Sunday, May 9, 2021

Happy Mother's Day 2021 - Here's a little gift from me to you


Mother's day spanking meme

and what kind of spanko are you if you don't like an old-fashioned bare bottomed spanking?

And just look at that LAP! Are you wanting some lap time?

Friday, May 7, 2021

Phone Spankings - Phone Domination - Phone Calls - Phone Consultations

 Professional Disciplinarian

My phone session rates have gone up (for phone sessions directly through me). If you are calling me on NiteFlirt, they have remained the same.

Email me (see my contact page) if you are interested in having a phone session or just call me through NiteFlirt

Phone Sessions - The reasons people chose to have phone sessions and/or email sessions really varies.  Some people are new to spanking and want to learn more about it and want to be able to ask detailed questions about what happens in a session, questions about different implements, and what not. Some people are looking for a Professional Disciplinarian and want to make sure it will be a good match and are doing their due diligence by talking to me, discussing interests, seeing what kind of "spanking vibe" they get from me and so on.  Some people like the idea, the fantasy of spanking, better than the "painful" reality.  They love discussing spanking stories and cartoons. They like to talk about their fantasies, but don't really want an in-person spanking.  Some people want to discuss their sins and how they should be punished for them. Some people are just lonely and want to talk about anything and everything.  And some would eventually like a spanking, but are not quite ready to make that leap just yet.  This way they get to dabble in their fetish before jumping in.

Call my NiteFlirt listing & talk to me any time I am signed on. If you don't want to sign up for NiteFlirt, contact me & I'll let you know how you can contact me directly.

Click the button below to get connected with me
Call Professional Disciplinarian MissJennD for phone sex on

or call 1-800-863-5478
ext: 11437472

3-free minutes on

Just an FYI that this link just takes you to the sign-up for the free minutes, but does not take you to MY NiteFlirt page.  Click the link one paragraph above, to get to me.

So here are the options to call me
Option 1: call me directly (email me for rates & how to pay)
Option 2: NiteFlirt [BEST option to reach me]

Click for Miss Jenn's phone domination on                           No Arguments No Discussions Call MissJennDavis on

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Sunday, May 2, 2021

"Spanking Therapy - A Good Dose of the Hairbrush to Cure Lying" Book

Therapy has helped millions all over the world reach their fullest potential. Sara is a very special therapist, licensed in the arts of sternly applying a hairbrush to a liar’s bottom to create lasting and positive change.  She uses an unorthodox form of therapy that she finds works well and gets right to the seat of the problem - spanking therapy.

This domestic discipline story is intended for adults only and contains elements of FM spanking, paddling, over the knee spanking (OTK spanking), and femdom.

Spanking Therapy: A Good Dose of the Hairbrush to Cure Lying

Click here to buy

 Spanking Therapy: A Good Dose of the Hairbrush to Cure Lying

Written by Miss Jenn Davis

$2.99 or free on Kindle Unlimited

Friday, April 30, 2021

Question for the HARD core Miss Jenn fans

 Fans of Star Trek are called Trekkies, Taylor Swifts fans are Swifties, Lady Gaga has her little monster, fans of Oakland Raiders are Raider Nation, Justin Bieber has the Beliebers, & Seahawks fans are the 12th Man. So what are you, as Miss Jenn fans called? I think we need a name for my fans.

Leave as many ideas/names as you can in the comments section below (on this blog post) or feel free to message me on my most active platforms (my email, Twitter, AVN Stars, NiteFlirt)

The name should be one or two words such as the suggestions above. Thank you for any suggestions or ideas you can come up with.  The more the better.

Thursday, April 29, 2021



Professional Disciplinarian holding a paddle

It tends to happen to all of us at some point, there are a lot of pictures of us out there and they get stolen. I was recently told by someone that a person impersonating me on Facebook reached out to them and ended up scamming them. This sucks for both me and the person being scammed. So if you are talking with someone that you think is me or another Professional Disciplinarian, spanking model, ProDomme, etc it's best to go straight to the "real" Providers website.  From there you will see their various links/URLs to social media & other platforms they use. So if someone is pretending to be me on Facebook, go to my website (which you are on right now if you are reading this blog post) and look at my "About Your Professional Disciplinarian" page. On this page, you will see the correct links to my Facebook pages. Does this match the person that you "think" is me?

Also, most legitimate providers are way too busy to be reaching out to random people on social media and private messaging them, trying to start a relationship with them, and asking them for money.

I can probably count the number of times that I personally have reached out to someone. And normally the people I reach out to are in some ways in the industry and I'm trying to collaborate (say if you are a podcaster, I might reach out to you. Or maybe another content creator.  basically someone that I might be able to collaborate with) with. Obviously, it's different, if you are a subscriber, on my mailing list, or something like that. That's a totally different scenario.

Most providers don't reach out to people as they are just way too busy.  There are some who do though, so obviously do your homework and make sure that you are talking to the "real" person. Does it sound like verbiage they would use? Do the links they use match up? Can you pay them via the methods they have listed on their website (for example, I have NiteFlirt listed. So if you wanted to pay me for a service & you contacted me and asked if you could pay me via the NiteFlirt link on my website, I would generally say YES to this question, unless what you are requesting is against NiteFlirts TOS (terms of service). Do the services they offer match up to what their website says, do their limits match up? I don't do nudity, so if someone was impersonating me and offering to send you nudes, you can be guaranteed that is NOT me & you'll end up losing the money and never get those pics.

And this applies only to me, not other providers...but if someone claiming to be me ever contacts you & they are wanting a relationship with you or offering you something sexual, I can guarantee, that is NOT me. Even if I was "on the market", which I am not, that is not how I operate nor is it anything that I would do. No matter how hot or fit or rich you may be, I am not going around cruising random people's social media profiles and contacting them.

Now I have no idea the details on how this person was scammed or what they were offering. I am just giving examples of ways you could know that you weren't talking to me, but that you were being contacted by someone impersonating me.

So please do your due diligence when contacting well-known Dommes and Disciplinarians like myself, since we have our pictures plastered all over hundreds of different websites. And as I said, at some point in one's career, this happens to all of us.

Professional Disciplinarian Miss Jenn Davis
Do your homework!

Stay safe out there & maybe one day we will get rid of all the fake people out there impersonating and scamming others. I'd say they deserve a good HARD spanking, but that may be just what they are looking for ;)

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Sunday, April 18, 2021

A Compilation Book: 4 Books in One - Out in Paperback or Ebook for Kindle, Table, and SmartPhones

 4 Books: Femdom, Spanking, Feminization, BDSM, and Humiliation, Bundle 1

Written by Miss Jenn Davis, Mindi Harris, and Kylie Gable
Books written by Miss Jenn Davis
This bundle contains these 4 books:
1. Spanking Therapy
2. Realizing My Destiny
3. The Naughty Professor
4. The Panty Thief

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Monday, April 12, 2021

The Naughty Professor: A Spanking, Feminization Humiliation, and Femdom Story

Check out my kinky book that I am sure you will love! 

The Naughty Professor: 

A spanking, feminization, humiliation, and Femdom story
Miss Jenn Davis, Mindi Harris & Kylie Gable
For years, greedy Professor Summer gave his students bad grades, only to offer them “special credit” to raise their grades—to what they should have been in the first place. He would only give his students the grades they’d earned in return for money, and he’d gotten away with it for years until he ran into one very empowered young woman, that is.

When he tried to get Alpha Female Sasha to pay him for the good grades she earned, she donned a school girl uniform and went along—just long enough to get video and audio evidence that he’d been breaking the college code of conduct and the law by selling grades.

She threatened to turn him in, but he begged on his hands and knees, offering to do anything if she didn’t get him sent to prison. He soon wondered if prison wouldn’t have been a better choice than his new life as Sasha’s and her girlfriends’ plaything. Especially when they took his humiliation public.

This story contains BDSM, domination and submission, male chastity, spanking, caning, coerced age regression, Femdom, coerced feminization, sissification, role reversal, public humiliation, and other kinky treatment of an older man by younger alpha females.
$2.99 or free on Kindle Unlimited

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Offering My Book "Realizing My Destiny" Completely FREE For the Next 5-Days

 I am offering my book "Realizing My Destiny: Becoming the Alpha Female That I Am Today" totally FREE for the next 5-days on Amazon. So if you've been thinking about getting it, this is the time to do it. And I'd love it if you were kind enough to leave a review if you like it, which I am sure you will!  

"Realizing My Destiny" book written by Miss Jenn Davis
Sometimes people never find their true purpose in life. Other times everything falls into place. Sometimes one incident can change your life forever. That’s what happened to Sasha, a typical college co-ed.

After Sasha caught her boyfriend Greg cheating on her, their relationship and her life took an unexpected, erotic turn. Enraged, she put Greg over her knee—and in a leg lock—then began spanking the helpless young man.

To their surprise, both of them discovered that they each craved these encounters. Greg began provoking Sasha intentionally, expecting to be paddled. When she discovered his little game, she decided to punish him for his disobedience in a way he wouldn’t enjoy so much.

This hot, kinky story depicts female domination, spanking, paddling, discipline, BDSM, forced feminization, sissification, and humiliation of a handsome submissive male by an Alpha Female. It is recommended for a mature audience.

Written by Miss Jenn Davis & Mindi Harris

Monday, April 5, 2021

My Book "The Panty Thief" is Available on Amazon


The Panty Thief written by Miss Jenn Davis

The Panty Thief

Written by Miss Jenn Davis

Edited by T.M. Andred

When you're caught red-handed with a pair of silky seafoam green panties, you can be sure something else will be turning very red, very soon. Especially if you live in Miss Jenn's building. This story of pilfered panties shows in painful detail just what happens when you stick your nose where it doesn't belong. Featuring punishments of increasing severity, it proves once and for all that you're never too old to learn.

This sizzling story depicts female domination, spanking, scolding, domestic discipline, BDSM, and pale cheeks being turned crimson with both shame and a firm hand. This story is intended for mature audiences only.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Imagine Receiving This Handprint on Your Bottom

 of course it wouldn't just be one swat, there'd be many swats to add to it, making it a REAL spanking

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Happy Saint Patrick's Day 2021


Saint Patrick's Day Spanking

Hello & happy St. Paddles Day!

Oops meant to say "St. Patrick's Day, hehe ;)

Have a spankingly good day today. And if you forget to wear green, you get spanked!

Hugs & spanks,

Miss Jenn

Monday, March 15, 2021

Thank you, Debbie, for the lovely Kent Hairbrush

kent hairbrush 

The Vermont Country Store

Vermont Country Store hairbrush

kent hairbrush

kent hairbrush

Debbie was so sweet to order one hairbrush for herself and one for me. So I now have a new Kent hairbrush from the Vermont Country Store, and now Debbie & I have matching hairbrushes.

Have you been spanked by with a Kent hairbrush before?

Do you love the Vermont Country Store as well?

Sunday, March 14, 2021

New Project - Send me your favorite spanking phrases!


I'm working on a new project now, so if you could, I'd appreciate it if you could send me a list of your favorite spanking phrases. You can either add it to the comments at the bottom of this blog post or send it to me in an email. Send me as many as you can think of!

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Friday, March 5, 2021

A Spanking and Fetish Story Written by Naughty Boy

 Naughty Boy wrote this story for me.  Enjoy!

Naughty Boy took a deep breath and exhaled every bit of air from his lungs before he stepped on the scales at the gym. He was horrified to see the result! Last week he was 178 pounds. The week before he was 176 pounds. The week before that the scale registered 175 pounds. Today he was 181 pounds. Elizabeth, the best personal trainer in Washington state, ordered Naughty Boy to her office for a little chat after he gave her 100 push-ups and 25 laps around the gym. The other gym patrons were used to seeing naked joggers doing laps after flunking their weekly weigh-in three times in a row but this was likely the first time they would witness someone jogging while wearing a chastity device!

Naughty Boy had hired Elizabeth years ago when his weight had crept up from 140 pounds to 190 pounds. Naughty Boy was only 5'5" and even 140 pounds might be 10-15 pounds too much for him to carry for his best health but that was his goal weight. Elizabeth put Naughty Boy on a plant based diet and monitored his exercise. Naughty Boy quickly dropped 30 pounds. He had more energy. His blue jeans needed a belt to hold them up. Then Naughty Boy hit the dreaded plateau. A few months later his weight started increasing instead of decreasing or at least holding steady. Naughty Boy was in yo-yo mode--lose a pound, gain a pound, lose a pound, gain a pound, lose a pound, gain two pounds...

Elizabeth tried everything to reduce Naughty Boy's weight. She increased his workouts. She made Naughty Boy send her a picture of everything he ate so she could monitor his food choices and portion size. She grounded him from his phone. She grounded him from his computer. She grounded him from watching television. Elizabeth even grounded Naughty Boy from masturbation by locking a Holy Trainer chastity device on his little thing!

Elizabeth quickly realized that a chastity device on Naughty Boy's little thing made him completely submissive and willing to do anything to please her in order to have an orgasm. So Naughty Boy began spending his weekends at Elizabeth's house doing chores for her. Certainly 16 hours of dish washing, laundry, dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, mopping, and yard work would make Naughty Boy's weight decrease at a rapid pace. But Naughty Boy's weight was firmly stuck in yo-yo mode. Perhaps Naughty Boy enjoyed being locked in chastity too much for it to be an effective punishment. After all, it was quite obvious how excited Naughty Boy's little thing was when Elizabeth clicked the lock shut and wore the key on a necklace around her neck so many years ago. Regardless of the reason, Elizabeth swore an oath on the Bible that she would guide Naughty Boy back to a healthy weight and she would make sure that Naughty Boy would not have another orgasm until he hit 140 pounds again. It was time to consult a specialist!

Naughty Boy returned to Elizabeth's office after his humiliating naked jog around the gym. The Ladies at the gym would no longer see the bulge in Naughty Boy's shorts and wonder with lust and desire exactly what he was packing--instead they would simply grin and giggle! That embarrassing thought quickly left Naughty Boy's brain when he saw the web page displayed on Elizabeth's laptop: Miss Jenn Davis, Professional Disciplinarian! Elizabeth apologized that she hadn't thought of employing Miss Jenn's unique motivational services until just now. But better late than never. There is no time like the present. It was the definition of insanity to keep repeating the same thing and expecting different results. Traditional weight loss techniques were not working. It was time to try Miss Jenn's extremely effective sore bottom approach! Elizabeth instructed Naughty Boy to report to Miss Jenn that evening at 7 PM sharp.

Naughty Boy turned into the parking lot of Miss Jenn's condo and quickly found a visitor parking spot. The walk to the front door seemed more like a 5K than just a few steps. Naughty Boy dialed *89 on the call box and the front door was remotely unlocked. Naughty Boy entered the condo building and started to walk down the hallway towards Miss Jenn's unit. Miss Jenn opened her door and met Naughty Boy halfway down the hallway. She immediately grabbed Naughty Boy's ear lobe and pulled him into her home under her complete control! Naughty Boy thought back to 30 years ago when he entered an intersection with a green light only to see a huge Olds 98 running the red light heading straight for his car. Everything happened in slow motion. Naughty Boy saw the car coming but there was nothing he could do to avoid the accident. BOOM! Everything went from slow motion to super fast forward as Naughty Boy's car was struck and spun 540 degrees only to be rear ended by another car going through the intersection in the opposite direction. Naughty Boy saw Miss Jenn reaching for his ear lobe in slow motion but there was nothing he could do to stop her. Naughty Boy felt the painful pinch and submitted to Miss Jenn's authority immediately.

As soon as Miss Jenn had dragged Naughty Boy inside her home she double locked the door and ordered him to take off his shoes and his clothes. Naughty Boys will not track dirt into Miss Jenn's home! And Miss Jenn believes that discipline is best administered under a CFNM format! Naughty Boys should be naked! Disciplinarians should always be fully clothed! Miss Jenn was wearing a turquoise sun dress with big black polka dots. She was the most beautiful Lady that Naughty Boy had ever seen! Naughty Boy's eyes tried to focus on Miss Jenn's cleavage but instead all he could notice was the super toned muscles in her arms and legs. Naughty Boy gulped when he realized that there was no way his marshmallow muscles could escape from such a strong Lady.

Miss Jenn was pleased to see that Naughty Boy's little thing was locked in chastity! Miss Jenn immediately ordered Naughty Boy to scrub her bathroom, wash her dishes and clean her kitchen, and then give her a foot/leg massage! After years of practice, Naughty Boy did a super duper job and Miss Jenn was completely satisfied with his services! Of course Miss Jenn wasn't about to go easy on his poor bottom--the better the service the HARDER the spanks!!!

Miss Jenn explained to Naughty Boy that it was time for his punishment. Miss Jenn said that he would be getting a super hard spanking to punish him for not losing weight and to motivate him to lose weight!!! But first Miss Jenn wanted Naughty Boy to spend some time in the corner to reflect on his naughtiness!

Miss Jenn placed Naughty Boy's nose in the corner by the front door while she selected implements to spank him with from her treasure chest in the back of the condo. Naughty Boy was way too curious about Miss Jenn's implement selection and turned around to spy on Miss Jenn. Miss Jenn was bent over the treasure chest and her pink panties were clearly on display! Naughty Boy left the corner on his tip-toes and retrieved his cell phone from his jeans. Unfortunately for Naughty Boy he snapped the picture of Miss Jenn's pink panties without first turning off the simulated shutter sound on his cell phone's camera. Miss Jenn heard the picture being taken and Naughty Boy was instantly in BIG TROUBLE!!!

Naughty Boy found himself trapped in a Miss Jenn leg lock as she used her hand, her hairbrush, her small paddles, and her tawse to blister his poor bottom! Naughty Boy's bottom was on FIRE and he started to squirm and cry out loudly! Miss Jenn held him firmly in place and scolded Naughty Boy for making so much noise. She said we must not disturb the neighbors. Miss Jenn continued to spank hard and fast paying special attention to the sit spots and the back of the thighs. Naughty Boy howled even louder. Miss Jenn took off her panties and put them in Naughty Boy's mouth to muffle the noise before placing him across the sofa to apply a good dose of the bath brush, the cane, and the strap to Naughty Boy's sore bottom! Naughty Boy was reduced to tears as Miss Jenn spanked his poor bottom. Miss Jenn's pink panties smelled great and tasted even better, but they could not distract Naughty Boy's attention away from his bottom that really, really, really HURT as Miss Jenn continued to spank HARD and teach him a lesson he will never, ever forget!

Miss Jenn went into her bedroom and emerged a few seconds later carrying a box of tissues, a bottle of lotion and a sexy see-through pink baby doll lingerie. Miss Jenn handed the tissues to Naughty Boy and told him to dry his eyes while she began to administer soothing aftercare by rubbing lotion on his well spanked bottom. Miss Jenn told Naughty boy how proud she was that he had taken such a super hard spanking and reassured him that his naughtiness was forgiven by gently rubbing his back. Then Miss Jenn commanded Naughty Boy to get up, put on the pink baby doll lingerie and pose for some pictures. If Naughty Boy had a picture of Miss Jenn's pink panties, it was only fair that Miss Jenn had several pictures of Naughty Boy's pink baby doll lingerie!

After she snapped some pictures of Naughty Boy in many compromising positions Miss Jenn announced it was now time to deal with his weight loss issues. Miss Jenn ordered Naughty Boy back into the corner while she bent over the treasure chest to select the implements she would use for his second spanking! Naughty Boy desperately wanted to turn around and peek up Miss Jenn's dress again. The view would be so much better this time without any panties!

Naughty Boy closed his eyes as tightly as he could and kept his nose firmly planted in the corner.....