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Friday, June 28, 2019

Trading Places

Check out this FREE audio. Although I just recently posted this for free, I actually made this audio two years ago, back in 2017. I think I've gotten better at making audios since then.

In case that doesn't work you can also click this link:

Since you never know when this might get taken down, if you'd like to own this video & have a download that you can listen to at any time, in your car, on your phone, you can purchase the audio or video (I have both in case you prefer .mp3, .mp4, or .wmv) on any one of my clip sites:

The new audio of Trading Places 2 is also out on my clip store:

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Reading FemDom, Spanking, Taboo, Fetish Stories


I have a few submissives / spankos who pay me a reading fee to read their stories. One in particular sends me stories in the mail (as in snail mail, not email). I get them usually about every 2 weeks, and I look forward to opening my mailbox and seeing his trademark envelope. Some of the people who send me stuff even mail me pictures from publications that no longer exist, but that they used to subscribe to back in the day.

Various topics that people have sent me stories about (and of course paid a reading fee, as they realize that my time is valuable, and that I honestly don't have free time like someone who has a more traditional 9-5 job working for a corporation): spanking, FemDom, feminization / sissies, step-mom/step-son, taboo, adult babies, humiliation, bondage, Dominant / submissive, chastity, CEI, forced femme, small penis humiliation (SPH), and more.

If this is something that interests you, just go to my "Contact" page and shoot me an email.

spankable buttstep mom step son taboo

Also if you have a story that you want turned into an audio, you can either sign up for my 
Patreon page (do make sure to select the correct Tier and make sure you are following the guidelines) or you can email & pay me directly.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

The Headmistress Will Cane You Now

Check out this lovely Dave Ell piece of spanking art. Miss Svenson knows how to instill discipline in her pupils one cane stroke at a time

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Thank You For the Testimonial, Antony

Such a sweet testimonial from Antony, I am looking forward to getting to spank him again next month! And thank you as well for that lovely new jokari paddle

It was the first time I met Miss Jenn in person. I've seen several pictures and read both her interviews on "Someone's Gonna Get It" (, but I wasn't sure how it would be to meet her in person.

It turned out that from the first minute there was a really good feeling about how the session would go. We talked casually and I was getting less nervous. We discussed preferences, experiences and the excitement grew in one way due to the topic of the conversation and in another way that it was clear that it would not be long and I'd be over the lap of this beautiful lady.

Soon Miss Davis took a quick break to the bathroom while I fixed some background music.

And then it began ...

She told me to take off my clothes and to fold them neatly over a chair. In the meantime she sat down and then she summoned me over her lap. There I was, where I longed to be.

The start was a hand spanking with slowly increasing intensity. What followed were different positions and various implements including wooden paddles and her bath brush (which can be seen on several of her pictures).

Miss Davis teased me in subtle ways and she enabled me to take more than usually. She really walloped my naked butt cheeks and gave me a spanking with an intensity I had thought I would not be able to take.

How she managed that is still not entirely clear to me. It was probably a combination of her personality, the atmosphere she created and my willingness to take the spanking this woman was was giving me so generously.

I wiggled and squirmed and struggled and when she was done I felt truly properly spanked. My backside was glowing and I felt happy, somehow relaxed and simply very good.

My bottom was sore for a few days and I'm looking forward to meet Miss Jenn Davis again in the not so far future.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Happy Father's Day From Your Disciplinarian

Disciplinarian Jenn

To all the father's out there, hope you have a spankingly wonderful Father's Day. And if you have a father, don't forget to call or visit them for father's day.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Caring Nurse

nurse spanking art

...I make sure they never leave without a spanking. Better where your motorcycle helmet the next time.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Off Email - Spanks a Lot for Your Patience

Just a reminder that I am going on a trip & upon my return have a bunch of sessions + people flying into town to see me. So I will be off email for most of the next two weeks. Thanks for understanding that your email may not get answered. Please email me after the 17th if you want to make sure I actually see your email.

Spanks so much for being patient with me during this time.