Sunday, March 22, 2020

Q&A: Can Large Builds Take Harder Spanks?

Micah wrote about this video:   I love the perfect fluctuation of tone you use in your voice when speaking Miss Jenn. It is very warm and inviting, while being controlled yet commanding at the same time.  When you talk about spankings, your voice tone makes me want to leap right over your lap and assume the position without hesitation.

Bruce wrote: I don't know which I would like best my butt tanned or my hands strapped.

and another comment from Bruce:
I like it  when I see close ups on your beautiful brown eyes, I love it when they go from pleasant to  evil.

Kevin wrote:
I can't wait to see you for no-nonsense, no-mercy hairbrush blistering Miss Jenn!!! What is the saying? "A REAL spanking is only getting started when you're praying for it to END!"


  1. GREAT VIDEO! GLAD that you're feeling better after probably having the 'Coornavirus' before it was diagnosed, (I told you....Don't drink Mexican beer....but did you listen?), ;) lol

  2. VERY INFORMATIVE VIDEO.....what you said about people with smaller bottoms being able to take it better than someone with a larger bottom, (like me for example), is true.....I learned that long ago. I love the fact you like being 'Mommy Jenn' you're so good at's been fun knowing you all these years ;)

    1. Thank you, Tom! And YES I do love being Mommy Jenn (or Aunt Jenn or babysitter Jenn)

  3. You're quite welcome my dear, you're such a pretty Mommy girly girl in pink! You know your naughty devil always loves seeing you in pretty dresses, that's why he always spoils you with them and insists that you pick out more for your wish list, especially the whirly pleated short dresses and skirts to show off your oh so gorgeous silky legs ... and of course so naughty devil can get caught and entrapped peeking up your pretty dress at your pretty panties too, do have to earn yet another spanking over your silky legs too!!! Naughty devils certainly have their motives for spoiling their darlings now don't they?
    ND =;)