Sunday, January 12, 2020

All the Way BARE, Please

it's for the hairbrush, you know.
Who else loves vintage moms who like to spank with the hairbrush?

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  1. GREAT Color ad/artwork........(it probably is a 1960's ad with the dialogue added in), makes me she asking someone to Spank her...or someone else?? LUCKY guy either way ;)

    1. I think that she's the spanker, but you're right it could really go either way

  2. Pleading and promising doesn’t work. “I’m too old for this now!!” doesn’t work. Vintage mom is scarily genteel—cool and collected, supremely confident in her position of authority. There *will* be an old-fashioned hairbrush spanking, and it *will* be all the way BARE.

    1. you're right, it's much too late for pleading & promises at this point

  3. Kind but strict moms !
    All the way bare !
    "Your backside needs a switchin' Brenda !"

    Sooooo love those Vintage Super-hero mommies, Miss Aunty Jenn. They are the saviour of the world. And I see you in the same light, already :-)
    Giving Lil' Princess Brats the Brattitude Adjustment good n sound required on the (tender bare) orthodox place ordained !

    Just look at lovely mom, already: so sweet n kind but so fierce when domestic discipline is needed. My mother was just like this in the 1960s, hard working in the Church & at home. She loved & cared for me & my lil' sister in our childhoods in Georgia. She was God-fearing, traditional, super-caring & kind. Just too wholesome & bubble gum cute, already. Boundaries rules, family values & social mores were simple, strict & clear.

    But Oh my! Oh my! When sister & me gotten naughty lil' ones, our dearest mommy was real mad & fetched the dreaded "botty smacker"- the lil' whippy-thin, rattan cane at once from the downstairs cupboard & marched us into the living room.

    With our hands on our heads in disgrace, up came our 1950s pretty Southern belle canary yellow dresses & down came our 1950s, dazzling-white, traditional, cotton under-panties to our knees & she whipped our bare, sensitive-skinned, porcelain-white, goose-bumped botties a good'un & then we gotten set to our rooms. We sure screamed a bunch for the sting was like Hell on earth. Harmless but salutary. And well deserved!

    No wishy-washy half-measures, no PC nonsense, no naughty steps or time-outs, Miss Jenn. Just a good whooping on the chubby, bare, soft place provided by God for chastisement. Mommy sure had gotten herself two goody goody lil' crying angels. And we sure learned from her good Ol' fashioned, normal, Southern parenting that an unbearable stinging botty right now will stop us getting into trouble when we growed up. She sure was right, Aunty Jenn.

    I am age 61 now (& my mother is in her 80s) & I have never not strongly applauded this normal method of learning!
    As my own two, wonderful, now grown up daughters (now in their 30s) will ruefully verify!
    Cute but scary mommies rule !
    Thanks & hugs.
    Brenda xx