Sunday, June 26, 2022

Waiting to be spanked & caned


Love those pretty frilly panties, they are just perfect for girls or sissy's to be spanked in.

Monday, June 20, 2022

My Way of Saying Thank You - Free Custom Audios!


bathbrush spanking

2022 is turning out to be an incredibly challenging year for me, hence I haven't been as interactive with my fans as I normally am on my website, twitter, email, & other platforms. Due to some really big hurdles that have been thrown into my path, I've only had time to focus on work and not socializing online.

So many wonderful people continue to be supportive by visiting my blog, reposting my tweets, reposting old podcast episodes, buying me gifts off my wishlist and so forth. I wanted to show my appreciation by offering to turn your story into an audio totally FREE for the next month, as my way of saying thank you to the community.


There are a few rules and here are the main ones:

Email me your story which I will narrate
Your kinky story must be under 1,500 words
Must be in a niche that I dabble in (ie- spanking, FemDom, humiliation, feminization, etc)
It must be clear in your story that all characters are 18 or older
Nothing that is banned by most or all the sites


Keep in mind that your story will be published to all or some of my sites, so it will not be private in any way.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

What do you think the story is behind this piece of spanking art?


Femdom art
I'm absolutely mesmerized by it...

Can't stop thinking about all the different stories there could possibly be behind this piece of Femdom art.

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Miss Jenn's New *WishList*


I have a new wishlist! Here is the url & even though it looks similar, this is actually a completely different list with a new url:

So please update, if you have the old url saved somewhere & it's not too late to get me a gift for Mother's Day. After all you don't want to forget your Momma Jenn!

Newest items are at the bottom & under "see more items", which seems to be the opposite of what the old list used to be.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Happy Cinco de Spanko & I received a gift & Amazon forgot to include who sent it, was it from you?


This unfortunately happens every once in a while where I receive a gift and Amazon was very naughty and forgot to include the note with it and who sent it.

 I received the gift a little while back but was dealing with a family crisis at the time, so was unable to update my blog. If you sent me a gift & haven't received a "thank you" for it, please email me and let me know what it was you got me so that I know it's you & can properly thank you! 

 Also, do you know what today is? 

It's Cinco de Spanko. So everyone who goes out to eat Mexican food and drink, gets a Cindo de Mayo spanking today! Better guard your derriere because it's bound to get a paddlin from everyone you meet.


Wednesday, April 27, 2022

If you are expecting an email from me, please check your junk mail/spam folder


spanking consequence spinner

I say this over and over again, but my emails end up in people's spam folders so it's crucial that you check your junk mail folder.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Don't forget to spoil Mommy Jenn on Mother's Day, it's coming up soon

  I mean business when I spank you


You've got about a week and a half to get Mommy Jenn some gifts from her Amazon wishlist 

for Mother's Day. You can't forget about Mommy now!

 professional disciplinarian scolding mom

World's Best ABDL Mom

Monday, April 11, 2022

WHAP Magazine - Women Who Administer Punishment

 Have you ever heard of WHAP! or read this magazine back when it was out?

A well-spanked submissive sent me the link & these photos saying the ladies in this magazine reminded him of me. What a compliment!
The publication no longer exists, this was from back in the 90's but you can still see some of the magazine covers


And here's what a friend of mine sent me about this vintage publication:

"On a slightly different note, there’s an old publication from the mid/late ‘90s called WHAP! (Women who Administer Punishment). The imagery and sensibility of this publication reminds me very much of you. It features the domestic discipline of spanked, feminized, humiliated husbands by beautiful, stern matriarchs such as yourself. Here’s the publication’s old website with images of some of the covers"



Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Have you ever given a spanking while sitting on the toilet? Spanking Art by Otto


Must say this is a great piece of spanking art again.

Otto is incredibly talented and very detail oriented.

Love the angle/arc of her hand as she is spanking

love him face down with his hand by her heels

love his red red red bottom

Do you think he just got out of the bathtub you can see in the background?

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Still have a wee bit of room on my Baltimore trip schedule

so contact me soon so you can go on a trip over my lap.

This could very well be my only trip this year so contact me soon.

But if all goes well, hopefully a 2nd trip in the Fall will happen. 



Thursday, March 3, 2022

It's Diaper Change Time - ABDL Femdom art

One Little Prick Deserves Another, hehe ;)

 Diaper Change Time with Miss Jenn Davis

How would you caption this?

This phenomenal piece of ABDL art is created by Rax Art.


Talk about talented, right?

And all done in freehand. So many details & it looks just like Mommy Jenn, now doesn't it? 

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Read this REMINDER


Miss Jenn Davis lap holding a paddle

Don't forget to check your junk mail folder.

It's sad that my emails end up in people's spam folders so often

but it's also sad that I have to keep reminding people over and over to check their junk mail folder to see if any of my emails have ended up in there.

And YES, even if we have been corresponding fine so far and you've been getting my emails in your inbox, that doesn't mean that a current or future email won't end up in your spam folder. Sadly, this happens all the time. Hence, me having to send out reminders like this.

This is especially important for those wanting a session in D.C.



Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Caption This - Vintage Domme Sissy Sub photo


Domme and her sissy

Someone sent me this photo and I think it's just a great vintage pic. 

Not sure who the Domme is, anyone know?

How would you caption this great pic?

Monday, February 14, 2022

Happy Valentine's Day 2022!


Valentine's Day spanks

Happy Valentine's Day from Miss Jenn

Wishing you a day full of love, laughter, fun, BIG hugs, and HARD spanks!

Spanking meme

Saturday, February 12, 2022

I am working on my DC/Baltimore trip schedule and logistics this weekend


Miss Jenn Davis spanking art

so if you have an application to fill out or questions that I've asked which still need to be answered, get that info back to me ASAP. Otherwise I'll be working on my logistics and hope to respond to your emails by end of day Monday.


Also, please make sure to check your JUNK MAIL folder as many times my emails end up in there even if we have already been emailing back and forth. This is especially crucial now as I work on scheduling as well as in the days prior to my trip and when I send you location information after having landed in the Baltimore area.

Friday, February 11, 2022

Beyond the Threshold by RedRump


Beyond the Threshold by Red Rump spanking artist
Just look at the intensity in her eyes and the determination in her stroke.
That hairbrush is coming down & it's coming down HARD

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

New Spanking Site Out - "Constantinople Spanking Academy"

 A lovely chap recently reached out to me, telling me about his new spanking website and asking me if he could do an interview about me.

Constantinople Spanking Academy

It's a wonderful site and already has a lot of great content up!

Constantinople did a great job, posting spanking articles, interviews (such as mine), spanking stories (you know how much I love love love spanking stories and spanking audios), spanking news, and more.

So please check out his wonderful spanking site and read the interview he did with me. Here is the link:

Spanking is Art

 And then let him know what you thought of my interview!


Also, if in the future you want to find this link, you can go to my main page and about half-way down the page you will see a section called "Press, Interviews, Articles, and Blog Posts" and you can find the link there as well.


Monday, February 7, 2022

Valentine's Day 2022 is Almost Upon Us

 Valentine's Day is almost here

Loving my jokari paddle
Don't forget to spoil your Mommy, Disciplinarian, Domme this V-Day!

Here is the link to my wishlist:


The Top 4 items I am hoping for are:

1. The Garmin Lilly watch which is supposed to help people with a chronic illness like myself to alert us when our heart rate is too high (you set the threshold based on what your doctor tells you), it tracks your stress, sleep, respiration, and your body battery energy throughout the day so you can find the best times for resting vs for activity.

You can find the Garmen Lily watch on my Amazon wishlist or for more info on Garmen Lily click here:  

2. Large suitcase (checked luggage)

3. Small carryon suitcase

I have specifically measured & done research to make sure that these 2 suitcase options specifically work for my needs as a Traveling Disciplinarian & Traveling Domme.

4. I need to get a new license for my video editing & video converting software (ie- converting a WMV to a MP4), as the terms of service (which nobody ever reads, it's way too small anyways) state that it can't be transferred to one computer from another even if you delete it from the old computer. And my old computer is no longer usable.

It's $45 to get a 2nd license (obviously this item is not on my wishlist since you can't buy it on Amazon)


If you'd like to help out with these gifts but perhaps can't afford them (the first 3 are pretty expensive), then sending me an Amazon gift card that I can apply to the purchase, would be helpful. As an example, if you can't afford the Garmin watch (it's on sale right now for $50 off the regular price, but still $159 is still expensive for most people) but you can afford to send me a $50 Amazon gift card, then when I buy it myself, and apply your gift card you'd be helping me to purchase the watch & I'd think of you every time I look at my watch face ;)

Although that may not be a good thing if you're trying to get away and not get spanked. Might be better to "not be remembered", hehe!

Especially with all these great Valentine's Day spanking paddle I could apply to your backside.

 So many great Valentine's Day paddles to use on your bottom as I paint it red ;)
Valetine's Day paddle


Sunday, February 6, 2022

Alright D.C. You Are Up Next! Please help me figure out my D.C./Baltimore schedule


Professional Disciplinarian Miss Jenn Davis

I'm trying to decide between these 2 different dates for my D.C./Baltimore Trip:

April 2-4th, 2022


April 3-5th 2022


The main difference is if most people prefer weekend sessions or most people prefer weekday sessions.

April 2-4 would be 2 weekend days & only 1 available session on Monday morning.

April 3-5 would be 1 weekend day, 1 full weekday day, & 1 session on Tue morning.


So email me ASAP as I'd ideally like to get this booked today & let me know if you can do weekday only, weekend only or both? 


UPDATE - > I ended up going with April 2 & 3, with one session on the 4th before I fly out.



Friday, February 4, 2022

Did You Know That I Was on the TV Series "Submission Possible" and Got to Spank the Host, Madison Young?


With so much fun kinky stuff going on in my life (spanking naughty boys & girls of consenting age, being a phone dominatrix, creating and narrating kinky audios, writing Femdom books, teaching spanking classes, and more) I sometimes don't have the time to post updates. But yes, the episode I was on has aired and is up on Revry TV for you to watch.

Miss Jenn Davis spanks Madison Young on new TV Series Submission Possible

It's been almost a year now since I filmed this episode with host Madison Young where we talk about spanking, implements, domestic discipline, and I'm sure a ton of other things I've forgotten about since it's been quite a while since we actually filmed this. At one point in the Seattle episode of her TV series, Submission Possible, I even get to spank her! She's got such an adorable & luscious bottom and she enjoys getting spanked (just like all of you!)

2-3 months after we filmed, we held the Seattle Premiere, which was a "virtual premiere" due to COVID. And then 2-3 months after the Premier, the show aired, and you can now watch it anytime with a subscription to Revry TV.

Professional Disciplinarian holding a hairbrush

Submission Possible is an hour long Docu-series that explores the queer sexual underground worlds of kink, fetish, and BDSM around the world written, directed, and created by MadisonYoung, a feminist porn icon, author, and sexual revolutionary. The sex and fetish-positive series stars Young, as the entrancing guide to an unconventional travel adventure, exploring the kink culture in communities around the world-all through the lens of the queer experience.

In the "Seattle episode" of this TV series, Miss Jenn & Madison Young talk about kinky topics and all things spanking! At one point, Miss Jenn even gets to spank the legendary Madison Young's luscious bottom.

Link to the Submission Possible Series, and remember that I'm in Episode 2, Seattle: Let's Get Physical - Submission Possible TV series on Revry TV

Most of the links down below came out before the Premiere of my episode, but you are welcome to check them out for more information:


YNot News Article: Miss Jenn Davis to Appear on New TV Series "Submission Possible"

My podcast episode prior to the Premiere: "Spanking and all Things Femdom" podcast:

Link to Submission Possible on Revry TV:

Monday, January 31, 2022

Trial of a Feminizer [PREVIEW] up on my Podcast

 Are you curious to check out one of my newest feminization audios?

Trial of a Feminizer audio

The story is called "Trial of a Feminizer"

written by Kylie Gable and narrated by myself

You can listen to it on my Spanking and All Things Femdom Podcast

click here to here the preview of Trial of a Feminizer

Here is a brief description of the FULL audio & a link to where you can buy the full audio:

When a man in lingerie runs into a police station and tells a tale of  being feminized against his will by an evil mistress, he sets in motion  the most scandalous trial in decades. Will the mysterious dominatrix  escape justice? She infuriates her attorney by practically bragging  about her misdeeds during cross-examination. The prosecutor believes  it's an open and shut case.

You get to hear about how once the powerful dominatrix realizes what a  very talented mouth her sissy has, she makes full use of this, having  sissy practice her cocksucking skills by taking a penis gag between her  scarlet lips or learning to suck her big black dildo. After all, she has  big plans for her little sissy slut.

This kinky courtroom drama features over an hour of feminization,  humiliation, encouraged bi, bondage, sissification, sissy training, and a  powerful woman dominating a weak sissy.

Sunday, January 30, 2022

New Book Out - Spanked into a Sorority Sissy

 Spanked into a Sorority Sissy:

Freshman Feminized Into a Sexy Sorority Girl


My new book is out, so go check it out!

Here's the link:

College was supposed to be a new start for Alex Warren, a chance for him to become someone new. It definitely was in his case, but not in the way he expected. He had been mainly invisible in high school, and he eagerly anticipated making a new identity for himself at Ingenue University, a liberal arts college in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York.

You know what they say, “Be careful what you wish for!”

As a lonely guy, he was hoping to make a lot of new friends in at college. As a virgin, he was hoping to meet a special girl and have his first romantic relationship. Again, both of those things happened, but not in the way he anticipated.

One day, while doing homework at the college’s coffee house, Alex meets some sexy sorority sisters. A dream come true? Or more of a nightmare? Alex finds himself taken in by these beautiful dominant women, who lure him into a trap, spank him into submission, and get off on his humiliation and feminization.

What emasculating plans do these lovely young ladies have for our helpless hero? Will Alex escape his feminized fate? Find out in this 4,000+ word, chaste, but still sexy story of first-time feminization. Contains erotic scenes of female domination, spanking, feminization, humiliation, role reversal, and other kinky fun. It is intended for a mature audience, and strictly for adults only!

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Submission Possible, Episode 2. "Seattle: Let's Get Physical"


Submission Possible with Madison Young and Miss Jenn Davis

My episode aired and has been live for quite a while now (since 2021), but I've been too busy to post. I'll write up a longer blog post with more details next week.


Link to Submission Possible on Revry TV:



Friday, January 28, 2022

Anyone know who this phenomenal spanking artist is? It's a great FF/f spanking


FF/f spanking

Love how much fun they are having and the lovely handprint on her bottom


Update -> Someone was helpful enough to let me know what the artists name is.  The artist of this great F/f spanking scene is Frans Mensink and after doing some digging I found his artist page on Deviant Art:

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Don't forget to check your junk mail folder


Even if I've been in contact with you for years, many times my emails ends up in people's junk mail folders.

This is especially important once I start scheduling my D.C. trip.

I'm looking at the first or 2nd weekend in April (most likely). Session days would more than likely be Sat through Monday, with flight days being the day prior and the day after.

Please don't contact me about this trip yet as I haven't had time to research flights and such, and none of my travel is booked yet.

 I will post to the travel page on my website & to this blog, once I have booked my trip and am ready to schedule.

So whether you are in D.C. or you are requesting a custom audio, please start this good habit by checking and cleaning out your junk mail folder (that way if in the future my emails end up in there, there will be less emails for you to comb through as you look for MY email. So go do it now, clean it up!

You do NOT want to see me angry with you!

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

With How Slow the Mail Has Been Lately I Thought I Should Remind You That Valentine's Day is Coming Up

 So don't forget to spoil your Favorite Disciplinarian and make her feel special on V-Day.


spanking witnessed by females

Here is the link to my wishlist:

 I am also planning to add 2 more items to this list, a very large suitcase and a carry-on suitcase as my current ones are falling apart (zippers broken, wheels not working properly).

But...I need to go to my storage unit and measure the ones I have right now to make sure I get the right dimensions. A few years back I didn't have the right dimensions and when they arrived I realized that my canes wouldn't fit in them. And we all know that I MUST have my canes with me when I'm traveling to D.C. or possibly other destinations.

Due to the water heater mess, I just threw as much stuff as I could into those suitcases and took them off site, as I've lost a ton of square footage during these many months of repair work (almost 5-months now I've been dealing with the mess of my neighbors water heater)

Disciplinarian holding a belt