Sunday, January 19, 2020

Charlie's Punishment Spanking [spanking audio]

For those who loves scolding & punishment (which most of the time go hand in hand)

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  1. Really great SCOLDING Audio clip! Scolding is one of the real important parts of spanking that is often overlooked, you're GREAT at it! l(

  2. Such a lucky naughty devil that Charlie is, getting the spanking of his life to be discovered bare bottom over his darling's silky knees by another darling wanting to take him over her silky knees too! I'm sure he'll leave that kitchen a mess much more often whenever dear darling Mommy has invited Julie and any of her other darlings friends over, naughty devil has to plot just buttons to push for the best bare bottom otk spankings and scoldings of his life over all the darlings' silky knees, oh such fun!!!

    ND =;)

    1. Charlie is quite lucky. But then again, so you are you!

  3. Yes, your naughty devil is certainly quite lucky when being pulled over your silky knees!

    ND =;)