Thursday, January 9, 2020

Ways to Support Me Which Will NOT Cost You a Penny

If you are wanting to support me, your favorite Disciplinarian, & this spanking blog, here are a few ideas for you.  If you have more ideas, feel free to email them to me.

Harder tasks - therefore deserving of more pats on the back & a HARDER swat to your bottom

  • Contacting the owners of other spanking and/or fetish type blogs/websites & seeing if they might add a link to my website or blog, onto their website. The direct link to my blog is here:
  • If you belong to any fetish forums or Reddit groups, then talking about me on those forums & either posting my pictures or linking to my site
  • Contacting the owner of any "popular" podcasts and seeing if they may want to do an interview with me on their podcast or mentioning me.
  • Sharing my blog posts or posts on other social media to all of your various social media accounts
  • Going to my site & sharing all my clips to all your various social media platforms (not all at once please)
  • Creating spanking memes or captioned pictures for me. You are welcome to use any of my photos for this project
  • If you are an artist, creating spanking art or BDSM art for me
  • If you know of any fetish/kinky/spanking websites that do articles about or interviews, contacting them & seeing if they would like to do a written interview or write an article about me
  • Writing spanking or fetish or ABDL stories for me, which I can post on my blog
  • If you would like to write spanking, ABDL or fetish articles that I may post to my blog, please email those to me for consideration.  I will also need to know if you want to be a ghostwriter, an anonymous writer, or what name you'd like the article to be written under.

Easier tasks - but still important. Time to bend over & take some spanks for the fun of it
  • Retweeting all of my social media tweets to all your social media accounts
  • Liking all of my social media posts, writing comments & engaging (click the "like" button)
  • Commenting on my spanking blog posts & engaging
  • Giving my spanking videos a thumbs up or a positive rating
  • If you are on Twitter, adding my handle @JennOTK to your Twitter Profile.
  • If you have any other profiles, adding my handle or my website to your profile in some way, mentioning that I am your Disciplinarian or that you like my site or that I am your spanking life coach. But in some way adding a link to me to your profile
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