Thursday, December 31, 2015

One Last Post in 2015

Hard to believe the wonderful year of 2015 is coming to a close. I actually had a few hours to veg out on the couch (a very rare occurrence for me & one that I very much treasure) to reflect back on the past year. I accomplished way more than I ever thought possible this last year. 

Just thinking back to the person I was on this same day one year ago, and I realize how much I've changed and grown. The people in my life this year compared to last year. Some have passed away, some I've grown a part from while others I've grown closer to, and so many new & wonderful people in my life. 

I'm sure that 2016 will be a very full and busy year. I no longer set New Years resolutions. For me, it just doesn't make sense. I'm a "do'er" not a "talker". If it can be done, it's something I truly want to do and I have the time to fit it in, it will be done. I don't need to set a resolution to motivate myself to make it happen. I also like to leave room in my life for things to come up, either good or bad that can radically alter how a year can go. An example of this could be a life changing health conditions that attacks either yourself or a close loved one. Or when looking back on this past year, I think about the fact that last year on this same day, I had no idea this underground world of adult spanking existed. If you had told me that exactly one year later I would be a very successful Professional Disciplinarian, I would have first had to google the term to find out what it was, I then would have laughed & said you must be smoking crack! It truly is a trip to think that one year ago I didn't know Spanking existed (except as parents spanking kids), and that today more than 2/3 of my life revolves around Spanking. And no, when I was a little girl I did not think I'd grow up to be a Disciplinarian, how could I when I didn't know they existed ;)

I am also just thrilled at all the wonderful spanko's who have come into my life because of this.  Just think, if all things that happened in my life this past year hadn't happened exactly as they did, if the catalyst hadn't happened which spurred all this... you never would have met me (or known of me or read this blog for those that haven't had the opportunity to meet me or talk with me yet).  The only reason that any of you have met me, is because I AM a Professional Disciplinarian. And I personally feel very thankful & blessed to have met all of you!

Just a side note that I also know for some people, resolutions are incredible life changing motivators. So for those people, I think they are great! Please let me be of any help using spanking as another motivating tool, if you think that will help...

I'd like to close off my last blog post of the year with some photos of my art. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

As I head out tonight to go to a bunch of condo parties in downtown Seattle, I am filled with hope & gratitude.  Stay safe tonight, & I can't wait to give you your New Years spanking next year!

Hugs & spanks,
Miss Jenn D.

Closing My Business To New Clients

In about a week I will be closing my business to new clients & I am not quite sure when I'll be reopening it again, I'd guess a few weeks to a month.  Why, you ask?  Combination of being quite busy with my current clients, demands of my vanilla job, and my travel schedule.

Please note the following:

  • Current clients can still see me although my time will be more limited 
  • I will still see new clients in the cities that I will be traveling to (Texas here I come!)
  • If I've already screened and approved you, you can still see me
  • New clients can still contact & set up a session before I close in a week

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thank You Lil Bro Tom for the Lovely Testimonial

After Communicating with Miss Jenn through E-Mail's and phone sessions and calls since late July, (and meeting in person once for lunch), we were FINALLY able to get together last week just before Christmas. This was something I had been looking forward to for many months.  The timing was perfect as I'd just had a birthday the day before and was treating myself to a 'birthday present' by getting together with Miss Jenn at my house. I took the day off from my office and we had a very fun, exilerating, yet relaxing time.  Miss Jenn and I had E-Mailed and gone over various 'role-play' scenario's  and came up with one we both liked.  It was a fantasy of mine where I was a 'Little brother' getting Spanked by his 'Older Sister' who was in charge while our folks were away on Vacation for a week, leaving her in charge of me, (my character was puberty age 13-14 and Miss Jenns character was `18-20' and home from College for 'Christmas Break'),  I had described the outfit I wanted her to wear based on pictures she's posted, (white top with a red plaid skirt), and Miss Jenn was very nice and obliged me by bringing that outfit with her, (I thought that image fit an 'Older Sister'),  

Professional Disciplinarian

We arranged to meet at 11:30 and Miss Jenn arrived right on time, (if she was a few minutes late that would have been fine with me too, since I had taken the day off from work),  we gave each other a nice hug and she brought her bag of implements and a bag with her outfit in with her and I proceeded to show her around my home.  It's a big two-story house that I share with one of my brothers, (both being bachelors, he was gone for the day so we had complete privacy),  we went through the various rooms and picked out several to play in and went over the details of the scenario  Before I gave her a tour of my house we sat down in the living room and compared 'implements' and decided which ones to use, (I've been into Spanking for many years and have a nice collection of implements myself, we used some of mine and some of hers). 

OTK spanking

Miss Jenn then went into one of the bedrooms to change out of her street clothes into the outfit I had requested, while I went into my bedroom and changed out of my regular clothes into some sweat pants and a blue 'Pocket T-Shirt' (to be dressed casually as any teenager would at home who didn't have to go anywhere), Miss Jenn and I agreed that I would start things when I was ready by calling out to her in Character.  I called out from my room and asked her to 'Make me a Sandwich'  (as a younger brother might who's used to having his older sister do things for him), and from there we were off!  

Leg lock wooden paddle

I was laying on my bed pretending to read a 'Spanking Magazine' (one I had pulled out from my real life collection), when she came into my room and began scolding me for asking her to make me a sandwich, seeing the magazine, (and getting the cue, since that was me 'improvising'), Miss Jenn immediately began Scolding me for that too and had me sit up while she sat down on my bed and turned me over her knee and pulled my Sweat pants down and began giving me a hand spanking, all the while scolding me.  It was GREAT!  she was in character and it was just like I had always imagined it would be if this was 'real life' instead of just being 'role play'.   The spanking was excellent, not too hard and not too soft  After the spanking was over she ordered me to go downstairs to the kitchen and clean it up, (since I was supposed to do that earlier),  then she called me to come meet her back upstairs, which I did immediately, (knowing at this point that I my 'Big Sister' was in charge),  Miss Jenn was waiting for me in the bedroom where she had taken her things and had arranged several of her implements to use on me, (some I had never tried before, nice to try something new), she scolded me some more and then sat on the bed and had me give her a foot rub, (as I had requested that we incorporate some mild 'foot worship' into our scenario), after which she had me pick out two of her implements and bring them to her before having me lower my sweatpants and go across her lap again for my second spanking of the afternoon.  Again this was a really good spanking, not too hard and not too soft., (Miss Jenn has an excellent lap for laying across, her legs are very well-toned, it was a pleasure being across them, especially as  'Over the Knee' is my favorite position),
We then went into another part of the house where she had me bend over a chair and proceeded to use a paddle and another smaller implement that really added a 'sting' to my well reddened backside by this time, (a new sensation for me, the sting on top of the paddling), before we headed back downstairs to the living room where I was once again bent over a chair while Miss Jenn used a 'leather slapper' implement on me before we sat on the couch and she gave me another paddling followed by a fantastic hand spanking.  We stayed in Character the whole time, (except for me asking to see which implements she was using occasionally), and eventually Miss Jenn had decided that her 'Little Brother' had learned his lesson and had enough.  She then stopped spanking me and applied some nice lotion to my very warm backside and proceeded to rub and massage it in, before taking me in her arms and cuddling and holding me and telling me that it was all over now and that she was done punishing me as I rested my head on her chest.

Professional Disciplinarian

The 'Aftercare' and Cuddling were particularly nice and very appreciated,  This is something a LOT of 'Professional'  Spankers or disciplinarians don't take the time to do and it really showed how caring, (as well as talented), Miss Jenn is when it comes to bringing a session to a nice close. I've been actively involved with Spanking  (as both a 'Spanker & a Spankee')  for many years and Miss Jenn is one of the very best Partners, (professional or otherwise),  I've ever been with.  It had been a few years since I last got together with anyone and Miss Jenn was / is the absolute perfect person to get together with,  She understands and gets what 'Spanking' is all about and truly seems to ENJOY it, and that's what really matters.  Someone who's not all about inflicting pain or the financial side of things, but someone who truly enjoys giving a Spanking as much as those of us enjoy receiving them.  I'm looking forward to the next time we get together, which hopefully will be sometime in the near future.  

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Am Loving Portland!

Hellooooo Portland! Am thoroughly enjoying my hotel at the moment. The Suite I got has ample floor space (maybe 1200 sq feet), 2 couches, a chaise lounge, 4 arm chairs, 13 regular chairs, lots of mirrors, and of course a huge bed. Oh my, the spanking possibilities are endless!

Great quote

positive quote

Monday, December 28, 2015

The Perils of Panties" a Story by George

The following is entirely made up. That is, it didn’t happen. And while one of the characters may have a name like “Miss Jenn” this is only loosely based upon a real person. Grin. 

He knew it was wrong. From the first musky sweet smell. Breathing it in, he felt a small tingling in his balls. His eyes darted around the room. Her room. His heart beat faster. He hardened and rational thoughts disappeared. He didn't hear the door open behind him…
Her first reaction was disbelief, a moment of is-this-happening surrealism. Anger  roared up behind her confusion. Yes, those were the panties she had worn yesterday. The black polka dotted silk ones. For some reason she flashed back to Victoria's Secret, picking them out amongst the other flimsy scraps of lace and silk - the literal "secrets" of the fictional Victoria. And now the boy held this most intimate of secrets. Smelling her. She watched as his right hand drifted downward....
He didn't even realize when his hand unbuttoned his 501s. Nor when it slipped under the elastic of his boxer shorts. Maybe he noticed when it wrapped around his cock. He breathed deeply. A gentle tug. A rub around the head. There was a drop, silky and viscous. He breathed in more and hardened. He pulled it out, past his boxers, past the denim and buttons of his jeans. He wanted to taste. He parted his lips. His tongue slid forward...and he heard a hard, feminine voice...
"What the hell are you doing? Wait! Don't answer that! I can see what you're doing! Your little dick out, your nose stuck into the crotch of my panties! Do they smell good? Does it turn you on?"

And then her voice softened. Velvet. She slid over to him where he stood, rock solid, not moving. She reached around him. Her breasts pressed into his back, nipples hardened and she now whispered.

"Does the small of my panties turn you on? Do they make you hard?"

It had started with him breathing. But since she entered the room. Since she caught him in this most personal invasion of her privacy, he couldn’t breathe.
Her left arm curled around him. She too her right and pushed the panties deeper on to his nose, smothering him.
She whispered again. “Take a deep breath. Smell me. This is as close as you’re ever going to get to my pussy.”
He felt the warmth of her breath as it ticked his ear, skipping lightly across his check. He breathed in deeply. Her scent, the secret scent of her womanhood filled him. The pungent smell of pussy and sweat, the tightness of her holding him, the softness of her breasts and the firmness of her hips against him became his world. Nothing else mattered and time stopped outside of their tight cocoon. He closed his eyes and breathing in again, the memory of her whispered breath upon his ear, he saw the folds of her sex, pink, inviting and never to be his. It was so close to him, and yet light years away. 

He almost missed her next whisper. 

"I am going to spank you so long, so hard, and so painfully you won't sit down for a week. And then I'm going to spank you again. And again after that."
She pulled the panties from his face. She removed his hand from his rigid cock, wincing a bit at his HER BEDROOM, no she did so. She spun him and looked him in the eye.

"You can leave your pants down, naughty boy, you won't be needing them for a while,” she said. 

She then reached up and, grabbing his ear as though he were a small child yanked him toward the door leading to herapartment's small living room.

Shooting pain filled his ear as he tottered along as best he could, his pants falling to his ankles as they moved. She smiled and yanked harder, and she picked up a small dime from a dish as they crossed into the living room. 

His mind was a whirl of thoughts - he'd been caught, he was going to be spanked...spanked, imagine that, and what  does a dime have to do with a spanking? His ear hurt. His penis betrayed him, wobbling and bobbing in the air as she, panties in hand, dragged him over to a wall.
How angry was she? He had violated her privacy, smelled her "secret," he was masturbating in her room. She had a vision of him reaching his apogee and a ruined pair of panties. She decided she was furious. She looked down at his erection. Maybe she', she thought she wasn't angry enough for that....but she considered it once more....
She pushed him up to the living room wall, her hands guiding him up to within inches. Taking the dime she placed it against the wall at the level of his hips, holding it in place with the tip of her finger. With her other hand she pushed him up to the wall such that the head of his erect penis touched the dime.

"Lean in naughty boy. You're to hold that dime in place with your....ughh....with that obscene thing of yours. If I hear it drop, I will add 50 strokes of the cane to what normally would have been the end of your punishment."

She stepped back. "Do you understand me?"
" ma'am." He stuttered.

SPLAT!!! Her hand met his pale ass. He jerked and the dime fell to the floor. 

"That's Miss Jenn!" she growled. "And it looks like you've earned another 50 strokes of the cane. Now pick up the dime and put it back. If you let it fall again it’s another 50."

And with that, she took a small bit of mercy and put the panties over his head so the crotch covered his nose. "This should help you stay hard," she said as she left the room.
She wanted him to worry. To wait. To hear the dime drop again. She leaned back against her headboard and reached into the top drawer of the bedside table.
Please don't drop....please don't drop...please don't drop...where was she?
When she was done, she slipped back into the living room. Silently she opened her ottoman and pulled out four items: 

A thick, mean leather strap
A large wooden paddle
A beloved antique hairbrush (oh, the tales it could tell of naughty bottoms throughout the decades, but that's another story)
And finally, a wicked school cane

She looked up at him, his erection ling gone, his body pressed tightly against the wall.

"Do you like humping my wall? The way you act toward women, that's the only fucking you're probably going to get,” she said. 

She paused. "Well Mr. Panty Sniffer, it’s time to teach you a lesson you won't EVER forget."
He shuffled over to where she was sitting on a futon she'd folded down. His heart thumped and he was certain she could hear it in the silence if the room. In her hand was the hairbrush.

"Normally I'd give this brush to you and tell you to ask me for a spanking. Because of what you did..."

She didn't finish, instead just yanking him down over her lap, fury building in her. She brought the brush down as hard as she could (her personal trainer would be proud) against his too pale bottom. 

"And normally I'd start somewhat gently..."

SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT faster and faster and faster and again and again and SPLAT SPLAT

She was panting as she spoke, "...a warm up of break you into the idea of your spanking...but I am PISSSED!!!

SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT faster and faster and faster and again and again and SPLAT SPLAT
She made the brush dance. His butt turned pink. Then red. Then splotchy. And still she brought it down again and again. When he struggled off her lap, she stopped, panting and ordered him back over her shapely thigh. She locked him down with her other leg and started the dance again. He gasped for breath, each one flavored by her scent as he took gulps of air through the panties.
Finally, mercifully she stopped. The old clich├ęs held true--his but felt as if on fire. But she wasn't done.
As her breathing slowed, as his slowed, she ordered him up. Again, grabbing his ear, she pulled him to the wall once more. It hurt him to walk. She put his hands on the wall. She placed his feet a shoulders width apart and angled each foot in 45 degrees. 
"Stay. I'll be back."
She returned shortly and swished the cane in the air. It cut and whistled its song of absolute and total correction. She smiled remembering him with her purloined panties. She smiled as he trembled. 
"Are you felling punished naughty boy?"

"Yes Miss Jenn," he choked out. 
"Very good panty sniffer. Are you still enjoying the smell? Enjoying me? Answer me honestly, or it will go even worse for you."
"Yes Miss Jenn....I am enjoying it,” he said. 
"Good. Tell me how I smell to you naughty boy,” she commanded. 
"You smell like a goddess." He stammered. "You..." he hesitated.
"Go on."
"You...I want to give you pleasure."
The cane screamed through the air and made contact with his throbbing, red ass. 
"That, naughty boy will NEVER happen."
Two more screams of the cane. Each followed by a splat as it connects and draws a line of fire across his ass. 
"Now let me tell you what will happen. I am going to cane you. As hard as I possibly can, and I will show you no mercy. It is what a panty sniffer such as yourself deserves. You...."
The cane screamed again.
"...invaded my privacy with your behavior. Now the cane is the most British of disciplinary instruments, and as such, there are many rituals and protocols associated with it. I want you to know, what I'm doing now....
Another scream of the cane.
" simply out of my own anger at you for your transgression. Your actual caning hasn't even begun yet."
Two more screams of the cane. Two more lines of fire, these intersecting the previous welts. 
"Now as I was saying, the cane comes with ritual. For whatever reason, the Brits like to cane in groups of six...six, twelve, twenty-four, forty-eight, etc. I have no idea why. Do you know why?"
"No Miss Jenn."
"No, you don't. But you will learn of the cane today. You will learn of the special kiss it gives naughty boys."
Another scream of the cane, followed immediately by his scream.
"No, boy...we mustn't have neighbors." With that she took the panties off of his head, bunched them up and shoved them in his mouth. 
"So today, you are going to get twelve of the best. You can handle that, right? Just twelve?" 
He shook his head. 
"Oh, shouldn't have gone into my room, found my used and smelly panties and played with yourself. This really is all your fault."
She held out a dime, and his erection long gone, put it on the wall and pushed his nose onto it."
"Hold that there, and get up on your toes. Take your right hand off the wall, and put it on your penis. Now here is the way this is going to work. I am going to give you your twelve. You will thank me after each one. You are to count each one and say, 'thank you Miss Jenn for so thoroughly punishing me for sniffing your panties, I would like another and would you please, please, please make it harder than the one before?' If you forget to count or get one word wrong, say you forget one of the "pleases" we will start back at one, and I will add an additional two strokes. Likewise, if you drop the coin, remove your hand from your penis, or come down off of your toes, I will begin again at one and add an additional two strokes."
She looked at him. 
"Do you understand?"
"Yes Miss Jenn." His feet were already feeling the stress of standing on his toes. 
"Good. Repeat what I just told you."
He stammered, but got through it. 
"Very well...we shall begin."
The cane screamed again.

He lost count. Even though that was the point of it all. The counting. Getting to 12 was almost impossible given her conditions. How many caresses of her cane? At least 50. Maybe 60.

She was speaking, but he barely registered her very satisfied voice. "Now my naughty panty sniffer, it’s time to meet my new "naughty seat" and write some lines. You know, so the correction really sinks in."
He hobbled over to where Jenn stood by a chair. A coir doormat, its rough, abrading fibers reaching up ready to meet his throbbing ass sat in the chair’s seat. He reached down and touched them. Very rough. 
Jenn noticed, “That’s from husks of coconut. I’ve never sat on this, but I can’t imagine it would feel very good on an un-spanked bottom, much less one that is halfway through your punishment. And just to make it more interesting….”
He looked down to see her holding a small, innocent looking spray bottle. Two pumps. A fine mist floated through the air, hitting his bottom which exploded in twin fireballs of pain. 
“…rubbing alcohol.” 
She pushed him down onto the seat. And he knew he was learning a lesson he would never, as long as he lived, forget. 
“You will write 100 times, ‘I am a panty-sniffer, who put my own onanistic lusts above common courtesy and decency, and I promise never to do it again.” 
He didn’t know what ‘onanistic’ meant. 
It was, he thought, the worst 53 minutes and 47 seconds of his life. That was until Jenn “graded” is handiwork. 
“For each line that I deem of lacking quality, either for bad penmanship, spelling or other errors, you will receive one spank from the strap,” she said. 
His eyes grew wide when they fell upon the strap—a foot and a half long, two inches wide, perhaps a quarter inch thick, it was a terror of black leather punishment. 
Jenn shook her head. “I should get the soap. You’ve learned your lesson when I say you’ve learned it.” She bent him over the chair. “Wait here, it will just take me a moment to correct these.”
The total number from the strap? Thirty-nine. Thirty-nine blowsof agony, full-force, as hard as she could swing. He broke position three times and three times she gently moved him back into place. When it was over, he was lost. In his own suffering. In his own repentance. In his own shame. She gave him a few moments, and when she spoke it was with gentleness and compassion. 
George, I think you’ve learned your lesson, but you see there is one spanking implement left.”
His gaze fell upon the heavy hardwood paddle in her hand. 
“And how we use it is up to you,” she continued.
Somehow he counted its dozen drilled holes. 
“I want you to apologize to me for violating my privacy, smelling my panties and attempting to masturbate, and then I want you to ask me to paddle you. I want you to feel your guilt and tell me a number. That number can be anything you’d like, and they will be the final spanks today. After that, you will be forgiven.” 
He didn’t think his bottom could take anymore. But then he looked into her eyes. 
“Remember, you still have 50 of the cane. But we can do that tomorrow.”
“Miss Jenn, what I did was wrong. So, so, so very wrong. I disrespected you. I got into your private and intimate things. I was using them…you know…to masturbate with…and I am so ashamed. You were right to punish me as you have, and you’re right, I’ll never forget it. I want you to paddle me…”
The clock in the hall recorded the seconds, one after the other, until he finally finished his sentence. 
“…one hundred times.”

Sunday, December 27, 2015

"First Steps", A Story by Crie

Another great writer and I think you will like her writing style. I'd like to introduce you to Crie and this wonderful story that she wrote for me. Enjoy!

My heart was doing flip-flops as I entered the room.   As I was reminding myself that I was the one who started this journey, I heard a voice ask me if I was going to say hello.   My lips moved even though my voice was barely a whisper.  *Hello Miss Jenn*  The words left my mouth and my eyes hit the floor.  Somehow from the time of knocking on the door and entering, my head had at least tripled in weight and I could not lift it to meet her eyes.  What was I afraid of?  Why was I so nervous?  She and I had communicated numerous times as we each waited for this day.   One part of me felt like I was going to meet an old trusted friend.  The communication between us had been honest and open as we each learned about the other through the distance and time that had separated us.  Then, there was this other part that *knew*.  That part knew that today would be a bit of a life changer.  This woman was going to take me over her knee and spank me.  As my eyes searched the floor, I felt her hand take hold of the arm of my wheelchair.  My eyes immediately closed as I sensed her kneeling down in front of me.  I didn't want to see her, not yet.  I wasn't ready.  The thoughts in my head were a tangled mess of confusion and uncertainty.  The room was totally silent and I was certain she had to have been able to hear my heart beating out of my chest.  My entire body tensed and I waited.  My voice had somehow slipped far out of my reach and all I could do was bite my lip over and over.  Was she looking at me?  Was she studying me?  Have I already failed?  As the thoughts raged within, a soft hand cupped my cheek.  Her thumb grazed slowly across it before her fingers moved to my chin encouraging me to raise my head.  I knew she was right there, inches away.  The silence between us had a calming effect on me.  Even though I was still attempting to chew my lip clean off, I opened my eyes.  I was met with a smile that took my breath away and made me blush no less than 4 shades of red.  Her hand stroked my cheek. *Ah, there's my good girl, I am so glad you are here today.  How about if I move you over to the sofa and we sit there?*  
Miss Jenn knew that I was in a wheelchair most of the time and that I could also walk short distances.  She maneuvered my chair around and helped me stand.  As I walked to the sofa and sat on the far corner, she put my chair off to the side.  My eyes followed her.  She was dressed in a skirt and blouse and looked lovely.  I smiled as she took the backpack from the back of my chair and said, *I wonder what I am going to find in here?*  My hand went to my mouth covering it and I actually giggled as she was walking back with it.  That giggle started breaking down the wall of uncertainty and I replied with one word, *Stuff*.  That single word came out with all the silliness, joy and pride of a young child.  The button inside of me had been pushed and the little girl within came bubbling to the surface.  Miss Jenn had known that it would.  We had talked about this ahead of time.  That backpack was filled with things a little girl might have.  Everything from school and reading books to toys, snacks and naughty things.  She came and sat on the sofa, setting the backpack to the side.  

Together we sat and talked.  The conversation started slowly at first, but soon an ease set in. We could have been mistaken for old friends who were catching up with one another to any outsider who may have looked in.  She took the time to check in with me.  Asking how I was doing physically right then and if there was anything new or different that she needed to know about my body for the session we were going to have together.  Her care, concern and professionalism came shining through and I felt comfortable and at ease with her.  Earlier I had given her a couple of suggestions for a first session outlining a couple of things from my past that had taken place.  I had told her how I wished they could have been different and about the guilt that I was still feeling even as an adult.  I knew there would be some role-play and I was comfortable with that.  What I did not know is what exactly was going to be dealt with.  I knew I was going to be spanked, the first discipline spanking for me, ever.  Each of us knew that I would be seeing her for multiple sessions and that for this first session, I needed to have her established as the authority figure in my life.
She reached for the backpack and asked me if I had done my homework last night.  Before I could answer, she told me that the teacher had called her and told her that I hadn't done any of the homework for three days and that she had told the teacher that she would deal with it.  I was also suppose to have stayed in during recess and written lines 50 times about doing what I was told to do, bring it home for Mom to sign and turn it into the teacher the next day.  When my eyes met Miss Jenn's I saw an authority figure that was none too pleased with me at that moment.  *Why have you lied to me about doing your homework, young lady?*  The pit of my stomach hit the floor at that moment.  Words stumbled out of me, protesting that I had done it and the teacher lost it, the teacher didn't like me, etc.  All this time, she is going through my notebook, looking at the workbooks. *And, where are the sentences I am suppose to sign?* 
Obviously, there were no sentences written in that notebook.  That wasn't something she and I had set up but I knew exactly where she was going.  I told her I didn't do them because I didn't have to.  Daddy had told me that the teachers have no authority over me and can't make me do stuff like that if I don't want to.  She let me know in no uncertain terms that Daddy was not in charge anymore, she was, and I would do exactly what I was told to do from now on.  She opened a workbook in front of me and showed me the unfinished pages.  *So the teacher has lost the pages that are still in your work book?, another lie? I am finished with your lying and disrespect young lady and I am going to punish you.  Things are changing from this moment on.*
Miss Jenn slid closer to me and pulled me across her lap.  She sat back so my body was fully supported by the sofa.  I was protesting and wiggling as well as telling her that she can't do *this*.  Her answer was a sharp stinging *SLAP* to my bottom.  Even through my dress, she got my attention.  As her hand rained down, she lectured me about my behavior.  She told me I was going to be a good little girl doing what I was told to do from that moment on or I would find myself over her lap a lot more.  I didn't notice when the dress was flipped up and out of her way.  All I noticed was a growing stinging heat all across my bottom.  This was it.  This is what I had come here for.  As she began pulling my panties down, the protests from me began in earnest.  The struggle was in vain and she got the panties down much faster than I could even try to tug them back up.  Suddenly, I was being given a bare bottom spanking that had me squirming like hell to get away from that stinging hand.  No spanking I had ever had, had set my bottom on fire like this and she was only using her hand!  By the time she stopped, I thought it was an eternity already and was glad it was over with.  Silly me.  She stopped long enough to take a wooden hairbrush that was on the table beside her and then the real message began coming through loud and clear.  I was promising to be the best girl ever for the rest of my life as that hairbrush started a whole different kind of fire in my nether regions.  She brought that brush down over and over, bringing me to the edge of tears.  When it was finally over with and I laid in place recovering, her voice was calm and soothing as she told me that she did care enough to discipline me.  

She helped me sit up and I sure didn't care that i was sitting there with my panties down to my knees.  My eyes were filled with tears but none had fallen.  We both knew that I might not actually cry, not this time anyway.  As we started to talk a little, she cocked her head to the side and had a strange look on her face.  I could not read her expression.  She said, *Crie, Do you remember when we talked before about your writing?  You had made a comment about how no one cared whether or not you actually wrote.*  I told her I remembered, wondering where she was going with this.  She continued, *And I told you that I cared and said I would like to see you writing at least every other day?*  Yes, I remembered.  She looked at me and asked, *How did you do with that?  I know you agreed to do that.*  I started biting my lip again, but I was honest with her.  I told her that I knew I had missed the every other day writing at least twice.  She slowly nodded her head.  As the silence started to grow, I looked away.  She asked me to look at her and then told me, * The spanking I just gave you was really for that little girl inside of you.  It was a good first spanking to begin with*.  I nodded, still feeling the heat very clearly.  I was confused to say the least.  What was this?  She looked at me and said *Crie*, you are a whole person and you have sought me out as your disciplinarian for the time being.  I asked you to do something and you agreed to do it.  You decided not to do as you said you would do, twice.*  All I could think at that moment was Oh my God, is this really happening?  Miss Jenn continued and told me that since it was only twice that I decided to skip doing what I said I would do, that I could pick the two implements she would spank me with.  Now??  Seriously?  My hand immediately flew to my very warm backside before my eyes met hers.  Being a smart ass, I asked, *I don't suppose that I can have the two implements be your right and your left hand?*  Score one for my side, she did laugh!  Suffice it to say though, I didn't get to choose the two implements and before she was finished, I really did cry.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Happy Holiday & Season's Beatings!

Hope to all of you who celebrate Christmas that you had a spankingly good holiday!

implements on tree