Friday, January 10, 2020

As a public service, and to provide a clear warning for the other students to behave,

I promise that if your naughty behavior continues & you continue to give me a good reason to 
paddle your bare bottom in front of the entire class, I don't care if I have to give you a paddling every single day for a week, I will certainly do it! And I certainly won't care if you cry, DON'T THINK I'll turn into a "softie" and shorten your punishment or make it less harsh. 

Do NOT test me, you know that I will deliver & I will break you!

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  1. You'd Make a GREAT Teacher! VERY Sexy photo and story line....., makes me WISH you were one of my Teachers growing up! ;)

  2. Oh goody!!! Hopefully tardy teasing naughty devils slinking into the back of the class get marched to the front to the spanking chair for a severe scolding as as pants and underwear are yanked down in front of all of the giggling girls for an extra long bare bottom spankings over your silky knees, testing teasing on a daily basis!!!

    ND =;)