Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Story Behind the "Tables Turned" Spanking Sculpture

"Tables Turned" by Erin, sculpture created by Pam Foss (I will also include the direct link to the original article at the bottom of this post)

The part that blows me away is that "Tables Turned" was suppose to be on the Donahue show and then at the last minute it was allegedly censored because it revealed a man's bare bottom. Is anyone thinking what I'm thinking? So you censor a man's bare bottom, but it's totally ok to show a woman's bare bottom???

Absolutely love this piece of art, as well as the concept of turning the tables.  Check out this lovely piece by Pam/Erin as well as the original article below:

spanking sculpture

Tables Turned

A bronze sculpture by Pam Foss

I created Tables Turned in 1990 as a humorous, yet passionate expression of my belief in the equality of men and women.

Tables Turned tells the story of two couples in two different eras; one couple is in the 1890’s the other in the 1990’s.  My 1890’s couple has a man with his wife over his knee, spanking her with a hairbrush while my 1990’s couple has a woman with her husband over her knee, giving him a spanking with a paddle.

Tables Turned created a bit of a controversy when it was first shown in New York.  The times were different then, even in New York’s trendy SOHO district where the piece made its first appearance.  Unlike the present day where the book Fifty Shades of Grey has sold more than 70 million copies, both the nation and the City were far more conservative than they are today.  Nonetheless Tables Turned attracted a number of loyal fans around the World including the producer of the Phil Donahue Show, who invited me to appear on the show with Tables Turned.

I agreed to appear as a guest on the Donahue Show with Tables Turned, but on the very day the show was scheduled for a live broadcast, I was told that the Network had censored Tables Turned, allegedly because the sculpture revealed a man’s bare bottom.

Tables Turned ranks high among my favorite works of art and is currently on display in our St Michael’s Gallery.

Girl Power!

Friday, May 26, 2017

POV Spanking Art

Hope you enjoy this spanking art!

Also hoping to make a dent in my emails over the weekend, so if I haven't responded to you yet, hopefully by Tuesday you will have heard from me.

Monday, May 15, 2017

The 8th Dwarf...."Spanky"


man with well spanked red bottom

I just wanted to let people know that I won't be as social as I normally am online.  Of course my first priority is my sessions and my upcoming trip. But I've got some projects that are in the works, so unless you are contacting me for a session or collaborating with me on one of my projects, then I apologize in advance, that I may not be able to respond to "fun" chit-chat type stuff. But I'm looking forward to summer when I will "hopefully" have more time for fun stuff!

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Baltimore in June

I will be returning to Baltimore on June 10th & 11th.  If you would like a session, please contact me for details. Scheduling now!

Baltimore Harbor

Vintage Hairbrush & Mirror

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Grown Man In Diapers Gets Spanked On the Side of the Road - ABDL

Johnny is in his 40's and was behaving very badly. Momma Jenn put Little Johnny in his diaper and then got him dressed and into the car.  It was suppose to be a fun mother-son day, a lovely drive and then a fun lunch out at McDonalds.

Johnny started acting up, throwing a temper tantrum.  He took off his shoes and socks and started throwing them around the car. Momma Jenn pulled over the side of the road.Grabbed Johnny by the arm, dragged him out of the car and pushed him up against the car where she pulled down his shorts till they dropped to the ground.  Then she spanked him over his diaper before pulling his diaper down and hand spanking him.  The first car drove by then.  She then grabbed her ebony hairbrush from her purse and was scolding him when the 2nd car drove by. My what a sight that must have been!  Seeing a grown man, being spanked on the side of the road in adult diapers with pretty little pastel colored unicorns on them.  Momma Jenn continued spanking Johnny with her hairbrush.  When she was satisfied she pulled up Johnny's diapers and put her hairbrush away. It was then that the 3rd car drove by. Johnny got back into the car in only his diapers as Momma Jenn was fed up with Johnny's bad behavior and decided to humiliate him by driving him through the McDonald's drive through (one he goes through pretty regularly) in nothing but a diaper and his shirt. 

Momma Jenn got Little Johnny the kids meal but with healthy options like apples and juice and then headed for home. Johnny threw some of his fries on the floor so once home Johnny got a strapping for that. After Momma Jenn had fed Johnny, she then put him in the adult crib. She tucked him in before kissing him on the forehead and saying good night and closing the door to his ABDL nursery.

A true story (name changed to protect the innocent).  Poor Johnny, so humiliated!

Keywords: ABDL, car spanking, F/m spanking, hairbrush, outdoor spanking

Saturday, May 6, 2017

The "Miss Jenn Experience" at the Spy Museum in D.C.

 We had to chose a "fake" cover story/ID at the spy museum, memorize it, and be prepared to answer questions later on as the persona we chose.  This was the identity I chose...
 At the spy museum I saw this hairbrush and mirror on the dresser.  I sat on the stool and summoned my friend over with the crook of a finger. Unfortunately when I went to pick the hairbrush up to spank my friend, I found it glued to the dresser.  A foiled spanking attempt...
 It's almost like they knew what spanko's would do when encountering the vintage hairbrush

Friday, May 5, 2017

Fair Warning...

...this is what might await you if my needs are not faithfully served. I guarantee, you do NOT want to disappoint me!

This naughty boy submitted a story to me to be recorded that was full of mistakes. Let this be a lesson to all naughty boys & girls they need to proofread their work 3-4 times before submitting to me.