Sunday, January 5, 2020

A Leather OTK Paddle Handmade with Love from Hawaii

A spanko friend of mine has made a lot of wood paddles but was newer to the art of making a leather paddle.  But he knew that I really wanted a small leather OTK paddle, so he went right to the task. It took him many months to complete this but you can see how much hard work is involved in stitching something of this nature. Not easy by any feat! He thinks his work is substandard but I think he did an exceptional job for a first try and he MET every single one of my requirements.

- he got the dimensions right
- he inquired about the color and let me select from a few different options
- he got the softness/firmness of the paddle correct
- the width of the handle was just right for my small hands (many times the paddle handle is too wide and harder to grip, but this was just perfect)

OTK paddle
 Both sides of the paddle (it's actually much thicker than it looks in these photos, so I can't imagine how hard the stitching must have been)
leather paddle

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  1. That's nice that he made this for you, looks like a good sturdy implement ;)