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I have to say that I am really enjoying making audio clips. If you would like to have a custom audio clip made by me of a story that you have written, please email me directly for donation information. 

If you are not interested in having a custom audio clip made, but are interested in listening to pre-made audio clips.  I'm listed on NiteFlirt, Clips4Sale, &

And here are some video clips for you:

Interrogation POW

ABDL Girl Spanked & Diapered by Mean Step-Mom Jenn in Front of her Friend

Principal Davis Will See You Now [MP4](HD)

Spanked for Smoking

Miss Jenn Spanks Her Teacher [MP4](HD)

Teacher Catches You Stealing Her Stockings POV [MP4](HD)

Check out this sexy video

Miss Jenn gives a discipline spanking

Whoever Can Lift the Most Weights Gets to Spank the Other

What a Miss Jenn spanking session is like

"Feminized by his High School Bully" a Feminization / Sissy Audio

A scolding by Miss Jenn

Photos of spankings on SpankingTube

Call my NiteFlirt listing & talk to me about spanking. If you don't want to sign up for NiteFlirt, contact me & I'll let you know how you can contact me directly.  Pros to NiteFlirt: You can see if I'm online & spur of the moment contact me. You can also make the call as long or short as you want.  Cons to NiteFlirt: it costs more than paying me directly and sometimes I forget to "sign off" on NiteFlirt and it says I'm online when I'm really not.
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