Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Excellent Piece of F/M OTK Spanking Art

Does anyone know who this artist is? Very talented spanking art, I love it! She looks like she excels in instilling discipline. And the only implement she is using is her firm hand.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Which Teacher Would You Want to Be Spanked By?

Which teacher would you want to be spanked by?  You only get to chose ONE!







 Oh wait, he's not a teacher!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"Miss Jenn, You are the Jackie Kennedy or Grace Kelly of the Spanking World"

Miss Jenn, you exude an aura of class, grace & femininity that seems like it's from another era.  I feel like you are the Jackie Kennedy or Grace Kelly of the spanking world! When I am with you, I feel like I'm in another time period..one where life was slower paced, women wore dresses & skirts, and discipline was a staple in every household, as well as in the school system. You have a way with the paddle that takes my breath away...although I suppose that could be from the intensity of the paddling you gave me. I feel like I have a very high pain threshold, and you definitely pushed me to that limit, making me take more than I ever thought I could...but you are so beautiful, MissJenn, that I want to do and take anything for you.  To show you my devotion.  I cannot wait to return to Seattle once again to be over your lap.

- Tom

Thank you, Tom, my, that is quite the compliment! And thank you for the lovely testimonial.  I certainly enjoyed spanking you and am looking forward to your return trip to Seattle...and of course over my lap.

Monday, February 20, 2017

"Take a Seat, Young Man" & Info on Audio Clips

I have to say that I am really enjoying making audio clips. If you would like to have a custom audio clip made by me of a story that you have written, the best way to do so is by signing up for my Patreon site.  If that doesn't work for you, you can also email me directly for donation information. 

If you are not interested in having a custom audio clip made, but are interested in listening to pre-made audio clips.  I'm listed on Patreon, NiteFlirt, & iWantClips.com

Topics that your story can be about: spanking, FemDom, discipline, BDSM, foot fetish, disciplinarian, dominatrix, implements, scolding, fetish, fantasy wrestling and more.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Just Bought a New Bath Brush

I broke the last one while spanking a naughty boy in Nashville.  He really did have "buns of steel" haha, I crack myself up sometimes ;)

Does anyone have any good bath brush spanking stories?  Or just bath time spanking stories?  If so feel free to share in the comments below (you can comment anonymously if you wish).

Minnie's SpankingLand

A spanko friend of mine sent this to me and was saying how he thought this would be so cool if they had this spanking machine at Disneyland.  I told him that I thought they should create a spanking amusement park for ADULTS and call it Minnie's Spankingland!

He then came up with the idea of a 'fun house' filled with various spanking machines for people to try out, and instead of 'baby changing stations' in the restrooms, there would also be 'spanking stations' (like park benches), located throughout the park, complete with an attached set of small implements where naughty boys and girls (of consenting age!) could be turned over a knee and dealt with on the spot, AND also last but not least.....if ladies acted up at the park there would be 'Adult Baby Diaper League' stations where they could promptly be diapered and put in 'little girl' clothes before being escorted throughout the park by their 'Mommys & Daddys' (got this idea from 'SpankingToons' love that guys artwork!). I like how my friend assumed that only the ladies would act up and need to be put in diapers.  Believe me, I am happy to put a naughty young man into a diaper as well, if he is misbehaving and not acting like the adult that he is.

Alright now that we got the idea going, who's going to be the next "Walt Disney" and make our fabulous "Minnie's SpankingLand" a reality?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Foot Session with "Dirty Feet"

James from Nashville, could not get enough of my feet or my spankings. After our initial session, he sent me an email telling me how much he had enjoyed his time and wrote up a testimonial. He then sent me a request asking me if he could come back for 2nd helpings! I was only in Nashville for one day, so James here ended up being my 1st session of the day, as well as my last session of the day!

For his first session we did a combo of spanking and foot fetish. For his 2nd session he told me his bottom was rather worn out (and that says a lot since this man can take pain! See all those tattoo's he's got?  Tattoo's as well as spankings are quite painful & he can really feed off the pain) and that he wanted to just do foot fetish but with a twist... he wanted dirty feet! So here I was trying to figure out how I was going to get dirty feet? It was a freezing cold night in Nashville, was I just going to run through the parking lot & around the grass near my hotel barefoot? I was picturing what the hotel staff at my very nice hotel would have thought of that! Luckily James sent me an email telling me that he would bring the dirt. Yay, problem solved!

I had so much fun on my Nashville trip that I am already planning on coming back in April.  Check my travel schedule for more info!

Interesting in reading his testimonial? Here's a link: