Thursday, June 20, 2019

F/m OTK Spanking Art


  1. More work by the artist 'Murlo' I believe, he does some nice drawings but always the same, wish he'd do color drawings or enlarge the ones he does. These could be good to add a 'Caption' to! ;)

  2. Oh the spanking chair, that special happy place in naughty devil's heart, such happy thoughts to have pants and underwear yanked down to be pulled over and bent over sensuously silky knees for a long, hard, bare bottom furious non-stop hand spanking!!!! Such sweet visions of intimate over-the-knee moments with my darling sweetheart, playfully furious after being just so well teased to be just so well spanked! To be repeated, over and over again....

    Your naturally naughty,
    ND =;)