Saturday, July 24, 2021

Most of the Month of August Has Already Been Booked

 For whatever reason August seems to be the month that everyone WANTS ME! Between naughty boys flying in for their spankings, my own Vegas trip, other Seattle photoshoots & videoshoots that were already scheduled, and then taking my parents to a lot of medical and dental appointments, most of the month is completely booked up & it's still only July.

If you're hoping for a session, you better email me soon, otherwise, my next availability may not be until October ;)

Professional Disciplinarian paddles naughty

If you are unable to connect with me in August, hopefully, you can connect with me via one of my other platforms. Then when I have availability again, I give preferential treatment to those spankos or submissives who are showing support via phone sessions, fan clubs (OnlyFans & AVN Stars), skype calls, Patreon, and Niteflirt.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Detention and a Caning

Headmaster caning naughty student

This young lady was behaving very improperly in school and will be receiving a caning (or is that perhaps the switch? it's a bit hard to tell).

I wish I were her Headmistress & the one to dole out her punishment.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

I think I have responded to everyone's emails "so far" in regards to my DC and Vegas trips

 If I somehow missed your email, please please please let me know!

Also, just a reminder that you need to EMAIL me at my email address & not send messages in regards to trips on my platforms or social media. Thank you!

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

A Spanking Story For You to Read

One of my readers sent in this story. Hope you enjoy it!

Professional Disciplinarian

Jan smiled to herself as she got in the car,  today was 'Fathers Day' the day she had been waiting weeks for, ever since she came up with the wonderful idea on how to suprise her dad for Father's day. Since her Mom had passed from Cancer just a couple of years ago and the 'pandemic' hit she knew her Dad had been by himself a lot even though he was only 65 and still in very good shape mentally and physically and she wanted to do something to shake things up and prevent him from becoming old before his time.  She knew he'd be home alone watching the US. Open golf tournament since her brother and his family were out of town on a long 'Covid' delayed family vacation to Disneyland, when they'd normally bring the kids and take 'grandpa' out to lunch for 'Father's Day'  it was the perfect time for her to spring her suprise on him.   Pulling into the driveway she took her bag with her and rang the bell.  Roger was just about to start the BBQ on the back patio to grill something while watching the golf tournament when he heard the doorbell ring.  Going to the door and opening it he was wonderfully suprised to see his daughter Janet there.  Giving her a big hug, he invited her in.   She'd been out of town for her job as an I.T, consultant and he figured she wouldn't be back until next week and that he'd be spending Father's day by himself.  "What a wonderful suprise, when did you get back?"  he asked her  "Just the other day Dad,  I finished the project I was working on early and wanted to come home to suprise you for Father's day"  Jan said, putting her bag down,  (Roger noticed it seemed larger and heavier than her normal purse), 

"i had a WONDERFUL idea for something we could do today since I know that Bill and the kids are down at Disneyland for the entire week"  Jan said,  "Great, come on in, I was planning on grilling and watching the golf tournament but if you have something else in mind that we can do that instead"  "I sure do",  Jan said, with a slight grin on her face, hardly able to contain herself as they walked into the living room of his spacious house overlooking the Golf Course before she dropped her suprise bombshell on him, Sitting down on the couch she began  "Dad,  I know that you've had an interest in SPANKING for a long time, Mom told me about it when she first got sick since she wanted me to know and when I installed the 'anti-virus' program on your computer last month before I went on my business trip I viewed your browsing history and saw ALL of the spanking websites and pictures and stories you've visited and downloaded"  as Roger's jaw dropped and he sat there speechless, trying to process the bombshell she had just dropped on him.  "Uh Janet, that's really NONE of your business and to be honest makes me a bit angry that you snooped in my computer like that" he said, completely embarrassed.  "It's alright Dad, don't be embarrassed, I understand completely and have something else to confide in you.  I've also got a side business, a hobby really, and have my own website where I go by the name "Mistress Jan"  she said with a smile on her face, relieved that she FINALLY had the courage to tell somebody she knew,  (it was either him or her brother and finding out about her Dad's interest gave her the perfect opportunity, now her brother need never know),   "You do?"  Roger said, again trying to process what she had just told him and also searching his memory......(it seems he MIGHT have contacted someone going by that name shortly before the pandemic started to inquire about possibly getting together........this couldn't have been his DAUGHTER could it??!!! he thought to himself feeling completely embarrassed at the thought),  

Jan smiled again,  enjoying the embarrassed look on her Father's face.  "What I thought we'd do today Young Man,  (she said in a stern tone, starting to drift into her 'Mistress persona;),  is that I'm going to give a the SPANKING you've been fantasizing about and obviously have NEEDED for so long.  "Don't deny it,  I know that Mom used to Spank you,  she confided it to me and wanted me to know so that this part of your life could continue when she was gone, finding what I did on your laptop only confirmed what she told me"   "Now,  we're going to get down to business, THEN we can BBQ and watch the game.......although you might have to eat standing up at the wet bar after I'm done with you......"  Jan said with a wicked grin on her face,  feeling totally in control at this point and loving it. 

Going back to the entryway she retrieved her bag and proceeded to take out several hair brushes and paddles and put them on the coffee table next to the couch they were sitting on as Roger looked on wide-eyed.  Jan then went to the master bathroom and found the drawer her Mother had told her about and came back holding an heavy oak antique hairbrush,  a short handled bath brush and a small thick leather paddle,  (something she admired and wished she had in her own implement collection,  "I"ll have to borrow this" she thought to herself), "now stand up Young Man" she commanded in a no-nonsense tone of voice pulling her Dad up from the couch by his left arm. Once he was standing up she immediately began to unbuckle his belt and began unsnapping his pants as Roger suddenly recovered his wits and put his hands down to try and stop her "Alright Jan this has gone on far enough,  you/ve found out about my secret interest, but it's not right for you to get involved with it since you're my daughter, not some stranger, it just seems out of bounds or something"  "TOO LATE DAD"  Jan replied sternly,  "on the contrary it only seems right to me that I be the one to give you the Spanking that you need instead of some stranger doing it........AND just so you know,  this will only be the FIRST one of many you'll have coming from me,  no more having to download video's or answer ads, or read stories,  I'll be taking care of you this way from now on.......and also,  the name is "Mistress Jan" is that clear?" 


Thursday, July 1, 2021

Miss Jenn LOVES spanking

I love spanking

 What about you? Do you love being spanked (or perhaps spanking if you are a Top as well)?