Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Similarities Between Seeing a Disciplinarian and Seeing a Personal Trainer

I admit it, I'm a Gym Rat and I've been working with a personal trainer for a long time. Sometimes while I'm in my personal training session I'll think about these similarities, and smile secretly to myself. Maybe we'll be working on bench presses, and I'll be getting to that point where I don't think I can go further, that my arms are getting close to giving out on me. I'm sweating up a storm, and that dang 65 pound bar is so fricking HEAVY!!! And just then my trainer will say "3 more, I know you can do 3 more reps, I'm here for you and I'll catch the bar if your arms really do give up". And I always make those last 3 excruciatingly hard reps and my arms never give out.  If I was on my own, I never would have done those last 3 reps.  Partly because sometimes my trainer has more faith in me than I do in myself, party because sometimes I take the easy route and don't push myself as hard as I should.  On the other hand there are times I've been out of the gym for a couple weeks due to an injury of some sort.  When I get back, I am revving to go, I've missed my weight lifting routine so much and am totally pumped. My trainer can see that after missing 2 weeks of workouts, that my body is a bit slower, it's re-learning things once again, and my heart rate is going crazy, so he cautions me that we need to take things a bit slower in getting back to my original workouts. My mind is going "Let's do more! I can take more, and I want to be right back to where I was pre-injury" and my body is saying "Slow down there, we need to take things easy, there's no rush, you'll get back to where you were at the right pace, not this breakneck speed you're trying to go at". My trainer senses this and tailors my workouts to accommodate this. He also checks in with me and disciplines me when needed.  Asking me how many workouts I got in the past week and what types of workouts I did. Checking in with me on how nutrition has been for the past week. Most of the time I'm good, but sometimes I'm bad.  When he has me list out some of the things I've eaten and I have to admit I had a bunch of chocolate truffles, some brownies, a Taco Bell quesadilla, and my favorite mac n cheese, I know I'm in trouble.  And then when he asks if I at least just had only one chocolate truffle, and I sheepishly admit that I've actually eaten 4 chocolate truffles...in one day! Oh my, he looks like he is ready to spank me! But he's also my cheerleader as well.  We celebrate my little successes like when I squatted in the squat rack with more weight than EVER before.  So maybe the next time you're at the gym, you'll think of me or some other disciplinarian you know and smile secretly to yourself ;)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Spanks n Cuddles

The other day I had a session with *Henry, who is a charming, sweet older gentleman.  As our session was drawing to a close, Henry told me that he felt that he really bonded with me during our session and that he was wondering if there was a request I might consider. He told me that his wife had passed away 12 years ago, and that what he really missed was touch. He missed cuddling and touch, nothing sexual, just platonic caring spooning or being spooned. He wondered if he paid me for another hour of my time, would I be open to cuddling on the couch, with our clothes on, nothing inappropriate? I said yes, and it ended up being a very fun experience for both of us. I remember a few years back reading a magazine article about a girl in Oregon who started a cuddling business and I also heard about a guy here in Seattle who does the same thing. So I've decided on a trial basis to include this as a service I offer. Clothes will remain on, no sexual contact, and no inappropriate behavior will take place or the session will have to be cut short. Studies do show that lack of human touch is a big factor in causing depression. Platonic human touch causes a chemical in our brain, oxitocin to be released. Oxitocin is good for reducing stress levels, lowering blood pressure, helping to relieve pain and reducing inflammation. No wonder touch therapy (professional cuddling) has become so popular!

If this is something you are interested in please let me know before our session, thank you. 

* I did ask Henry if this was ok to mention in my blog, and he gave his approval so long as I used a fake name for him.


Monday, September 21, 2015

Happy Monday!

Monday is typically the most hated & dreaded day of the week but not when you have a Monday like I do ;)  *Alex came over and boy did we have a fun spanking playtime. Wouldn't you agree? At one point his bum was the color of a most gorgeous sunset. Thank you Alex, for making today a "Happy Monday!" and also for letting me break in some of my new implements from Cane-Iac out on you (or rather your bum, hehe). They were just delivered today, so they were truly brand spanking new!

Professional Disciplinarian

hairbrush OTK spanking

OTK spanks

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Thank You Steve for the Wonderful Testimonial

Thank you Steve for the wonderful review. We sure had a great week didn't we between our meet-n-greet & then your 2 sessions? It definitely helped to start things out on such a great foundation. Here is what Steve wrote in his own words:

I tried discipline sessions before but could never explain what I wanted exactly and the past experience was not great. The sessions with Jenn were different. First we had meet-n-greet where we talked about my interests and some technical details. I like role plays more than actual spanking and we agreed on a flexible plan with with a certain direction. Then Jenn sent me an e-mail asking for more details some were personal but reasonable, like full name, phone number etc. I filled the form and used giftrocket.com for a deposit and within minutes got a message from Jenn that our sessions are confirmed. Then we had two sessions that were incredibly close to my fantasies.


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Blackboards and Quotes

I just love this quote! And it seems perfect because it looks like it was written on a blackboard on the back of a classroom door.


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Thanks For Being In My Life

You know what I love most about my life as a Disciplinarian (besides *spanking* of course)? The people that it has brought into my life! I have met (or talked to) so many wonderful spanko's and newbies alike. People from all over the States & other countries, that I NEVER ever would have had the opportunity to meet if I was not doing this. I feel so blessed that I have the opportunity to meet you! Such a great group of funny, entertaining, fascinating, kind, fun, and genuine quality people. Thanks for being a part of my life!!! Good night, Seattle 


Monday, September 14, 2015

Thank You For The Gifts

Thank you *Steve for the lovely shirt on your business trip to Guam & thank you *Puppy Dog for the super cute red skirt! Did you know that red is my favorite color?

People always ask what kind of gifts they can bring. Well right now I would *really like a gift certificate to Cane-Iac as there are some new toys I've been wishing for. But here are a few other ideas:

- Shoes (I'm size 9 or 9.5)
- Movie passes (AMC, Regal, Cinebarre, iPic)
- Gift certificate to Bartell Drugs or Walgreens
- Subway gift certificate 
- Costco gift certificate
- Lotions that are paraben free & sulfate free
- Gift certificate to Fred Meyer, Old Navy, Ross, or Nordstrom
- Books on spanking or other fetish topics
- Get me a custom made spanking shirt from the store Snap at Northgate Mall

To contact me regarding an in person spanking session, a phone session, or a meet-n-greet, please email JennD234@yahoo.com

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Have A Testimonial or Spanking Story You'd Like To Share? Also, Now Offering Phone Sessions!

Do you have a Testimonal/Review about a spanking session or a phone session that we've had, that you would like to share? Or do you have a fictional spanking story that you'd either like to share with me personally or possibly with my blog?  Shoot me an email, and we'll go from there...

Also I just recently started offering phone sessions/consultations. Please contact me for rates and methods of payment.  Some people use this as a way to get to know me better in order to decide whether they would like an "in person" spanking session with me. It's important to know who your professional disciplinarian is, whether you have common spanking interests, whether you get along and have "spanking chemistry", and more... Some people just LOVVVVEEEEE to talk about spanking: spanking's they've had in the past, spankings they are looking forward to having one day in the future, discussing some of the old fashioned spanking photos and videos that are out there, and more.  Some people are new and just have lots and lots of questions. Some people find it therapeutic, (despite that I am not a therapist) to talk to me.  I used to volunteer on the Crisis Line and have a lot of empathy for people, and really enjoy the connection of one-on-one conversations whether on the phone or in real life. Some people want to discuss some of their "sins" and why they think they should be spanked.  Some people just want to hear me laugh or the sound of my voice. I have a personal friend who tells me that he calls me up just to hear my voice because he says it sounds "musical", and almost like a song to him.  I don't get it, but everyone has their own opinion... And some people are just lonely and want to talk.  We can talk about spankings, we can talk about another fetish that you may have, or just every day stuff.  Hope to hear from YOU soon.

Miss Jenn Davis

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Thank You Peter For the Great Review!

I was just about to go to sleep when I received this lovely review from Peter.  It totally made my night!  Thank you for the kind words, Peter, and for taking the time out of your busy day to write this testimonial.  See you again soon!

I am gingerly sitting her with a "sweet pain" in my bottom from the punishment I received from Miss Jenn.  I recently spotted her ad and thought that I should contact her about receiving a spanking. 

Miss Jenn is a beautiful, fit, smart, easy going woman with legs to die for and can she give a spanking.  While this was our first meeting Miss Jenn made me feel comfortable and worked our way through many positions and implements.  When I first looked down at her lap with those beautiful legs I thought "wow" this is amazing.  You can tell that she loves what she is doing and for the most part, so did I.  She turned up the heat and got my backside sizzling and had me squirming but she varies the pace and judges your level very well.  She had me in sub-space and while the intensity of the spanking increased, I just wanted more.

Miss Jenn respects your discretion and deserves the same, her place is very clean and private.  I will be scheduling another session soon.