Monday, June 10, 2019

Naughty Boys Get Taken Over My Lap While My Friend Watches and Laughs

OTK spanking


  1. GREAT Old pic from the late great Spanking Movie & Magazine Company 'Nu-west'/LEDA I believe that's Julia Jameson in the pic, she and her sister were great spankers, (from what I've seen of them) ;)

    1. It's so nice when people are able to identify the company as well as who was in the pic. You have a wealth of knowledge & always love seeing your vintage spanking magazines

  2. while this has never happened to me, a part of me (in that deep dark desire part of one's fantasies) would just so want to be that man that gets put over the lap of a pretty female spanker, while her equally very pretty girlfriends look on with shock, that quickly turns to major amusement, laughter, cheers, and much teasing... I can only imagine the cringes of fear and over-the-top emBARE ASSment as I realize that I (a grown man) am helpless to stop this and will be fully de-panted in front of these ladies to their delight, and that my bare bottom will be dancing and on fire as my pretty spanker applies her no-nosense steady right hand and hairbrush repeatedly to my bare by one these pretty witnesses come up and hold my face in their soft hands and smile sweetly as they enjoy my wincing as each firm SPANK seers its way into my nether cheeks to their amusement and teasing remarks... how will I ever manage to look these pretty ladies in the eye again without seeing that special smirk, smile and twinkle they will have for me everytime I see them... noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... (and yet how can I get this to happen???)

  3. Naughty devil sincerely hopes her pretty friend demands her turn taking him over her knee too, then it becomes a spanking contest on which darling pretty spanking lady can make naughty devil cry for mommy to forgive him ... if extra naughty aroused naughty devil doesn't gleefully make a creamy mess on her silky knees first!!!
    ND =;)

  4. When I was a teenager age 17 having been raised by a single mother and home schooled and yes frequently spanked bare bottom with a wooden paddle. I was used to having my bottom on view to my Mother before during and after a spanking. The summer I turned 17 Mom was just about to spank me and had my pants and underwear around my ankles when suddenly there was a knock at the door. mom order me into the corner pants and underwear down with a commandment to keep my arms crossed behind my back. I was so embarrassed hearing a recognized voice of a neighbor lady as she and Mom made their way into the living room ware I was standing. The neighbor lady was surprised at the sight of me and remarked that she could leave and return later. Mom said there’s no need for that it wouldn’t take long. With that I was called from my position and taken across Mom’s lap and her paddle was put to use on my upturn bottom. After Mom as usual watch as I stood arms crossed behind my back shifting foot to foot not allowed to rub my burning bottom every part of me on view to the neighbor.. after a while I was back nose against the wall bare bottom still out as Mom and the neighbor talked and discussed what had just happened. I remember the lady saying she was surprised because my age but gave her approval. It was so embarrassing.

  5. I always loved Nu-West Leda, whenever see Leda I know it's a capable woman who is determined to teach the boy a well-earned lesson with a sound spanking resulting in a blistered bottom. I have seen many Leda ladies doing their respectful duty as a woman spanking and disciplining a naughty young man.
    I always wanted to meet a Leda lady and made to obey her and be under her constant control and spanked and disciplined when she feels I need it.

  6. My wife has, will not think twice, address the problem at the time, no matter who may be present. Worse is not the spanking, but having my pants, underpants pulled down, all on display, scolded like a naughty little boy. Spankings always over her lap, hand, hairbrush, and wall facing time.