I am Miss Jenn Davis, a professional disciplinarian, spanking model (as a Top), fetish model/producer, and content producer (both videos & audios) based out of Seattle who travels extensively. I am an Alpha Female, a naturally dominant woman who *loves* spanking and paddling. I use a variety of implements and wield them with force when necessary. I am strict but I am caring. Check out my blog here.

Discretion is extremely important to me, both yours and mine. One of my friends says that the thing he values most about me is that he can tell me anything and knows that if he asks me to keep it private, that I'll never share this with another living soul. He's got other close friends, but he knows that they will accidentally spill the beans about his secret. He knows this will never be the case with me.  This applies whether you are a client, friend, or a stranger who reaches out to share their fantasy with me, your secret is safe with me. I would never "out" you, and I ask the same in return from you.

Although on occasion I will make an appearance at a national or local spanking or fetish party, I am a very private person and prefer a more one-on-one atmosphere and am not super comfortable with spanking play in public. I consider myself a bit of a recluse who enjoys social time but only in small doses, before disappearing again.

I am intelligent with a University degree as well as street smarts, and have a good sense of humor to boot. If you are a naughty boy or girl of consenting age and in need of a spanking, I would love to hear from you. Will yours be the next bottom that will be over my knee?


Here are some of the services that I offer:

*** Audio Clips, Video Clips, and NiteFlirt are based in fantasy and not an example of what would happen in an in-person session.  

For a detailed description of Miss Jenn's spanking & other services, click here.

Some of my interests for in-person sessions (there are too many list, this is only a partial list)
  • Spanking / Impact Play / Professional Disciplinarian
  • Role Play
  • Humiliation
  • Scolding
  • Slapping
  • Shopping trip (This is a public session, with less of a donation since you will be purchasing various gifts for me.  Deposit still required)

Things I do NOT offer:
  • No Goddess Worship, Sex, Enemas, Brown Showers, Skype, Wrestling / Scissors

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Art Work & Banners

Art work created for or inspired by me.  And banners in case you would like to place one on your website. Click on this link to be taken to Spanking Art Work Inspired by Miss Jenn

The Armory

Click here to see a showcasing of "some" of my implements, straps, hairbrushes, and more


Here are a few testimonials

Interviews  & Blog Posts (from people who have met me b/c of spanking)

[May 2018] Andy's follow up interview, catching up on spanking related topics.  Check it out here

[Nov 2015] Follow up interview with Andy, from "Someone's Gonna Get It" blog, after I spanked him in L.A.  Click here to read more.

[Sept 2015] Andy (from "Someone's Gonna Get It") interviewed me about spanking   Check it out!

She has her own blog & was looking for a Disciplinarian when she found me. Here you go!

Video Bottoms

I've been getting a lot of requests to be a  bottom for my video clips.  Here are some of my requirements:

1. You would need to have already done a paid session with me to make sure that we have spanking chemistry, as well as getting a feel for your baseline
2. You WOULD need to be able to provide a copy of your ID
3. You would need to have an interest in either spanking, ABDL, forced feminization or all
4. If you are in Seattle, you would need to have access to a home, studio. or hotel where we could shoot and would require good/bright lighting (there are a few exceptions to the rule)
5. For sessions outside of Seattle, it would have to be a city that I already tour. I will provide the hotel


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Definition of Performance Art

Performance art is a performance presented to an audience within a fine art context, traditionally interdisciplinary. Performance may be either scripted or unscripted, random or carefully orchestrated; spontaneous or otherwise carefully planned with or without audience participation.

Code of Conduct

Nothing illegal and no sexual activity happen in any of my sessions. Please don't ask for anything that is considered illegal in WA state or other states that I travel to.  Not sure if it's illegal in your state? Don't ask for it, as I may have to end our contact before even meeting.

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A lovely Sardax art portrait of myself spanking a naughty young man