Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Some Lovely Barbara O'Toole Art

Barbara O'Toole art
 Which is your favorite of these 3 pieces of fetish art & why?
Barbara O'Toole art
 Who else loves Barb O'Toole fetish & spanking art?
hand spanking
CFNM seems to be a theme in many of her drawings


  1. Love #1 because there are 3 females involved.

    1. I agree, for a male, his punishment is always more humiliating if

  2. I like #2 because I am being paraded from office to office where many could see me and my mom looks very unhappy.

  3. Of the three you posted I would have to vote for #2 because there are 2 women to the single male and both are looking at him. #1 is fine but the doctor and nurse are not directly involved in embarrassing or disciplining the male.

  4. I like the first of the 3 pictures. The boy is laying passively over the ladies lap. The lady holding what looks like a paddle is musing pleasantly , clearly enjoying the situation. Very likely she is the boys mother and has seen her son naked many times. She has the paddle to get her sons cooperation being naked infront of non family women.

  5. Number 1 for sure. Being examined by three nurses then given a good spanking by all three.

  6. I guess I'm late to this but I find it interesting. I'm a longtime fan of Barb but two of these pictures don't seem quite right. The top one has a problem in that the preferred position for listening to the chest is sitting up or standing. The presence of the paddle indicates he is about to get it, so sit him up and listen to his chest and then turn him over and spank him. The second nurse looks like she's charting and not even paying attention so why is she even there?
    The second one looks like it's not finished. One of the things about Barb's drawings is the detail, this is just an empty hallway and I can't even determine what sort of facility it is. It looks like the boy is about to be taken into the room and spanked but then what's the purpose of the girl with her little nurse's hat that they haven't worn in decades? There should be enough detail to indicate whether this is a hotel or a hospital. In the latter case maybe it's an enema he's in for and the woman is saying to the, perhaps CNA, that I'm going to give him an enema if you don't mind assisting. If you really want to get pervy she could be saying to the young lady of course I'm going to spank him first because boys are so much more receptive to their enemas after they've been spanked.
    So the third one is my favorite, just a straightforward spanking, a misbehaving boy getting what misbehaving boys need, although I would prefer a more submissive posture on the part of the boy. Since she seems to be a medical person maybe there's an enema in store here as well.