Friday, January 17, 2020

These Pants Are Going Down To Your Ankles

spanking art
Yes I know that makes it more embarrassing (and more painful)...that's the point

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  1. Yay! It's naughty devil's bare bottom otk spanking time again! Grab his wrist and give him a good yank pulling him over your silky knees to not escape his fate and know exactly where he belongs, such a thrill!!!!

    ND =;)

    1. and even if my naughty devil tries to pull his wrist back, he is no match for Mommy who pulls him over her silky thighs for an OTK spanking over her sweet lap.

  2. Such fun and games with Mommy capturing her naughty devil this instant for no escape as she will not tolerate such shenanigans at spanking time! As that naughty devil just insists on relentless teasing will just have to have relentless trips over her silky knees over and over again! Such a loving Mommy giving her lucky naughty devil the blushing bare bottom otk spankings he so desperately needs and richly deserves at all times!!!

    ND =;)

  3. Love this as always, Aunty Jen. This is how my lil' sister (now in her late 50s ha-ha) & me gotten prepared & bared by mom for a whooping with the flexible, thin rattan cane back in in our 1960s childhoods!

    Oh my ! Hands on our heads & our cutey 1950s overalls unfastened by mother & allowed to fall back down & then our 1950s, cotton, white panties pulled down to our knees. Oh my ! Our Southern belle fairy-skinned, alabaster-white botties all bare & exposed for a good switchin'.

    Mom sure whipped the goosebumps off our bare botties a bunch - as advocated by the Church & most folk of course! Everything was arch conservative & religious in Ol' Ggeorgia Town. Just as I like it. Just like with you, Aunty Jen. Lessons gotten learned for when we gotten grown up & older & needed to behave as upstanding citizens.
    Thanks & spanks for your Blog & mommy-approved TLC.
    Brenda xx

  4. "...alabaster-white botties all bare & exposed for a good switchin." Ooooh love this phrase!!!

  5. Why, thank you Miss Jenn. You inspire me so much in every way :-)
    Yes, it is amazing already, how such a simple fact of a well-smacked bottom from days of yore, has gotten so much writing & thoughts from me since the early 1960s. For sure, I do over-embellish the words. But it is factual for sure. It was quick & simple really...

    I mean: mom fetched the dreaded lil' rattan cane from the downstairs cupboard, I put my hands on my head, mom unfastened my overall poppers & let them fall back down to my knees, then she pulled my 1950s white cotton panties to join my overalls hugging my knees. She took me over her knees (or bent me over the sofa) & whipped my "orthodox ordained surface" AKA my chubby, bare, white botty a goodun' red-sore "in front of God". And sent me crying & squawking to my room. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat a bunch over my childhood years. And same for my lil' sister too. It was called a spanking. That was the punishment.
    Like, what more is there to say, already, Miss Jenn ?!
    :-) Oh my!!!
    Brenda xx