Saturday, July 24, 2021

Most of the Month of August Has Already Been Booked

 For whatever reason August seems to be the month that everyone WANTS ME! Between naughty boys flying in for their spankings, my own Vegas trip, other Seattle photoshoots & videoshoots that were already scheduled, and then taking my parents to a lot of medical and dental appointments, most of the month is completely booked up & it's still only July.

If you're hoping for a session, you better email me soon, otherwise, my next availability may not be until October ;)

Professional Disciplinarian paddles naughty

If you are unable to connect with me in August, hopefully, you can connect with me via one of my other platforms. Then when I have availability again, I give preferential treatment to those spankos or submissives who are showing support via phone sessions, fan clubs (OnlyFans & AVN Stars), skype calls, Patreon, and Niteflirt.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Detention and a Caning

Headmaster caning naughty student

This young lady was behaving very improperly in school and will be receiving a caning (or is that perhaps the switch? it's a bit hard to tell).

I wish I were her Headmistress & the one to dole out her punishment.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

I think I have responded to everyone's emails "so far" in regards to my DC and Vegas trips

 If I somehow missed your email, please please please let me know!

Also, just a reminder that you need to EMAIL me at my email address & not send messages in regards to trips on my platforms or social media. Thank you!

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

A Spanking Story For You to Read

One of my readers sent in this story. Hope you enjoy it!

Professional Disciplinarian

Jan smiled to herself as she got in the car,  today was 'Fathers Day' the day she had been waiting weeks for, ever since she came up with the wonderful idea on how to suprise her dad for Father's day. Since her Mom had passed from Cancer just a couple of years ago and the 'pandemic' hit she knew her Dad had been by himself a lot even though he was only 65 and still in very good shape mentally and physically and she wanted to do something to shake things up and prevent him from becoming old before his time.  She knew he'd be home alone watching the US. Open golf tournament since her brother and his family were out of town on a long 'Covid' delayed family vacation to Disneyland, when they'd normally bring the kids and take 'grandpa' out to lunch for 'Father's Day'  it was the perfect time for her to spring her suprise on him.   Pulling into the driveway she took her bag with her and rang the bell.  Roger was just about to start the BBQ on the back patio to grill something while watching the golf tournament when he heard the doorbell ring.  Going to the door and opening it he was wonderfully suprised to see his daughter Janet there.  Giving her a big hug, he invited her in.   She'd been out of town for her job as an I.T, consultant and he figured she wouldn't be back until next week and that he'd be spending Father's day by himself.  "What a wonderful suprise, when did you get back?"  he asked her  "Just the other day Dad,  I finished the project I was working on early and wanted to come home to suprise you for Father's day"  Jan said, putting her bag down,  (Roger noticed it seemed larger and heavier than her normal purse), 

"i had a WONDERFUL idea for something we could do today since I know that Bill and the kids are down at Disneyland for the entire week"  Jan said,  "Great, come on in, I was planning on grilling and watching the golf tournament but if you have something else in mind that we can do that instead"  "I sure do",  Jan said, with a slight grin on her face, hardly able to contain herself as they walked into the living room of his spacious house overlooking the Golf Course before she dropped her suprise bombshell on him, Sitting down on the couch she began  "Dad,  I know that you've had an interest in SPANKING for a long time, Mom told me about it when she first got sick since she wanted me to know and when I installed the 'anti-virus' program on your computer last month before I went on my business trip I viewed your browsing history and saw ALL of the spanking websites and pictures and stories you've visited and downloaded"  as Roger's jaw dropped and he sat there speechless, trying to process the bombshell she had just dropped on him.  "Uh Janet, that's really NONE of your business and to be honest makes me a bit angry that you snooped in my computer like that" he said, completely embarrassed.  "It's alright Dad, don't be embarrassed, I understand completely and have something else to confide in you.  I've also got a side business, a hobby really, and have my own website where I go by the name "Mistress Jan"  she said with a smile on her face, relieved that she FINALLY had the courage to tell somebody she knew,  (it was either him or her brother and finding out about her Dad's interest gave her the perfect opportunity, now her brother need never know),   "You do?"  Roger said, again trying to process what she had just told him and also searching his memory......(it seems he MIGHT have contacted someone going by that name shortly before the pandemic started to inquire about possibly getting together........this couldn't have been his DAUGHTER could it??!!! he thought to himself feeling completely embarrassed at the thought),  

Jan smiled again,  enjoying the embarrassed look on her Father's face.  "What I thought we'd do today Young Man,  (she said in a stern tone, starting to drift into her 'Mistress persona;),  is that I'm going to give a the SPANKING you've been fantasizing about and obviously have NEEDED for so long.  "Don't deny it,  I know that Mom used to Spank you,  she confided it to me and wanted me to know so that this part of your life could continue when she was gone, finding what I did on your laptop only confirmed what she told me"   "Now,  we're going to get down to business, THEN we can BBQ and watch the game.......although you might have to eat standing up at the wet bar after I'm done with you......"  Jan said with a wicked grin on her face,  feeling totally in control at this point and loving it. 

Going back to the entryway she retrieved her bag and proceeded to take out several hair brushes and paddles and put them on the coffee table next to the couch they were sitting on as Roger looked on wide-eyed.  Jan then went to the master bathroom and found the drawer her Mother had told her about and came back holding an heavy oak antique hairbrush,  a short handled bath brush and a small thick leather paddle,  (something she admired and wished she had in her own implement collection,  "I"ll have to borrow this" she thought to herself), "now stand up Young Man" she commanded in a no-nonsense tone of voice pulling her Dad up from the couch by his left arm. Once he was standing up she immediately began to unbuckle his belt and began unsnapping his pants as Roger suddenly recovered his wits and put his hands down to try and stop her "Alright Jan this has gone on far enough,  you/ve found out about my secret interest, but it's not right for you to get involved with it since you're my daughter, not some stranger, it just seems out of bounds or something"  "TOO LATE DAD"  Jan replied sternly,  "on the contrary it only seems right to me that I be the one to give you the Spanking that you need instead of some stranger doing it........AND just so you know,  this will only be the FIRST one of many you'll have coming from me,  no more having to download video's or answer ads, or read stories,  I'll be taking care of you this way from now on.......and also,  the name is "Mistress Jan" is that clear?" 


Thursday, July 1, 2021

Miss Jenn LOVES spanking

I love spanking

 What about you? Do you love being spanked (or perhaps spanking if you are a Top as well)?

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

The "Submission Possible" Seattle Premiere

It's Finally Here, the Seattle Premiere is TONIGHT!!! Don't Miss the Show!

I was recently in a show called Submission Possible and I would love for you to see it! Submission Possible is a 6-episode documentary tv and web series, written, directed and hosted by filmmaker, author and sexual revolutionary, Madison Young. The show explores the queer sexual underground worlds of kink, fetish, and BDSM in various cities across the US. (the show is basically like "Anthony Bourdain" for the kink world)

June 30th is the premiere of episode two, which is shot in Seattle. In Episode Two, Young visits the wet and wild city of Seattle - the Emerald City that sits amongst the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest. Bring your galoshes and go puddle splashing with Young as they spelunk into kink as a movement in Seattle from feminist burlesque, embodied spanking practices, tassle twirling, the importance of representation on the stage and in porn, and even service centric kinky tea parties.  

During my time with Madison we hung out and talked about spanking and kink, ending with me spanking Madison over my knee.

There are two screenings: one at 1:00p PST and one at 7:00p PST. Both will feature a Q+A. I will be available for the Q&A for the 7pm showing.

I hope you can make it, here is a link for tickets!:

Submission Possible Seattle Episode with Madison Young and Miss Jenn Davis

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Miss Jenn Spanks Vegas August 13th!

Vegas spanker

I'll be in Vegas August 13th & have time for sessions in the EVENING!

If I get enough response/deposits, I might consider changing my plane ticket and staying a bit longer. But I don't normally get a lot of Vegas requests, so don't count on this unless you want to schedule some LONG sessions (which can be pretty pricey) or if I get enough requests from many people to make it worth staying longer.

Professional Disciplinarian Miss Jenn DavisProfessional Disciplinarian Miss Jenn Davis

No, unfortunately, my Vegas dates cannot be changed to coincide with ShadowLodge (believe me, I wish they did!). I fly in on the 12th (but am completely busy this day) & the only thing I would consider is adding on another day if there were enough session requests.

 Professional Disciplinarian Miss Jenn Davis

These pics were taken on previous Vegas trips, so enjoy!

Miss Jenn with all her spanking implements in Las Vegas
This is the page I will update if my trip to Vegas gets extended:
bathbrush spanking in shower

come into the shower for your paddling

Miss Jenn paddles Vegas

bathbrush spanking ProDomme Miss Jenn Davis

Friday, June 25, 2021

Unique Session - I Am Considering Offering a Session That Involves the Premiere of 'Submission Possible' on Wed

 Professional Disciplinarian Miss Jenn Davis

I am thinking about offering a very unique, one-of-a-kind session. Where we would watch the Premiere of the TV show I will be on, "Submission Possible", together and then you'd get to watch me, "behind the scenes" as I go Live for the Q&A panel at the end of the Premiere. And of course, there would be some spanking thrown in before, during, and after the show. The Premiere runs for 2-hours, so you'd get to spend about 2.5 - 3 hours with me.  Send me an email if this is an interest, & we can discuss details and see if it might work. 

I'll probably be taking today & possibly tomorrow off from making any decisions, as I've been working 7-days straight for a while now and planning on taking a day or two off from "responding to emails". You are certainly welcome to send them though so I know if there is a lot of interest or not.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

How is my OnlyFans Different from AVN Stars or other platforms?

Miss Jenn Davis OnlyFans
It took me many years to finally do it, and I was quite resistant to the idea at first just because I'm already on so many platforms and didn't want another account & of course, every account for me is a "time commitment" but I finally took the plunge as spankos kept asking me to join.

At first, I had just assumed that I'd be posting the same content as my AVN Stars & doing LiveStreams. I heard of a few models who did that & figured I'd probably end up doing the same.

But after doing a poll with my OnlyFans subscribers, it seemed that most people were most interested in mini-videos & not that into Livestreams. So although I will go Live at times (at least for this month & next) I'll mainly be focusing on mini-videos & photos with captions. I'll probably do another poll in a July or August to see then what most people want, as new subscribers join.

I do think of being fluid on my platforms and experimenting with different things and seeing how they work out.

The pic posted above is actually from one of my OnlyFans mini-videos I did. I believe that one was a chastity/femdom mini-vid, although most of my videos are primarily spanking and/or scolding.

Since right now I have a few subscribers that are on both my AVN & OnlyFans, I am posting different content to each. If at some point they end up choosing only one of those platforms then I may end up posting the same content to both platforms as so many models do.

Things that I offer to both my OnlyFans & AVN Stars subscribers:
Photos, mini-videos, Livestreams, I respond to private messages you send to me on my platforms (for example on Twitter, most of you are not able to message me). Updates on my life, what I'm doing next, trips, previews for some of my audios, discounted price on FULL video or full audio clips, hearing about certain things FIRST. Also if I have already built somewhat of a relationship with you through one of my platforms, then at times those people get priority for sessions when I have limited availability (such as while traveling, attending National Spanking Parties, or during COVID when I barely saw a soul)

What I offer on my different platforms:

  • OnlyFans - mini-vids, photos, PM, some Livestreams (other stuff listed above)
  • AVN Stars - Livestreams, photos, some mini-vids (other stuff listed above)
  • Clips4Sale - Video clips, audio clips, customs
  • NiteFlirt - Phone calls, phone sessions, CAM (video sessions on skype), video clips, audio clips, customs, "chat"
  • Patreon - Full length audio clips, some photos, but main focus is on audio content, PM, customs
  • Sextpanther - "chat"/texting, phone calls (I tend to be on NiteFlirt more often than SP)
PM stands for private messaging

You can find links to all the above platforms on my ABOUT page or just click this link

Hopefully, that explains it all. If you have a question about which platform to join, you can email me your question & I can hopefully help you figure out which one is best (or if you can afford it, you certainly join them all, and then I will most definitely take notice of you)

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Miss Jenn Davis to be on An Upcoming Episode of a New TV Series

 I have some EXCITING NEWS to share! I'm going to be on the TV series called "Submission Possible".

Miss Jenn Davis spanks Madison Young on new TV Series Submission Possible

A few months ago I filmed this episode with host Madison Young where we talk about spanking, implements, domestic discipline, and I'm sure a ton of other things I've forgotten about since it's been quite a while since we actually filmed this. At one point in the Seattle episode of her TV series, Submission Possible, I even get to spank her! She's got such an adorable & luscious bottom and she enjoys getting spanked (just like all of you!)

If you would rather hear me talking about the news rather than reading, go to my podcast to here more:

Professional Disciplinarian holding a hairbrush

Submission Possible is an hour long Docu-series that explores the queer sexual underground worlds of kink, fetish, and BDSM around the world written, directed, and created by MadisonYoung, a feminist porn icon, author, and sexual revolutionary. The sex and fetish-positive series stars Young, as the entrancing guide to an unconventional travel adventure, exploring the kink culture in communities around the world-all through the lens of the queer experience.

In the "Seattle episode" of this TV series, Miss Jenn & Madison Young talk about kinky topics and all things spanking! At one point, Miss Jenn even gets to spank the legendary Madison Young's luscious bottom.

The VIP premiere for Submission Possible will be on June 30th with a 1pm matinee and a 7pm evening show.  Jenn will be available for a Q&A after the 7pm PST virtual screening.  Fans can purchase their VIP Premiere tickets by contributing $30 by clicking here 


More info from Miss Jenn Davis about the upcoming episode which you can find on the "Spanking and all Things Femdom" podcast:


Thursday, June 17, 2021

"Coming Out" and Other New Episodes on My Podcast

 Have you been staying abreast of what's happening on my podcast?

If not, get to it NOW and then comment below with what you thought!

spanking and ABDL podcast

For the general link to my spanking, ABDL, and femdom podcast click here:

Let me tell you about some of the most recent episodes, as well as some older ones:

The episode on May 17, 2021

His First Visit [Preview]

Description from the FULL clip:

Thirty-year-old Sebastian has finally summed up the courage to visit a professional disciplinarian. And she is delighted - she rarely gets to cane the bottom of a younger male and so takes an extra interest. In her pre-caning interview, she learns a few extra snippets of information about her prey that she knows will play to her advantage – in more ways than one. Indeed, she is so delighted with what she learns, that she makes the rare decision to tell Sebastian her real name because, she tells him, “When I beat you, I want to hear you begging Miss Catherine for mercy”. But mercy, for Sebastian, will come at an escalating cost. Learn what that will be as Miss Jenn Davis reads T.M. Andred’s FM discipline story ‘His First Visit’.

For the FULL clip, click here:

The episode on June 9, 2021

"Pantyhose Bondage in the Closet" FULL Audio

She's wearing only suntan pantyhose, tied up in rope bondage, rubbing her pussy against her crotch rope, desiring so badly to be touched. Her pantyhose moist with her desire,  nipples hard, she is yearning to be spanked...yearning to be spanked and stroked.

This is an audio .mp3 and the Dominant in this story is never they could either be a man or a woman, depending on your preference.

The episode on June 16, 2021

Coming Out [PREVIEW]

Description from the FULL Clip:

No sooner was she away at college than she put herself back in diapers. She even told her roommate she needed them. Now she’s back home for the summer, her potty training isn’t what it used to be, and she decides she has no choice but to come out to her stepmom as a diaper girl. Written by Lexy Bridges, formerly Alex Bridges ( and narrated by Miss Jenn Davis (

For the FULL clip, click here:

The episode on May 31, 2021

Tennis Anyone? [PREVIEW]

A description from the FULL clip:

Alexis has a problem. Her weekly tennis game is being disrupted because one of the players is moving across the country. Needing a replacement, who can compete with 3 former NCAA women's tennis players, she thinks of her office mate Ron. The other players aren't so sure, but she promises she can make Ron fit in.

Everything is going well until a trip to the tennis boutique convinces Alexis that a tennis dress might be a better choice for her reluctant coworker than the simple tennis whites she had originally planned. What started out as a friendly game becomes sheer humiliation for Ron and pure pleasure for the girls.

This story contains elements of female domination, feminization, and spanking.

This is an audio .mp3 file and is a collaboration between Miss Jenn Davis, Kylie Gable, and Claudia Acosta.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

You had better behave and not act like a dummy


I'll spank you so hard you sleep on your tummy

or I'll spank you so HARD you'll have to sleep on your TUMMY!

Also in case you missed the news, I have recently started an OnlyFans account. So make sure to check it out & subscribe here:

If you are a FAN, this is your way to show your support! Already signed up?

Send me an email and let me know! It's always nice to know who my fans are & to have email contact with them :)

Saturday, June 12, 2021

If you misbehave at the pool

hairbrush spanking

I'll have my hairbrush with me and you know what that means.

A hairbrush spanking out in public for anyone to see! 

Friday, June 11, 2021

Getting Back into the "Spank" of Things!


Professional Disciplinarian giving a paddling

Has it been a while since your last spanking?
The pandemic really messed things up for people around the world and so many went without a spanking for a year, year and a half or for much longer than they are normally used to.

Some things you can do in preparation for your spanking:
  • Moisturize your bottom with lotion in the days or week prior to your spanking. The more moist it is, the better chance you will have of "not breaking the skin"
  • Have some arnica cream ready for after your spanking if you want your skin to heal faster, have less bruises, and overall recover faster. If your bottom is no longer used to being spanked, it may take longer to recover. Arnica helps to speed up the process. You can buy arnica cream, arnica gel or arnica pills. Arnica can be bought in most grocery stores, drug stores (over the counter), and on Amazon. A good brand is called "ArniCare"
  • Be prepared that you might get "choked up" or even cry during or after your spanking. Sometimes we don't realize how much we miss something until we experience it again. Then we are reminded of what a big & healthy aspect spanking has in our lives. This "may" happen for you as well.  Feel free to let your Disciplinarian know ahead of time that in the case your eyes fill up with tears, how you'd prefer to handle it. Would you prefer to discuss it, be hugged or held, or if you'd prefer to have it ignored & the discussion or spanking to continue as though you weren't in tears.
  • You may "mark" or feel differently than you did in the past. Don't beat yourself up (I'm already beating your ass, you don't need to add to it) if your body reacts differently than you are used to. Try to be accepting of whatever happens.
  • You may experience different physical and emotional symptoms than you are used to.
  • Give yourself "permission" to let loose, enjoy the spanking, enjoy the emotions, enjoy the endorphins, and "be in the moment".

Hugs & spanks & yippee that you can get spanked again & that we will be back "in the swing of things". And I do mean "swing" as I'll be swinging lots of paddles, straps and more!

Enjoy the spank, you deserve it!

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