Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Sunday, February 21, 2021

My First Book is Now Up on Amazon!

 I've been telling you for a while that I've had exciting news coming...

and this is one of many (so yes there is more exciting news still to come)

After many years of dreaming of becoming a published author, I finally made it happen this year.

I published my first story and it's up on Amazon!

Best ways to support me in my new quest as an author is to purchase my book (it's only $2.99 after all, less than a Starbucks Frappucino) & hopefully you will love it enough to leave a glowing review after reading it. 

I wonder who will be the VERY FIRST person to purchase my book?

Maybe it will be you!

** More books coming to my Amazon Kindle Store soon **

and here's more information on my very first published story:

Spanking Therapy: 

A Good Dose of the Hairbrush to Cure Lying

Therapy has helped millions all over the world reach their fullest potential. Sara is a very special therapist, licensed in the arts of sternly applying a hairbrush to a liar’s bottom to create lasting and positive change.  She uses an unorthodox form of therapy that she finds works well and gets right to the seat of the problem - spanking therapy.

This domestic discipline story is intended for adults only and contains elements of FM spanking, paddling, over the knee spanking (OTK spanking), and femdom.

A Spanking in the Sorority House


sorority spanking
Looks like this naughty girl is getting spanked in the sorority house.
Or perhaps this is a fraternity party and the spanking is just for fun. 
Who is to know?

Friday, February 19, 2021

Miss Jenn Gets Interviewed by Author Alex Bridges and Other New Podcast Episodes

 Have you been staying abreast of what's happening on my podcast?

If not, get to it NOW and then comment below with what you thought!

spanking and ABDL podcast

For the general link to my spanking, ABDL, and femdom podcast click here:

Let me tell you about some of the most recent episodes, as well as some older ones:

The episode on Feb 19, 2021

An English School-Reunion [PREVIEW]

Description from the FULL clip: 
Miss Jenn Davis reads T.M. Andred’s delightful story: An English School-Reunion.
When 32 year-old Timothy returns to his old school to collect a copy of his old exam results, he finds Catherine (the older girl he used to have a crush on), is now Headmistress there. Reminisces about the slipperings she used to give him lead to the revelation of a missing entry in the old headmistress’ punishment book. Catherine takes upon herself to correct the book's omission and Timothy, still besotted, finds himself falling head over heels again – and over her caning bench.
For the full clip, click here:

The episode on Feb 17, 2021

Alex Bridges Interviews Miss Jenn Davis [Full Interview]

Author Alex Bridges interviews me (Miss Jenn Davis) & we have some interesting discussions regarding ABDL age play, spanking & domestic discipline, and other kinky topics. Some of the topics covered in this interview are: my background/kinks/fetishes, how and why I started making content, ABDL content and sessions, domestic discipline content and sessions, how things have changed during COVID-19, and much much more.

Alex Bridges & I have been collaborating on audio stories and he is an ABDL, femdom, lezdom, ageplay, and spanking author. Find his stories and novels at & you can find my Patreon at:

For more information on me, Miss Jenn Davis, or to visit my blog check out: or

The episode on Feb 4, 2021

She Stole My Wife [PREVIEW]

Description for the FULL audio clip:

The sequel to She Stole my Manhood is a complete standalone story in its own right. It's the story of Mark who lost his alpha male job at a big insurance firm when he clashed with the company's new hire, Samantha. He's now stuck working at a little insurance office in a mini-mall as he licks his wounds. One day his wife arranges a dinner with her workout buddy from the gym. Mark is shocked to find it's the same woman who took his job. Now she wants to take his wife and leave him as their crossdressed and cuckolded sissy maid. This feminization story contains bondage, humiliation, and female domination, along with lots of humiliation, and is intended for a mature audience.

This is an audio .mp3 & is a collaboration between Kylie Gable, Claudia Acosta, and Miss Jenn Davis.

For the full clip, please click here:

The episode on May 21, 2020

A Daughter's Diaper Punishment

Nicole is 18 years old and has been peeing in her panties & wetting the bed lately.  When Nicole's mom finds out about this, she decides to punish Nicole by regressing her to an adult baby.  She's redecorated Nicole's room to look like a nursery, puts Nicole in diapers & a bib, feeds her baby food and enforces a strict 6pm bedtime.  If you enjoy ABDL stories and diaper punishment, then this is the story for you! 

What does ABDL stand for? Adult Baby Diaper Lover

Episode from Oct 13, 2020
Tease and Denial Spanking [Preview]

Description from the FULL clip: A very pathetic sissy wants nothing more than to be spanked! So I tease and torture him with the idea of it. I build it up to the point of climax, then take it away at the last second leaving him a rejected, frustrated mess. The full audio has elements of feminization, spanking, chastity, SPH, humiliation, age regression, ABDL, FM spanking, sissification, T&D, teasing, & more.

For the full clip, please click here:

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Over My Knee is Where You Will Be!


Valentine's Day spanking meme

You'll have a bit of discomfort
sitting in the saddle
After you've had a taste of my paddle!

Happy Valentine's Day 2021 Wishing You Lots of Spanks

Hope your Valetentine's Day is filled with lots of love, happiness and of course SPANKS!

Red hearts & red bottoms to you!
Miss Jenn Davis

Friday, February 12, 2021

What Sticks Out the Most to You About this Animated Gif?

spanking art

I love her sexy red outfit.
Also the arm bangle or upper arm band she's got on reminds me of ones that I used to wear back in high school.  It was the trend back then.

Anyone know anything about the spanking artist or fetish artist who created this? Looks like his or her name is Needsawhoopin.  Cute name, I must say!

Who are your favorite spanking or fetish artists? Post a link to their website in the comments section below!


Sunday, February 7, 2021

Is this gift from you?


This gift (Queen face mask) came without a note.  If you wrote a note, sometimes Amazon forgets to send it. If this is from you, can you please email me so I can thank you?

Question for everyone:

What does the word "Queen" mean to you?
What images does it inspire?
What words, thoughts, feelings does it arouse in you?

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Valentine's Day 2021 is coming up's not too late to spoil your disciplinarian

Valentine's Day 2021 is coming up and I've got quite a few things on my Amazon wishlist that would make a great Valentine's Day gift.  Go on, why don't you make a dent in my wishlist. Best to do it before I get the idea to make a dent in your bottom ;)

Gift-giving ideas for Miss Jenn