Sunday, August 25, 2019

This Spanker is Headed to Las Vegas for the Shadow Lane Spanking Party

Do you want to go over this inviting lap? My palm is itching to spank you ✋🍑🔥
Seattle Disciplinarian

Due to this last minute spanking trip, I've had to put a lot of my life temporarily on hold while I prepare. I know many of my D.C. spankos & Seattle spankos have emailed and I haven't been able to respond (if you were lucky enough that I was standing in line somewhere like the grocery store, when your email came in, you may have gotten a response) so please don't take that personally. I will eventually get to respond to emails again once I return from Vegas.

But right now unless you are emailing me to schedule your Las Vegas spanking session or your custom audio clip, please be patient with me & realize that I am truly not ignoring you.

Dates for Las Vegas / ShadowLane Spanking Party:
8/29 - 9/1
So far Thur & Sun are booked, still have openings on Fri & Sat.

Philly is not happening this year unfortunately. I will be heading back to 
Washington D.C./Northern Virginia in October.
Most likely around the weekend of Oct 26th (keep in mind that this is near Halloween for those of you who have kids or like to go to adult Halloween parties)

Hugs & spanks,
Miss Jenn Davis

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Another Clip Testimonial

Miss Jenn, I believe as you know that for me a Spanking needs to be just that! For a long time when I truly sought out a Disciplinarian I was wanting someone who would push me past the hurt and bring out the tears I needed to let go of the Hurt and Sadness inside me! I bond with my Disciplinarian probably to much and to deeply! When I see your many Clip's I know you as a Professional have many faset's of how you are with your client's! I know when I come again to Washington that I will just have to put time for myself and your Correction! I know for some it is easy to Play the role of Naughty Boy/Girl but submitting to you for my need of correction and the therapy it bring's me is very settling! OK That is all I have to say on that subject!LOL
- Jon

Thank you, Jon for the lovely testimonial and so glad to hear you enjoy my clips. And yes, you are quite correct that I have many facets of how I am with various clients and various scenarios.
Thank you, Miss Jenn

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Shadow Lane & Las Vegas is Happening After All

That's all for now

I am going to be giving you a spanking every night before bed for a month

spanker service

 and some nights having the sitter come over to watch

You Can Buy Clips From Me Directly If You Don't Want to Use Your Credit Card on Spanking Sites

however the process is much longer & not easy.

1. You would need to buy a larger amount of clips such as over $75 (you can find clip prices on my various clip stores)
2. You would need to purchase a visa gift card & then send it to my address with tracking (to make sure it doesn't get lost in the mail)
3. Once I receive your gift card, I would then send the files to you via Dropbox and you would need to download them promptly

Monday, August 19, 2019

No Clothes Until you Leave the Hospital

clothed female naked male

What a lovely CFNM scene

I can think of quite a few stories to go with this. How about you? Do you write spanking, Femdom, medical fetish, CFNM, nurse fetish or other fetish stories?

What does CFNM stand for? Clothed Female, Naked Male

If you want your story turned into an audio, make sure to email me!
Click the link on my contact page

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Possible Dates for My DC / Northern Virginia Spanking Trip

Miss Jenn Davis with a paddle

Most likely my dates would be around the weekend of Oct 26th. 
Something like Oct 22-27 or Oct 24-29

Please keep in mind this is near Halloween so if you have kids, you may have some Halloween parties to attend, so keep this in mind when scheduling.

If you are interested in a session, please let me know if around this time period would work for you?
Do to last minute summer activities & travel, I may not be able to get back to you ASAP since this trip is still a few months out, but will take note of your preferences.

1-Hour Seattle Spanking Service is Back!

Nurse Jenn Davis

After Around 5 Months of Only Doing Longer Sessions...
(1.5 hours, 2 hrs, 3 hrs)
I am finally offering 1-hour spanking sessions in Seattle again.

Are you ready for your seattle spanking???

Role play, for fun, spanking therapy or punishment/discipline. Which do you chose?
Favorite spanking position?

Contact me soon for whichever spanker service you chose.
Nurse Jenn will see you NOW!

Friday, August 16, 2019

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Last Call For Shadow Lane & Las Vegas: Offering Duos With Naturally Gin

Times running out & I need to make a decision on whether I will be attending the Shadow Lane spanking party over Labor Day weekend. I need 1, possibly 2 more sessions in order to make it happen.  How do I not know exactly how many more sessions I need? Well the last time I checked airfare was 2 weeks ago, so it's very possible that with end of August right around the corner, that airfare may have gone up, meaning I'd now need another 2 sessions in order to make it happen.

Now you have "another" opportunity to make a duo happen. Offering duos with Naturally Gin, a San Francisco based Disciplinarian, who I've gotten to know through my San Francisco trips & her Seattle trips over the past few years.

As many of you know, I no longer travel anywhere as much as I used to & it's been years since I have attended a spanking party, so this is a rare opportunity.

My dates in Las Vegas would be 8/29/19 - 9/1/19. Arriving Thur late afternoon or early evening.
Departing Sun afternoon, possibly evening (but I would be checked out of my hotel room by 11am)

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

I Was Asked to Write a Blog Post about What the Miss Jenn Experience Is

And I realized that I haven't written about it in a while.

So here's a brief description:

The Miss Jenn Experience (MJE) - In Seattle - if you are coming from out of town or a local but just prefer a more extensive get to know you period, I do offer the "Miss Jenn Experience". This can include any or all of the following. Dinner (at your expense), any site seeing activities (at your expense), going to the spa (at your expense) and of course a spanking (30 min to an hour, your choice)  Don't want to spend a holiday alone? Come to Seattle & do a multi-day Miss Jenn Experience over a holiday weekend. The Miss Jenn experience is typically around 3-7 hours long. If we are doing a multi-day MJE then I will spend 3-7 hours per day with you on ALL the days, however I will be going home each night & will not spend the night at your hotel. This is not something that I always have availability for so please try to give me as much advance notice as possible. - While I'm Traveling - Similar to the Miss Jenn Experience in Seattle but this would be while I'm traveling in your city so you would be showing me around. Again this would be a larger chunk of time that we would spend together, including up to an hour of spanking, and all expenses for activities (dinner, movies, drinks) would be at your expense. Custom MJE - This is for those who want the MJE but with more than an hour of spanking per day.

Here's a link from posts that I wrote about various MJE's shortly after they happened:

Sunday, August 4, 2019

What's happening with Philly?

So I realize that some of you are wondering what's happening with my possible Philadelphia trip.  If it happens it will only happen if the trip is sponsored & the person sponsoring the trip is the hold up.  Not his fault, he's actually a very good friend of mine but dealing with some health stuff that recently came up.  We normally do the Miss Jenn Experience every time he sees me & we had planned to do that in Philly. But now we are unsure what he'd be able to do, and waiting to find out when his situation will improve. I don't want to make plans then find out that when I come to town, he won't be able to do anything we plan :( Hence the reason, that trip is still "on hold".  Don't worry, this is something he will DEFINITELY recover from (yay!!!) but we don't know if that will be next week, next month, or in 6-months from now.  If he recovers soon, the trip will be on!!!

Wishing my friend a very SPEEDY & healthy recovery!

Caption This Cute Paddle Cartoon

spencer paddle

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Possible Vegas Trip & Birthday Coming Up

spanking services Las Vegas

Debating a trip to Vegas / Shadow Lane on August 29 - Sept 1, 2019 if I can get enough sessions. Contact me soon, if you want to see me there!

Also it's my birthday next month (Sept!!!), so make sure you save up your pennies to get your favorite Disciplinarian a birthday gift 😉

Here are some birthday suggestions:

Thursday, August 1, 2019

You Shall Learn What Pain Means

you shall learn what a painful spanking is
Ever seen this piece of spanking art before?
What a nice spankable bottom she's got!