Sunday, July 31, 2016

Is Seeing a Pro Cheating???

I know this is a very common question "Is seeing a Pro considered cheating?" and I think Ms. Marwood does a very good job answering this question, so I'm posting it here in case you haven't already seen it on my friend, Andy's blog "Someone's Gonna Get It".   Ms. Marwood is a legend in the spanking world and has been spanking for over 12 years in NYC.  If you haven't already heard of her, you East Coast bottom's better get yourself over her lap and fast (and I happen to know for a fact that I have a HUGE East Coast following, so no excuses!).  She & I are actually in the process of discussing possibly teaming up on the East Coast to host some doubles sessions, possibly in the coming year.  Enjoy!

Dear Ms. Marwood,
I just found out my husband went to a woman he found online for a spanking. I was shocked, of course. And I feel betrayed in a way. Is that considered cheating? You must spank your fair share of married men? Love your thoughts.
Dear Marcy,
That is a fantastic question. I’m SO glad someone asked it!
It kind of makes me chuckle when I hear that a girlfriend or spouse has found out her man is seeing me and thinks, by doing so, that he’s “cheating”. In fact, I have suggested that he invite her to one of our sessions to see how far from the truth that is! (I don’t allow any “hanky pinky” in my sessions. No one touches anyone else’s private parts, OR their own! And it’s rare that and pro spanker would allow any of that. )  In my opinion, Spanking Roleplay Sessions are the least seductive genre of all bdsm activities. First of all—and I think this is true of most pro spankers—I have no designs on anyone’s husband. If anything, I have a maternal attitude toward the client. And, I will confess, I have a little ego involved. I take great pleasure when a client emerges from my little spanking parlour and pronounces, “That was the best spanking session I’ve ever had.”  That’s the challenge that interests me. Not seeing if I can break up a happy home.There are many reasons men (and women) choose to see a professional spanker. I’ve been doing this for over a dozen years and I have not yet met one guy who utilized it as an avenue for infidelity.
But if you wonder why your husband kept this a secret, here are some reasons clients have shared regarding that: Some are afraid to tell anyone that they enjoy spanking. There can be a social stigma attached, or he fears his wife will ridicule him for enjoying an unconventional form of eroticism. (Note: In many cases, spanking doesn’t even have an erotic component for the enthusiast.) In other cases, a man feels his spouse would view him as weak or less masculine, or think he’s a “pervert”. There are even people who would simply rather not be spanked by their wives or girlfriends. They love and crave being spanked but it just doesn’t fit their view of the dynamic of their relationship and they’d feel weird about it.  They’d rather enjoy it in a totally separate universe from “normal reality”.  Then, again , of course, there are many, many men who have told me they long to express their spanking interests to their wives but, for whatever reason, they’ve come to the conclusion that they can’t and shouldn’t… or have tried, only to leave feeling humiliated and chastised. So don’t assume that his secrecy indicates a desire to cheat. If cheating was on the menu, he’d probably pick a very different avenue.
A lot of men just prefer to keep their fantasy lives separate and private unto themselves. There’s nothing wrong with that. So if you ladies stumble on the fact that hubby has engaged a professional disciplinarian, rather than rushing to judgment, how about just trying a little curiosity? Encourage him to share with you what excites him about what is, to you, a strange desire? Moreover, if you’re married to a spanko, you ladies could very likely make good use of that to get him to do almost anything you wanted to take on his little adventure and use it to “motivate”. How does having him do laundry and pick up after himself regularly sound for starters?!

Links again to both Ms. Marwood's Site & "Someone's Gonna Get It".  By the way, on one of my last visits to LA last year, I got to take Andy over my lap and oh my did I have a fun time with that!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

You Are Going Across My Lap!

So tell me, have you been a good or were you naughty? Be honest now, I'll know if you are lying...

YOU, are going over my lap!
It's time you met my hairbrush. 

Don't keep me waiting now...The more you stall, the harsher your punishment will be. 

I Love This Lil Guy - Leather Slapper

I had soooo much fun playing with this lil guy in the dungeon, that I went and bought myself an identical one to add to my collection. It's a leather tapered slapper from Paddle Daddy. Got this lil gem at Lover's Lair in Lynnwood at a better price than they were selling it on the Paddle Daddy website, lucky me!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Thank You Mitch, for the Lovely Testimonial

I found Miss Jenn as I was visiting Seattle for business, and I was looking for some discipline and Miss Jenn’s ad stood out.  I was directed to her website and blog and found some nice pictures and descriptions and thought that she sounded like fun, and that she would be “no-nonsense”

I opted for the full treatment - the Miss Jenn Experience.  It is not too often that for a reasonable amount of money to be able to have a 30-60 minutes dungeon session, then have a tour about town, or dinner and drinks, then followed by a good night spanking, with a fun beautiful, dominant woman who enjoys herself.  I hopped at this opportunity.

I highly recommend taking the Miss Jenn Experience if you have the time.  No rush.  60 minutes in the dungeon or boudoir (you have a choice), and the time outside touring, eating, drinking, then I added a 30 minute good night spanking to this - paid a little extra, but it was so worth it.
She is charming, she is demanding, she is no-nonsense when it comes to spanking. And, she really enjoys what she does. I can’t wait to do it again.

And the bonus - besides being lovely and sexy, she also has very sexy feet, and enjoys to have them worshipped.  What a package.

Miss Jenn asked a lot of questions beforehand.  About likes, dislikes, fears - oh those fears!  And used these in the session.  She even offered to pick me up at the airport, but I was coming in at rush hour and I couldn’t ask her to do this.  I’m glad I chose to meet her at the dungeon instead.  We were both well rested.

Miss Jenn is prettier and sexier than her pictures.  Beautiful.  I met her at her dungeon - which is a really fun space.  I highly recommend visiting the dungeon with Miss Jenn.  We started right in on the role play that we had agreed upon.  She was my sexy aunt whom I was visiting, and she was there to tease and torment me and to punish me for my wayward ways.  I am a masochist, and I enjoy pain and humiliation.

Auntie Jenn asks me why I’m late, and why did I not text upon landing as requested.  She was stern and no-nonsense and had me strip, and put me into the spanking bench where I was secured and she started in on me with a few instruments that hurt a lot.  “No warm-up for bad nephews.”  And she wasn’t kidding.  I remember thinking, “what have I gotten myself into, why did I tell her I was a cold-start masochist.”  Easy answer why I told her - because she would use that info to cause pain and bring pleasure.

We made our way around the dungeon finding different spots for me to be immobilized and different instruments of torture employed.  Miss Jenn knows her way around the dungeon and thoroughly enjoyed using all that she found - and painfully so.

I was put across her lap at one point in the dungeon, and spent a fair amount of time there.  It is a lovely place to be, lying across her lap, being naked with her fully clothed, but it is across her legs and they are amazing.  She was able to put me in my place, my spot.  And she used some very firm paddles, and hairbrushes and kept at it.  She is a great spanker.  This was the hardest spanking I had ever had.  She found my edge, and pushed on it.

At another point,  found myself putting on a parachute device around my balls, with a weight on it, then dragged by my ear to the bathroom where I got my mouth washed out with soap.  She made sure to get it all in there, and wait while I gagged on it.  I then helped her clean up with the device on my balls.  She enjoyed my discomfort.  I liked that.

When you are having fun time flies - that’s the old saying.  Well, in the dungeon, i found the opposite to be true.  We tried so many things, played so many games - including being locked away in a small cage - spanked hard throughout, that time almost stood still.  I was so very present for 60 minutes that I thought it had been 2 hours.  Maybe, when in pain, or locked away, time slows down.  It did in this hour.  What a gift.  Incredible. Loved it.

We then had the next portion of the Miss Jenn experience where she drove us to a local restaurant.  Lovely place that she recommended where we got to chat and learn more about each other, real lives and kinky lives.  She is a great conversationalist and very smart and bright.  It was a lovely time.  We did a little bar hopping then she took me to my hotel room to give me a good night spanking.

Well, that good night spanking beat the earlier spanking in terms of direct fire and pain.  I thought I was going to cry.  First I was over her lap, then standing so she could get,... I don’t know - more leverage - because it hurt, really hurt.  And she laughed and loved every minute of it.
A little foot worship to ease the pain and then her memory and diabolical nature picks back up.  She remembered I like chastity, and that I had a device with me.  I actually really wanted to not wear it, and just wanted to masturbate later.  But that was not what Auntie Jenn wanted.  I was to put on the device and lock it with the numbered lock and sleep with it on.  No masturbation for me.  Only big boys get to play with their dicks was the message I got.  Mine was not interesting at all to her, and it needed to be locked up.

I don’t know how I was able to sleep, but I did.  A bit.  She checked in on me via text in the morning. Wanted to make sure i was still locked up. And I was.

I have a new tender spot for Seattle now, thanks to Miss Jenn.

I can’t wait to come back to Seattle to have another, Miss Jenn Experience.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Providing After Care

Absolutely essential for every spanking, especially those that are incredibly harsh!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Adventures in Portland!

Oh my, I think this was my funnest Portland trip yet! But this city is always a blast!

On this particular trip I did an evening Miss Jenn Experience (MJE) at Oba, a fantastic restaurant with Nuevo Latino cuisine and got to check out a bit of the Pearl district, a very hip area of Portland.  As well as a daytime MJE for lunch on Hayden Island overlooking the riverfront. And many other great sessions sprinkled in between.  One of which was a husband & wife who came to see me, & what a blast the three of us had! This charming man needed a long thorough punishment, and he brought his wife (who was a knock out, by the way!) to witness his spanking as well as learn from me. He had hoping to also bring his Mistress along, however due to circumstances that did not work out. Talk about a lucky guy who has a hot wife who spanks him & a mistress who punishes him as well?!? Anyways, 2 hours later we finished up an intense but fun discipline session as well as lots of mentoring throughout, and his wife and I really tagged teamed him well, at times he was getting spanked from both sides.

I think I got to meet the funnest spanko's in Portland :) But if I somehow missed you & you are a fun spanko, make sure to look me up on my next Portland trip.
The wheelbarrow position, always one of the most vulnerable positions you can be put in!

Such a nice pink/purple coloring of the bum! Like a beautiful sunset...

Such a naughty boy, I caught him wearing my panties. He got quite the spanking for wearing women's panties, tisk tisk!

I counted and it looks like I brought 31 implements with me to Portland and I got one as a gift! So 32 implements in all for this particular trip.

The flip flop spanking!

The flip flop in action

Lunch on the riverfront

Another naughty bottom.  Be prepared for some video's to come out over the next few days.

And yes, if you ever want a female witness to your spanking, to be spanked along side a female, or for you to be a voyeur and watch a female being spanked, this is typically possible in Portland as well as Seattle.

Skipper Spanks Barbie!

Look she's even got the hairbrush...such a classic!  Did you ever do this with your barbie when you were a child?

Monday, July 11, 2016

Very Disappointed with the Paddle Maker Who Made This Paddle!

So very disappointed in the new paddle I got at the Texas All State Spanking Party. A very sweet boy got this OTK Leather Studded paddle as a gift for me just shortly before the Naughty Boys Party.  On the very first strike, I lost one of the studs.  With a long line of naughty boys waiting to be spanked there was no time to look around for where the stud went...and sadly at this point in time the vendor fair had ended and no way to go back and exchange it. 

If any of you recognize who makes this paddle from the picture above or the photo I took below of their price list, please tell them that Miss Jenn is very disappointed with a paddle that comes apart the first time you use it. They should be spanked hard & scolded for this misdemeanor!  Now sadly all my photos & videos will show this embarrassment of a paddle. Completely unacceptable! Very disappointed with the quality of this workmanship.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Now That Is One Spankable Bottom

I think she's getting in position for a Spanking, don't you? Wicked grin, hehe ;)

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Rosy Glow... From the Hairbrush

His bum is such a nice rosy pink color.  I do believe I am making Phil blush.  Love it!!!

Friday, July 8, 2016

No Fumer!

I was just told what she is saying is "Excuse me Sir, but Madame gave me orders that if I caught you sneaking a smoke..." So the lady of the house told the maid to spank her husband if she caught him smoking.  Thank you, Tom, for the exact definition!

Such a naughty boy...

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Follow Me Boys...To Portland

I am on my way to Portland, boys (and girls) at this very moment.   If you live within a few hours drive, I'm telling you to follow me.  Come see me at my hotel in Portland...I believe it's time for you to meet my hairbrush, followed by an appointment with my strap.

I have two sessions still available, one on Friday & one on Saturday morning.

I'm coming with about 30 implements, and I've brought the heavy artillery.