Sunday, January 19, 2020

Check Out This Beauty, Handcrafted from Hawaii

Look at this gorgeous strap, it's so incredibly "real"
You know what lends to that "real" and "authentic" look?
The fact that it was this spanko's first time making a strap (he's done tons of paddles before) so this was a real stretch for him.

The front (top smooth side)
 The back (bottom side, rough)
leather paddle
I had soooo much input on this paddle, and I love that. I got to choose the color, the size & dimensions, and so much more!

You can see if you look closely at the stitches, how much effort and work goes into it.

Anyone that would like to make me an implement is certainly able to. Just send me an email & I will tell you what address to send it to. If that's something of interest, make sure you ask me first as to what type of implement I am looking for.


  1. Miss Jenn Please allow me the Honor of crafting the wooden spanking paddle of your specific needs and it shall be done ,Thank You Ma'am!