Thursday, January 23, 2020

Heads Up D.C.

Professional Disciplinarian

I will be figuring out my D.C. dates in the next week or so.
Time frame I'm looking at will be end of March or beginning of April.
Right now I've got my hands full with my Vegas trip & prepping for my class next Wed, but once that's all done, I should have time to figure out when I'm going to D.C./Northern Virginia.

Trying to give people a heads up, as I know some people need to save up for their deposits.
I do NOT have the time right now to email people once my dates are up (perhaps further down the line when things slow down), so please don't email asking "Do you know your dates yet for D.C.?" but instead please check the travel section of my website daily.  Once I've booked my flights, I will update that section of my website.

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