warmth of her breath, she slides her cheek up next to mine and whispers in her unmistakable Miss Jenn tone "Don't make this any louder than it needs to be"

Before I can process the words, she firmly grabs my shoulder and whips me around face first into the wall. Holding a strong grasp on my shoulder with her left hand, she extends her right arm skyward and *SLAAAP!* she delivers a perfectly aimed swing to my right buttock. The sound echoes throughout the square and I immediately feel the hot sting her handprint has tattooed on my cold, wet bottom.

 I yelp, and attempt to turn around but she shoves my face back into the wall. *SLAAAP!* she lands another healthy swing on my left cheek.
*SLAAP!*  "Don't..." *SLAAP!* "You.." *SLAAP!* "Ever .." *SLAAP!* "Touch.." *SLAAP!* "Any.." *SLAAP!* “Part..” *SLAAP!* "Of..” *SLAAP!* “My..” *SLAAP!* Body..” *SLAAP!*Without.." *SLAAP!* "Permission!"
I cringe at the immense stinging sensation of her palm dancing on my buttocks. She is bringing down each strike with such force on my cold skin that the pain is even worse than her paddle.

She turns my chin so my eyes meet hers, and for the first time I see genuine, boiling anger in her eyes. "If you ever do anything like that again, Beaver, I won't wait until we're alone. I'll take you over my lap, in public, and spank your bottom until you are crying for help." She winds up again,
*SLAAP!*   *SLAAP!*  *SLAAP!*  *SLAAP!*  *SLAAP!*   *SLAAP!*  *SLAAP!*  *SLAAP!*
My eyes begin to water as she finishes me off with eight ferocious spanks on my bare-bottom. She lets the cold air soothe my burning skin for a minute before pulling my pants up and buckling my belt.

I stand there in complete shock as she looks at me, now with a friendly smile and says "Now, how about that hot chocolate?". I nod and she guides us up the stairs to the resort lobby.

As we're walking, I look down at this strong, beautiful, dominant girl that I've asked to accompany me this weekend and think to myself "This is going to be one HELL of a ski trip..."

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

"The Chair" a Spanking Story By Crie

I arrived in Seattle earlier than I had expected.  It was one of those rare days where everything in my schedule shifted nicely and gave me some much needed time to myself.  The hotel I was staying at was so easy to find and thankfully had  free parking right on the premises.  Seemed that everything was going my way.  Even the desk clerk who checked me in was friendly and polite.  There was only a couple of minutes of wait time for my room to be completely ready.  As I was heading up in the elevator, I breathed a long sigh of relief.  A smile played across my face as I looked down at my luggage.  Mmmm, yes, I was ready for this weekend to begin.
The room itself was like so many I had stayed in before.  Nothing too fancy, simply decorated and inviting.  Not bothering to unpack anything yet, I went to the bed and let my body just fall backward onto it.  Freedom, oh, it felt so good.
I travel a lot for my work, speaking to different groups about early childhood sexual abuse.  There is a thrill that runs through me each time I take my first look at the crowd I am about to speak to.  It never grows old.  There is just something about having a microphone connected to me, or one held in my hand that puts me in my element.  I have no trouble taking control of the room and holding their attention as I speak.  Some days it is almost intoxicating.  Needless to say, I love what I do.  One of the drawbacks that comes with being a public speaker is a misconception that I am exactly the same on stage as off.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I can hold my own on the stage and at the meet and greet afterward, but then, I want my space and to be away from the crowd.  For that reason, I rarely even stay at the same hotel where the convention is being held.
I got up and began hanging up my clothes, smoothing out some wrinkles that threatened to become stubborn.  Laying my suitcase on the bed I began removing other items and laying them out along the top of the dresser.  There were a couple of paddles, a slapper or two and a wooden spoon.  My hands ran along each one almost lovingly as I placed them side by side.  The tingling in my belly was growing stronger and spreading through my body.  I sat on the edge of the bed and looked at them.  My mind had fantasied about these objects actually being used on my backside more times than I could count.  Tonight, that fantasy was to become reality.  I had taken the plunge and made an appointment with Miss Jenn.  Being accustomed to being in control I  had told her what I wanted, when I wanted it, and how.  All she had to do was show up.  
I was ready so I picked up my phone and called her to tell her I was in town and that we were still on for 7:00 that evening.  She picked up before the third ring and I told her who I was.  Interestingly enough, that is about as far as I got.  The conversation was not going the way that I had imagined it would in my head.  I had expected at least some sort of pleasantry, how was traffic?, etc and then just a confirmation that she would be there at my requested time.  Instead, she asked me about the furniture in my room!  Was there a desk, did it have a chair, what did the chair look like?  Keeping the annoyance out of my voice, I answered her questions.  It was a simple wooden desk with a matching straight backed chair.  With a hint of giddiness in her voice, she said, *great!*  Then she instructed me to place it directly in front of the television facing toward the bed and leave it there until she arrived.  She confirmed the time and hung up.  What in the hell was this?  This certainly was not anything I had expected or requested.
I stared at the phone in my hand then tossed it on the bed.  My eyes went to the desk and chair I had just described.  There is no way I am going to move that chair, let alone put it in front of the television!  What kind of power trip was this woman on anyway?  Reaching for the remote, I turned the television on and started flipping through channels.  Remote in hand, my eyes kept returning to that damn desk and chair. No!  Just forget about it and watch some television.  Now, I was talking to myself.  I am not sure if there truly was nothing on the television or if I was just too frustrated to concentrate long enough on anything.  I got up and started pacing back and forth in the small room.  Back and forth between the desk and the dresser.  On one of my turns past the dresser, I opened the top drawer and used my arm to sweep all of the implements into it and slammed it shut.  Going into the bathroom, I splashed some cold water on my face and looked in the mirror.  It was cool in the room, yet I was sweating.  I thought back over that brief phone call.  Ok, so it didn't go as I expected but all she had asked me to do was move a chair.  I straightened myself up, rolled my shoulders and looked at my reflection.  What's so hard about moving a chair?  I walked back out into the room and straight to the desk, picked up the chair and put it where she had asked.  There! The damn thing is where you want it to be Jenn.  
Getting back on the bed, I looked at the clock.  I still had 3 hours before she would arrive.  Picking up the remote again I turned it toward the t.v.. Dammit, there was that damn chair.  Some cop show came on and I tried to concentrate on it.  The freaking chair kept grabbing my attention and I lost track of any plot that was playing on the television.  My mind started wandering.  Remembering the pictures I had seen of her sitting on chairs, some just like this one.  Some guy draped over her lap wearing a bright red ass.  That is not my style.  Just bend me over the end of the bed and go to town on my ass.  Jenn knows this, I told her.  So, why is that chair right there, sitting where I have no choice really but to look at it?  The thought dawns on me that Jenn might actually be thinking that she is going to sit there and drape me over her lap.  Oh hell, no!  I am not going to be treated like a child.  I think to myself that I could really just show her and set that damn chair out in the hallway.  Picking up the chair, I do start toward the door, indignation flooding through me.  Before I can make those few steps, my body just stops.  A sense of defeat or something like it takes over as I turn and set the chair back in place.  Sitting on the end of the bed, I stare at it.  Why did I come here?  I made all these plans, set everything up and here I was so close to getting the spanking I had been craving.  Someone please explain to me how a stupid old hotel chair could have any effect on me, let alone this strong of an effect?  What is happening to me?  My hand reaches out and slides over the smooth wood of the seat.  The excited anticipation I came here with has certainly changed.  Slowly I push myself up and open the drawer with the implements.  They are familiar to me, I know how each feels and as usual, I know what to expect.  My hands run over them as if I was gently caressing an old friend.  Silently I close the drawer and leave them inside.  Sitting back on the bed with my head in my hands, I hear a knock on the door.  Quickly my eyes dart to the clock.  It can't possibly be 7:00 already.  But it is.  Feeling drained and anything but the in control highly confident person who had entered the room, I opened the door.  Miss Jenn stood there, her eyes taking me in for a moment before looking past me into the room.  Motioning her in, she came in and sat on that chair, setting her own bag beside her.  She looks at me and says that she can tell that I have had an *interesting* afternoon.  Still standing, I reply with a Yes Ma'am.  I tell her that I have the implements I had told her I would bring and that they were in the drawer behind her.  I went on to say that I guessed that she didn't want any of them.  Her smile and nod said it all.  I went on and said to her, *the chair, you did that on purpose, didn't you?*  She replied that she did and went on to explain.  She told me that she knew my job was demanding and that I was one who was in control of everything and although I had said that I wanted everything tonight to be a certain way with certain things, she had guessed correctly, that what I needed was exactly the opposite.  When she told me it was time to bare my back side and lay across her knees for my spanking, I didn't hesitate.  I held onto that wooden leg of the chair and received exactly what was needed.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Miss Jenn Experience in Portland

Ahhhhh Portland, the City of Roses! Slowly starting to get a feel for this city now that I've been starting to come here pretty regularly. On my last trip, *Josh & I did the Miss Jenn Experience and what an experience it was!

We started out with dinner at Portland City Grill.  Talk about stunning views of the city! And of course, great food as well. We had a nice leisurely dinner & dessert, before heading on to our next destination. We then went and saw "Empire" by Spiegelworld.  Spiegelworld is a traveling circus which is a combination of circus, burlesque, music, cabaret-style and acrobatics, set inside a Belgian-style Spiegeltent.  After the show we went back to my hotel room for an intense spanking session. Can't go into details on the session, but my suite was fantastic!!! It was 1,200 sq feet (you could get lost in there, hehe ;) with 2 couches, a chaise lounge, four arm chairs, 13 regular chairs set around a long conference table (think about all the great role play ideas), lots of mirrors and a king size bed.  ahhhh the spanking possibilities were endless with all that furniture and space! Posting a few photos so you can get an idea of what our Miss Jenn Experience was like...


Doesn't she look like she could be getting a spanking???

My suite
Professional Disciplinarian suite

I will be thinking of this fabulous experience for a long time to come...

* Name altered to protect his identity

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Closed To New Clients

I have "temporarily" closed my business to new clients, due to a combination of being quite busy with my current clients, demands of my vanilla job, and my travel schedule.

Please note the following:

  • I will still be doing phone & email sessions up until January 17th (and new clients are welcome to schedule one of these)
  • Current clients can still see me although my time will be more limited 
  • I will still see new clients in the cities that I will be traveling to (Texas here I come!)
  • If I've already screened and approved you, you can still see me
PLEASE NOTE: I will be re-opening to new clients between 1/25/16 - 2/3/16!

Who Will Be My First Victim?

I just got some new toys in the mail from Cane-iac. I buy almost all my implements from there as they are such good quality and so far I have never been disappointed. Haven't opened the box yet, feel like it's Christmas all over again. Who will be my first victim to try my new toys on? Ohhhhhh can't wait...

(Photo update of my new Spencer paddle)

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Testimonial From Crie, My First Female Client!

Thank you Crie for the lovely testimonial.  Your words are beautifully written & it really means a lot to know I made a difference for you.  Miss Jenn D.

Dear Miss Jenn,
Expressing my gratitude just seems inadequate right now.
I believe it is rare to have a dream really come true and to walk away from it feeling like absolutely everything that you hoped for, really just happened.
That was my experience with You.  You truly listened to me.  Prior to us meeting, you asked thought provoking questions, sometimes digging a little deeper.  You met me with a full understanding of my situation, my wants and my needs.  Your professionalism is outstanding!  Your ability to turn on that switch and take control is something that no one should ever doubt!  With me it was role-play based, that was filled with a realism that made everything else just fall away.  You took the stubborn tantrum throwing little girl me, right over your lap and brought her to the place of acceptance of discipline for the first time in her life.  The fire that you did ignite in my backside is still a warm sting as I sit here and write this.
Anyone thinking of coming to you for a session needs to stop thinking it and just take the step.  I know, they will not be disappointed!
Thank You Miss Jenn for giving me a memory I will never forget!
With the greatest respect,

Monday, January 4, 2016

Contestants On "The Bachelor" Should be Spanked When They Act Up!

So I have a vice and I indulged in it tonight...and no I'm not talking about chocolate!  I watched "The Bachelor"... I managed to miss 85% of the last season as I was too busy to watch t.v. or even catch up on past episodes via OnDemand, but decided that I needed some "chill" time tonight.

Some of the girls are normal, others are completely nuts!  Explain to me how some of the crazies all manage to make it at least 1/2 way through the season? The girl from Seattle was already eliminated. The gal from Redmond, WA (a suburb near Seattle that most Microsoftie's live in) seems mildly weird (her job is "Chicken Enthusiast" and she lives with her chickens and they do everything together), but at least she's quite a knock out.  The dentist from Portland (wore a gigantic rose on her head) is bat-sh*t CRAZY!!! She actually gave Bachelor Ben a dental check-up (can we say completely awkward & looked mildly painful) in order to see if he'd be acceptable to kiss.  Between her & this other girl, Lace (she's been nicknamed "50 Shades of Crazy" already), there is going to be a lot of drama and craziness this season.  I really think that anytime a contestant creates DRAMA or does something crazy that she should be taken to a disciplinary room inside the mansion to be SPANKED & get a thorough mouth soaping by a disciplinarian. Many of these girls are completely bratty and immature and have never been disciplined and it shows. I truly think it would be a much better show, if they included spankings when the contestants act up.

FF spanking
One more thing that I think is funny --- this season they have twins on the show.  They list the occupation for the girls as "Twins".  Wow, if being a twin is a job, please give me a twin sister and I'll take that job! But don't worry, if these girls end up acting up, they are both so thin I could easily fit them BOTH over my lap for a double spanking!

girls spanking girls

“Friendships Should Always Be Nurtured”, a Story By Edward

I was pretty excited, I was flying into Seattle and while ostensibly I was there for business, what had my heart pounding was I going to get to see my oldest dearest friend Jenn.  We had quite literally grown up together.  In fact, she really was the only friend I had from that entire period of my life.  We had been inseparable and shared everything growing up. Our youthful attempts at romance, our successes and failures in sports and school, hours spent talking about our dreams for the future.. We shared with one another daily. She even knew about the one and only spanking I had ever received, over the knee of a very attractive 20 something Lady friend of my Mother’s. A woman I foolishly had a crush on at the tender age of 15.  She was to me, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. As was the fashion back then, She always had a mini skirt or short dress on with High heels and I was completely infatuated with her. Talk about live and learn. As embarrassing as that first over the knee spanking had been, I had told Jenn all about it.  How I had teased her by behaving badly while we were all at the beach. How she had threatened me with a spanking for my behavior (not the first time) and how I had continued on and on, challenging her and trying to show her what I man I was.  Driving me home she had feigned needing to stop at her house to pick up something for dinner and to change out of her swimsuit before rejoining my mom and sisters at our house to for dinner. Me, foolishly thinking she had something else in mind started getting very excited.  Boy if I had only known.  Suffice it to say before I knew anything, I found myself being pulled over her knee and to my horror, all her threats of spanking me coming to pass and boy did I learn just how much a hand and hairbrush spanking could hurt a bare bottom when being delivered by an angry no nonsense Woman.

Sure I got to see and feel the object of my youthful desires, her long beautiful legs, up close and personal.  I got to feel our bare skin touching as I lay across her lap, but none of that meant a darn once she started spanking me.  She lit a fire in my bottom I have never forgotten. Not even today and all this I had shared with my Best Friend. So yes, to say Jenn knew everything was an understatement akin to saying the Titanic had a slight problem. She knew my deepest darkest secrets.

We literally saw each other every single day. And after growing up, our friendship continued. We attended the same college, after graduation took apartments within walking distant of one another. Often meeting for lunch or after work walks and dinners. People often mistaking us as a couple, we were inseparable. Still, truth be told though, never once had we crossed that line. Neither of us was willing to risk what we had, a friendship that had stood the test of time.  Was I attracted to Jenn, well certainly I was.  She is very smart and beautiful, very sure of herself and completely capable, anybody would be and she had the longest sexiest legs I have ever seen (heck, I am still a guy). Also, unlike other women I had known, she was so easy to talk to. Plus heck, being friends and confidants had its benefits. I always knew where I could find a feminine hug and shoulder when I needed one. So, we had always stayed just friends and I was good with that.
Unfortunately, my work had recently offered a promotion, which had taken me away from Seattle. Sadly, it was something I had no time to think over or talk with Jenn about.  Just a quick telling goodbye, packing and then gone.

While we spoke often, I missed seeing her, her smile. I missed our walks & talks and I missed knowing she was right down the street.  I missed seeing those long sexy legs and how she always dressed to show them (oops there’s the guy thing again).  Mostly though, I missed sharing our lives with one another.
 So seeing her for the week I was back in Seattle was going to be wonderful.  We'ld go to lunch together, walk along the waterfront and catch up with each other's lives and adventures, maybe even share a misadventure or two.. It would be like old times together.  I couldn't wait to see my beautiful friend!

Walking out of baggage claim having texted her while she was waiting in the cell phone lot, I felt as giddy as a kid at Christmas.  I'ld be seeing Jenn in just a few minutes and couldn't wait.

Before I knew it she was there. I quickly jumped in, got a quick hug and kiss on the cheek and we were driving off. Airports don't allow for much more these days.  "Where we headed?" I asked. "Well, I thought we'ld start with lunch." Jenn replied. "Give us time to eat and catch up and here all about this new job."  "Great."  I replied looking at her short skirt and long legs. "I've been dying to tell you everything."  "Super I've been dying to hear all about it." she said. "It must have been quite the offer to get you to make such a drastic change so quickly." With that our day began, but there was something there, unsaid, but there and whatever it was, it wasn't the same. Jenn was there, looking as beautiful as ever, dressed as always, short skirt and long legs, smiling and talking. Still, there seemed a tenseness, an uncomfortable something not said, you know the feeling. I wasn't sure, but I had a feeling Jenn was not as happy to see me, as I was to see her. My BF was right there, but not like before. She seemed the same, smiling, laughing at my goofy comments, just not the same. Hmmm maybe it was just me and before I could put my finger on it we were at lunch.

During lunch our talk was easy, we ordered, ate and laughed. I couldn't take my eyes off my friend. I just missed her so much. Being back in Seattle, I suggested coffee and desert at our favorite coffee bar and we got up to walk over there.  On the walk I decided to ask Jenn what was going on. She seemed distant. Like something was on her mind. I wasn't sure what, but something wasn't right. My question was met with a very quick, short "Nothing!" which translates, as every guy knows, to 'something' and generally not something good.  I persisted with my question. "Come on Jenn, I've known you long enough to know that tone and implied 'nothing' to know there's 'something'."  Pushing her shoulder playfully like I’d done a million times before. "Don't push me like that!" She snapped.  "What?" I asked. "Jenn, I was just playing. What's going on with you? You’ve been acting different since the moment I got in your car." I went on.  Jenn just looked at me and walked on. "Not now, maybe over coffee." She said. Leaving me standing there more befuddled than ever. Woman! We guys are always a half step behind. No, really, a half step behind, as I hurried to catch up.

  Walking into the coffee shop I was happy to see it empty. Maybe I could get my BF to talk now before the day got any more uncomfortable. Ordering our coffee, we took a table off in the corner overlooking the beautiful Seattle Sound. No view, in my humble opinion, matched the one before us.  Looking out across the water to the distant majesty of the Olympic Mountains, on a sunny day like this there was nothing more beautiful.
 I mentioned this to Jenn casually. "Oh, then how could you just pick up and leave!" She snapped back. "What?" I asked. "You heard me, don't act like you didn't!" She said continuing on. "No thought to anyone but yourself, you just did what you wanted!" "Did you think of anyone else? How your decision would affect anyone else? How I felt... No, you just left and never spoke to anyone, worst of all, not even to me. How could you be so inconsiderate, so selfish."  She paused, seeming to catch a breath and then, "I am really so mad at you! Sometimes you are just so self involved!"  As quickly as she had spoke, she went quiet.  Sitting there stirring her coffee and looking down. "Jenn, I'm sorry" I stumbled, stunned by her outburst. "I never thought."  Before I could finish she jumped in. "That's always been your M.O., E. You never think!  You're my best friend, but you can be so self-centered sometimes. It feels like you don't care, I know you do care, in your way, but that’s what it feels like." She said. Now it was my turn to look down and feel bad knowing she was telling the truth.  "I'm not sure what to say Jenn." I went on. "I'm so sorry and you're so right, I didn't think to talk with you. The offer was so fantastic and so, so unexpected I just jumped at it." I said looking at my BF and knowing now, how badly I had hurt her. "I really feel awful Jenn, is there anything I can do to make this right"? I asked.  Jenn looked up. "Honestly, I'm not sure and certainly not here, not now." She said quietly. "Let's leave and let me take you back to your hotel right now."  Taking her hand I said sadly "Sure Jenn, if that's what you want. We can do that". Getting up to leave, looking at her, so sad and angry. "Whatever you need or want, I'm really so sorry." I said again. She looked at me. "I know you are, and I am too, but this has been on my mind since you moved. Seeing you today, so happy, well it seemed the final straw and it just all came out." Jenn looked at me with such sad eyes, but beyond the sad, I could also see a fire, a fire that was probably on a slow burn.  Taking her arm gently, I walked us out to her car.  Back at the hotel she dropped me off, saying she wanted to go back to her place, shower and clean up for dinner. She would be back at 7:00, in hopefully, a better mood, for a fun dinner. "Jenn, if I can do anything to show you how sorry I am or to help with you being so mad at me" I said, "you know I will."  "I know". She replied sadly. With that and a quick hug, she was off.  Going into the hotel, getting my key and heading up to my room I couldn't help but think about lunch, what Jenn had said and what I had done. Worse, what I had seen in her eyes. Somehow, I did not think this was over, but not matter what, I wanted my BF back as completely as before and if it meant letting her get her anger out by berating me, I would withstand that, whatever it took.  This was my fault and I would make it up to her.  BF's are hard to come by and even harder to lose. I wasn't going to lose mine.  Not if there was something, anything, I could say or do to make it up to her.

Seven O'clock sharp and a knock on the door announced Jenn's arrival. Right on time, punctuality had always been so important to her.  Opening the door I could not help but catch my breath. Jenn had always been one of the prettiest women I had known, but standing before me was the most beautiful woman I had ever had the fortune to gaze upon. She was truly a vision. Her hair styled down but pulled back loosely and dressed in a short dress that seemingly molded to her every curve, topped off by her tanned bare legs and 6” heels. "Close your mouth cowboy and invite me in." She glibly said.  "Oh, yeah." I stuttered. "Come in please and might I say Jenn, you look fantastic." Closing the door behind her as my eyes followed her into the room.  Watching her sit, crossing her long legs, I almost forgot this was my Best Friend.  Watching as her short skirt slid up as she sat revealing her smooth tanned legs making it impossible not to stare.  "You like what you see?" She asked totally enjoying my embarrassment at being caught staring.  "Um, ah well yeah, I guess so.. I mean well ah.. I mean.. Ah geez Jenn, I'm sorry". I blushed and seeing me blush Jenn giggled. "You are so goofy sometimes E, like you never saw me in a short skirt". She laughed and asked "Can I have a glass of wine before we go out to dinner?"  “Certainly, let me get it for you" I managed to say. “and let me say of course I’ve seen you in skirts, many times and I have always appreciated the view.” pouring her a glass and handed it to her.  She sipped her wine and coyly looked at me over the top of her glass as I sat across from her.  Before she could say anything I started in. "Jenn I felt so bad this afternoon, especially watching you drive away". I confessed. "I never ever want to feel like I have hurt you so badly again”.  "Shush," she told me. "I know you don’t, and I know you did not do so intentional, I do, but E you really did hurt me. You can't imagine how much.  It really was one of the most unthoughtful things you've ever done and lord knows you've done a bunch." She told me.  "Really J, a bunch?" I asked going on. “ I mean I know I've done some stupid things, but a bunch?"  Jenn looked up smiling "Yes, you have, most of them easy to overlook, but as I said earlier you do tend to think of yourself far too often my dear friend.  I guess the reason I have always been able to over look those times are because more often than not, you are always there for me.” She continued on. “Saying whatever I need to hear or listening to me when I need a shoulder to lean on." She went on. "but this time, you were just a jerk! A first class jerk and that hurt more than anything.” Taking a few breaths, she continued.  "I am sorry for my outburst today, but like Mt St. Helens, sometimes a gal has got to blow!" Looking at her and with honest sincerity I asked my friend “Can I ever make this up to you Jenn? Will we ever put this behind us?  Please Jenn, anything, I can’t think of a world without you there.”  Looking at me over her wine she said lightly “Oh I’m sure we will figure this out E, we always do and I don’t intend on losing what we have either, but now, let’s give it a rest, I’m hungry”. She uncrossed her legs, stood and taking my hand, led us out the door..

As we drove to dinner, things seemed much closer to normal.  We chatted, laughed and seemingly things were right with the world. Oh don’t get me wrong, I knew I still had a lot to make up for, but I felt at this moment as if things were going to be okay, as they had been before.  We got to dinner, leaving the car with the Valet and walked into one of my favorite restaurant, ’The Metropolitan Grill’, in downtown Seattle.  Not much of a view, but great food and a nice quiet ambiance. We ordered drinks and bread, and began catching up. She told me all that had been going on with her, at work, personally and I caught her up with my new position, how it had come about and why the quick decision.  She seemed to understand the latter and had a lot of questions about my new location, where I was living and did I enjoy the area. Would she enjoy it if she came out to see me.  Conversation was going well and before you knew it, our meals arrived.   We continued chatting during dinner and while getting up to go to the lady’s room, Jenn leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Remember when you were 15 and you told me about your Mom’s friend Dorothy, think about that while I’m away, it could provide a solution to what troubles me about your recent behavior or should I say misbehavior”.  My mouth dropped and I was no doubt as red as our tablecloth.  All the while she was gone, wondering what had possessed her to bring up this distant memory.  Jenn was the only person I had ever shared what was without doubt, the most embarrassing instance in my entire childhood.  My mind was racing. Why had she brought this up and why now? Where was she going with this?  She had never spoken of this before and long kept my secret when she could have used it a thousand times before. She had always respected my privacy where this was concerned.
Surely she wasn’t going to use it against me now and threaten me with exposure, not Jenn.  I looked up and saw her walking back, and suddenly I was a squirming like a cat on hot tin roof.  My adorable friend walked by slowly, leaning down softly said “why so red”. Which only made me blush even more.  Looking across the table at my now smiling friend I asked “What are you up to J? I know you’re up to something and why bring something like that up and walk off leaving me hanging”?  J looked at me, still smiling “Oh, I don’t know, just thought given the circumstance, remembering what can happen to a naughty boy unexpectedly might be somewhat appropriate right now”. Continuing on Jenn asked if we were ready to head out.
Walking back to the car I asked J if she might want to stop and get a drink? ‘No, let’s head back to your hotel and have a glass of wine”. She said.  “Okay with me”. I replied.  And with that we headed back.  Once back at the Hotel I began to lead us to the lounge when J said “Don’t you still have all that wine up in your room?  Let’s just go up there so we can finish our talk alone, unless you would rather stay down here, although I’m not sure how much you might want others to hear.”  Steering us to the elevator.

Up in my room Jenn walked over to the lounge chair and sat down, crossing those magnificent legs (I know I shouldn’t look, but I always do).  “Jenn why did you bring that up in the restaurant”? I asked nervously, surprised by how my hand was shaking.  “Oh, I don’t know. She said. Perhaps to just see your reaction, to have a little devilish fun”.  Well did you have your fun? I asked. “As a matter of fact yes” she replied. ‘That and I learned something also. You are as afraid of and embarrassed by the idea of getting a spanking today as you were all those many years ago”.  “What” I asked incredulously. Why would you say that”?   “Well, for one thing, your blushing, then (at the restaurant) and right now, plus your hands are shaking.  You honestly are worried that’s what I am thinking.”  “Well, ahhh is it” I stuttered. Is it what you are thinking”?  “Honestly, up until dinner when I first made the remark, no I wasn’t.  Knowing it would embarrass you, I thought it might be a bit of mischievous fun, all at your expense of course”. She looked steadily at me, unblinking. “Now, honestly, yes, now I’m thinking why not. Are you going to tell me you don’t deserve a good, sound spanking?  Is this any different then when you got your last or should I say first spanking? You even told me you deserved that spanking”. She said all this while looking me straight in the eye, gauging my reactions.  “After how you behaved, packing up and moving without so much as a word, do you honestly deserve a spanking any less tonight E”?  She asked still peering right into my eyes. “But J” I quietly said, eyes cast down. “I waasss a lot younger than, just a young boy”. I stuttered.  “Yes just a naughty young boy and now you are one very naughty young man”. she continued.  “Does being an adult make what you any less deserving for what you did?”  Looking down at her legs crossed, seeing her bare smooth lap at that moment the thought came to me she was not playing fair.  Honestly though, She was right.  “Look at me E”! She spoke forcefully. “Quit staring at my legs young Man! Didn’t you say earlier that you would do anything to make this up to me? Didn’t you, or did I just imagine that”? J queried raising her hands to her hips.  “Yes J, I did”. I said feeling very small. “But I wasn’t thinking you’ld decide to spank me, geez J”. Again I was whining.  J sat there a moment, legs crossed, leaning forward placing her elbows on her knee, hands clasped, resting he chin on them. “Well, I’m sorry, but if you really meant what you said I think turning you over my knee and giving you a good sound, bare bottom spanking would really help me get past my anger”. J went on. “Not to mention I think spanking your naughty behind might just be fun. Certainly not the first time I have thought about spanking you.  From what I remember you telling me, about that spanking, you had a real love/hate relationship with it too. You loved the closeness, lying bare across her lap, seeing her legs so up close and personally, skin touching skin, her hand rubbing your bottom in preparation (see I did listen E) and then hating that first burning spank and every spank that followed. Igniting a burning sensation you knew was turning your bottom bright pink and soon would to be red, a scalding, burning red” Without stopping, “and all the while loving your position over her knee, seeing and feeling her smooth bare lap, the view of her smooth calves, but the pain, the sharp painful sudden sting of it. The pain you couldn’t run from or put out of your mind, and the longer you lay across her knee the more all enveloping became that pain, leaving you only with the deep remorse of your actions and a longing desire for your spanking to end.” She asked me.  “Remember how following that spanking, you couldn’t stop thinking about it, heck you couldn’t stop talking about it for days after, remember?” She told me all this and her retelling was so accurate, not missing any of the nuance, almost as if she were there.
By the time she finished I felt just like that naughty, fifteen year old boy, again.  Worse, I knew what lay ahead.  J was going to administer the second spanking of my life and nothing was gone to prevent it. She had painted me into that proverbial corner from the moment she arrived tonight.  Looking up from her smooth bare lap, I saw her eyes piercing mine and her finger crooked beckoning me forward, to stand before her. Moving across the room to a position just in front of her, I started to undo my belt. J slapped my hand away.  “No, I think I want to do this.” She told me.  And with that she undid the belt and clasp of my pants slowly taking them down. “Jenn please, not on the bare please”? I softly whispered. “Shhhsh” she told me. “We both know you need and deserve this spanking and don’t think for a moment this is going to be an easy spanking, and that’s why you’ll be bare.  You, young man, have been a very selfish, naughty boy and I am going to give you the longest, hardest bare bottom spanking you have ever had”. She scolded. “ By the time I am through, you will not sit comfortably for several long weeks”. She told me and went on.  “Oh yes, and when you do sit down, by the time I’ve finished, the pain you feel will immediately remind you of me and this spanking I am about to give you.” She kept going on and with each word I seemed to get smaller. “And if you fight me, or try to get off my lap before I say you can, you will only make your spanking that much longer and that much harder.” Continuing on with her scolding. “Do you understand E? Have I made myself clear young man”? Jenn asked.  “Yes Jenn”. I meekly replied and quicker than a cat I felt a stinging <SPANK> sharply administered to my bare bottom causing me to jump. “From this moment until we are through you will only refer to me as ‘Miss” or as ‘Ma’am’. Naughty boys do not get to call me by name!  Is that clear?” She sternly asked.  “Yes Je.. ah Miss”. catching myself but not quickly enough to avoid a second <SPANK> to my other cheek. “Ouch!” I cried.  “I think you are getting the message now and we are ready to begin?” She said still looking directly into my eyes. With that said J moved me to her right side and uncrossing her legs, I watched as she pulled her skirt even farther up. Leading me by left arm, Jenn guided me over her knee, taking a few moments to position me to her liking.  “Oh look at that E, if you look to your right you can see yourself in the mirror”. She told me. Looking up I could see J rubbing my bottom.  “Don’t you look so naughty lying over my knee, Can you see my hand prints?” She asked and as I looked I could also see her smiling. “Such a nice pink, but soon enough this entire bottom will be a very angry shade of red”.  “Are you ready E”? She queried. “I expect you to take your spanking like a brave boy.  Can you do that for me”?   All I could do was muster a quiet “Yes Miss”.  “Good Boy, now hold on.” Was the last thing she said before beginning. With that her hand began to rain down on my bare bottom <Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack> her pace holding steady moving left to right and after 50 or so spanks, just as I started to get a rhythm, she changed, 5 spanks to the right cheek, 5 to the left <Spank, spank, spank, spank, spank> Each in rapid fire succession, back and forth for what seemed an eternity. Then changing she slowed the pace, alternating from one cheek to the next very forceful, full arm swats <SPANK, SPANK, SPANK,  SPANK> agonizingly slow so I had time to think about the next.  I had no idea that my best friend could administer a spanking such as this.  Where had this come from? During the spanking she would periodically stop, rubbing my bottom with her hand, she would scold me, telling me how naughty I had been or asking me if understood how I had earned this spanking. “Tell me you deserve this Spanking E”. She asked.  ”I do Jenn, really I do” I answered. <SPANK> “What did you just call me”? <SPANK> “I mean Miss, I sorry”. I corrected myself.  “That’s better young man, things will go a lot easier for your bottom if you remember my rules”! <SPANK>   ‘Yes Miss”. I replied.  Then without warning the spanking began again in earnest. <spank, spank, spank, spank, spank> back and forth, making sure no area on my bottom was left unspanked or lacking in a bright red coloring.  I started to squirm about her lap. It was impossible not to. “You stay still and take your spanking like a big boy <spank, spank, spank>”. She scolded. “All this moving about is not going to help and only will make your spanking that much longer!  Is that clear young man <SPANK>?” Miss asked “Yes Ma’am <OUCH> but it hurts so bad Miss.” I responded.  “What a surprise, a spanking hurts <spank, spank, spank > well of course it hurts, it’s supposed to hurt!  How else will it teach you the lesson I intend for you to learn!” <Spank,  Spank,   Spank,  Spank>  My newest disciplinarian intoned. < Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank > “Sounds like we are getting somewhere now.” < Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank >.  Then she stopped and rubbing my no doubt, bright red bottom, and told me to get up. “I want you to go put your nose in that corner E and stand there with your hands at your side”.  Bending over to pull up my pants I suddenly felt another very hard <SPANK> “I did not tell you to pull those pants up! I told you to go to the corner!” <SPANK> “Now go!” <SPANK>. With that I scurried as best I could with pants down around my ankles and put myself in the corner.  Let me tell you right now, nothing makes you feel more like a naughty little boy than standing in a corner with a well spanked bottom on view, nothing!  But at least it was over. I could hear J moving about but had no idea as to what she was doing. Suddenly, without warning she was there and had taken a hold of my ear. “I hope you weren’t thinking we were through. Oh no young man, that was just your warm up.  Now comes your spanking”. She told me dragging me back over to her spanking chair.  That’s when I saw the Hairbrush and small leather strap. Both lying in wait for my already, well spanked bottom. OMG, this really couldn’t be happening, but before I knew it she has raised her skirt and lifting the two spanking weapons, sat down crossing her legs. “See these young man?” She asked, holding the hairbrush and strap.  “These are for you and that very naughty bottom of yours.  Have you any idea how badly these are going to hurt?” She asked. “No,oo ma’am, more than your hand I’m guessing Miss”. I replied. “Oh yes, way more than my hand and let me tell you this is going to really light a fire in what is already a pretty well spanked behind and I expect you to take every bit of this spanking without fighting me.  Can you do that for me Young Man, can you be a big strong boy and take this overdue, well deserved spanking?”  If you can do that, I promise E, when I am finished with your spanking, I will have forgiven everything and we can start anew”. She asked expectantly.  “Yes Miss” I replied. “I can take it J.I mean <SPANK> Miss.  “You keep forgetting that one simple rule Young Man”. Pulling me back over her knee. “And that is going to cost you an additional 10 Swats only this time with my hairbrush, ready < Spank, Spank, Spank> ‘Ouch’ Spank ‘Ouch’ Spank, Spank, ‘Ow’ Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, ‘Ow’ >. “There, now maybe you’ll remember. How do you like my hairbrush E?”  She asked rhetorically.   “Now as you can see, this is really going to sting that fanny of yours E.  I suggest you try and relax as much as possible, tightening your bottom will only make it hurt worse.  Are you ready?” She asked raising her arm. Before I could answer her hairbrush began it’s awful dance on my already sore behind. <Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank> It went on without stopping forever.  “PLEASEEEEE,  Miss” I begged.  <Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Ouch, OUCH > The louder I yelled the harder she spanked and eventually she and the hairbrush won out and all I could do was lay there over her knee, a broken, well spanked naughty boy and take it.
<Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank. Spank>
Finally stopping J began rubbing my bottom in such a gentle smooth way.  This could not be the same hand that had so unmercifully blistered my bottom only seconds ago.  “Umm now that is a very well spanked bottom.  Do you think you’ve learned a proper lesson E?” She asked.  “Yes Ma’am, oh yes, I really have, please Miss, please believe me.” I cried out hopefully.  Oh how I wanted this spanking to really be over. “Are you sure we don’t need to use the strap Young Man?” J asked.  “No, please Miss, not the strap Ma’am.” I begged. “Ummm, I don’t know <rubbing my bottom> I’m not sure you’ve fully learned the lesson I need to teach. But looking at your blistered backside I do think I can forgo the strap”. J said. “However, I do think I will finish with a good sound hand spanking.  If you take that like a good boy, we’ll let that be the end.  Can you take a final hand spanking for me E?” J asked while still rubbing my bottom.  “Yes Ma’am, thank you Miss.” I replied.  “Well look it here, maybe you have learned.” J said.  With that she raised her hand for the final round. <Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank>
While not as hard as her first round of hand spanking, with how tortured my poor bottom was, believe me it hurt plenty. <Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank,>
Finally she stopped sensing at just the right moment, she had taken me as far as I could go.  Reaching down beside her she picked up some lotion. Spreading some on my bottom liberally and rubbing it into my blistered rear end, I can honestly say nothing had ever felt so good, cooling and soothing. Lying there looking at the underside of her beautiful legs I could not believe this was, had, really happened.  While I enjoyed seeing her legs so close, and feeling her smooth skin against my belly, I knew I would never look at them quite the same way again.  From now on every time I saw her sitting, short skirt, legs crossed, all I would ever see is me, right where I was at this moment, over her knee, getting the spanking of a lifetime.
“Alrighty E, I think my work here is done and done quite well I might add, get up.” My disciplinarian BF said patting me softly on my blistered behind. Helping me up and standing beside me J gave me the warmest hug we had ever shared.  Holding me she cupped my bottom and whispered in my ear “I hope we won’t need to do this again any time soon..  But E, don’t ever think for even a moment I won’t do it again.  Do you understand and believe me?” She asked. < while rubbing my bottom>  “Oh yes Miss, Oh yes and you know what J, a part of me is glad to know that.  Thank you J, thank you for caring enough to spank me”. I told her surprisingly meaning every word.

Just like that the evening ended. J and I were back on even keel. We finished with a drink downstairs (me standing), a walk to her car and a kiss. She had given me the spanking I deserved and in the process forgiven me my rash, hurtful behavior.  Me, I learned that friendships should never be taken for granted and always need to be nurtured.  We enjoyed our last few days together.  J smiling every time she watched me gingerly sitting down. This trip ended with my friend dropping me off at the airport, telling me how much she had enjoyed our visit and whispering in my ear as we hugged “Especially spanking you, I can’t wait for you to be naughty again.” And me blushing a well spanked red.
Boarding the plane and taking my seat for the flight home I could still feel the aftermath of Jenn’s lesson. Leaning back and closing my eyes I could see that evening over her beautiful lap, getting a spanking I would never forget.
Would this ever happen again, or was it like with my first spanking administered by mother’s young friend, a one time aberration?  Hmmm in this instance remembering the entire spanking Jenn had given, her finishing words and her ominous whispered good bye…. Hmmm, One could only hope.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

My Snow Policy (in Seattle)

It snowed today, which made me think about this... If it's the night before your session and it is predicted to snow the following day or is already snowing, we will reschedule your session (most likely for the following week).  Or if by chance it starts snowing on the day of your session, again we will reschedule. The entire city of Seattle shuts down when it snows, there is no reason for you or me to be risking life or limb to get a spanking...

When You Are Born In a World You Don't Fit In