Please note that certain days of the week I will be taking off from checking email.  I may still post on my blog or Twitter, but I'll have my email closed so that I won't know when messages come in making me "feel like I have to always be responding" to people.

Although I do my best to return everyone's emails, sometimes I am just too busy!  I apologize in advance if that ends up being the case.

Instructions for contacting me:

For custom clips:
- I take on custom clips depending on how busy I am & if your idea is a good "fit" for me.  Fee is per minute.  Send me the details & if I want to take it on, I will email you a quote.

For In-Person Sessions:
  1. Please read through my website & FAQ
  2. Copy & paste the following information with answers, if you would like a response from me:
    1. Your name:
    2. The city on my tour schedule you would like to see me in: (it helps me if you include the city in your subject line as well)
    3. Three possible dates/times you would like to have for your session
    4. Reference from another professional (I prefer references, they make me feel safer/more comfortable which makes your session so much better, but not required)

Emails that may not get a response from me if I am too busy:
  • You email me a million times ( aka a high maintenance client )
  • You have already sent me an email or two (or more) about setting up a session, I have given you all the information you need for you to do your part (given you the app, sent you the info on deposit, etc) and instead of you doing your part, you just continue to make small talk with me instead of following through.  I value people who can follow through!
  • You are looking for things I don't provide (needle play, wax play, nudity, the list goes on...)
  • Your first email is 2 pages long and looks more like a novel than an email (sorry, this is just a pet peeve of mine)
  • Emails where you seem to only be requesting a very specific date ("Miss Jenn, I want to see you tonight at 8pm!" - Well, more than likely I'm busy tonight at 8pm so why should I respond when I don't know you, it's doubtful you'd make it through my screening process by tonight, and that seems to be the only time you have available)
  • Your email me wondering if I will be coming to your city (one that is not listed on my travel schedule). I typically try to keep emails like this for future reference, but it's possible I may not have time to respond to you individually.

I also recommend you read this blog post if you have never contacted a Disciplinarian before.  As it goes into a bit more detail about the process as well as common misconception.

Other Disciplinarians/Dommes/Professionals
If you are emailing to verify a potential spanko's reference, I am happy to do so. I also welcome the chance to chat and meet if the opportunity arises. Please make sure to include a link to your website/ad and that you are emailing from the email on your website so I know that you are who you say your are.

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