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Spanking Scene They Left Out of "The Intern"

One of my clients that I do phone sessions with, is quite the writer.  After reading my blog post about The Intern he wrote a screenplay for the spanking scene they left out ;)  So here it is...

The Robert DeNiro character (Ben) is a family friend of the Anne Hathaway Character (Jules), he's one of her father's old friends and has known her for years since she was a little girl.  He goes to work for her company and finds out that she's being too bossy and really is rude to her employees. He comes over to her place, (a nice expensive condo that she owns), to talk and catch up on things.  While he's there he takes off his jacket and rolls up his sleeves.......seeing this, Jules starts to get butterflies in her stomach since that's what her dad would do when he was about to spank her!  Ben proceeds to tell her that he thinks she's being too hard on her employees and is treating them badly and that he's had enough of what he's seen so far, (since he's only been there a few days), she doesn't understand and says she's doing the best she can as Ben stands up,  takes her by the hand and starts to briskly march her into the bedroom, (as she GULPS seeing him stand up and how forceful he is, suddenly feeling very much like a naughty little girl about to get punished.....), he promptly sits on the bed and pulls her over his knee before she has a chance to react.......she squeels and says......STOP......WHAT ARE YOU he lifts up her skirt and she feels his hands starting to tug her white lace panties down to her knee's.  She's no match for him as his left arm across her back is holding her firmly in place as he raises his right hand and proceeds to blister her backside as she squeels and struggles uselessly, kicking her legs to no effect.  Memories of spankings she received as a child come flooding back as he relentlessly scolds her and tans her bottom good.  Finally finishing he stands her up and marches her back into the living room where he makes her stand in the corner with her skirt up while he goes into the kitchen and gets something to drink before coming back and sitting on the couch and putting on the TV all the while admiring his 'handiwork' (Pun intended), as Jules stands in the corner with her dark red bottom on display.......hardly like the 33 yr. old executive she is at the she quietly cries in the corner hoping that her punishment is over.  

After what seems like hours, (to her), but is only about 10 minutes he lets her out of the corner and has her come sit on his lap,  (her panties long gone, as she kicked them off in the bedroom when she was over his knee), he hugs her and rubs her back and tells her it's alright, he just had to make sure that she learns she has to treat people better at the office.  She puts her head on his shoulder and wipes the tears from her eyes  as his hands rub her back and her bottom and wander over her thighs and touch her all over.  He see's that she's aroused and with his fingers brings her to a monstrous orgasm as she cuddles against him and puts her arms around his neck and grips him tightly.  

She falls asleep still sitting on his lap and he carries her into the bedroom and tucks her in and lets himself out and goes home.  The next day at the office she blushes deeply when she see's him as he says 'Good Morning, hope you slept well'  causing the other employees to look at each other and wink knowing that this new guy 'The Intern' had somehow put their boss in her place.........;)  

End of the 1st 'Spanking Scene' they left out. 

Thank you B for the writing such a great spanking scene.  Interested in discussing spanking stories, spanking cartoons, and more?  Let's talk SPANKING in a phone session or email session.

>>>  I created a new "Where do you live" poll where I added cities. This will help me decide where to visit.  Even if you voted in the last poll, please vote again.  Poll is located in the right column, about halfway down. <<<

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John's Punishment, A Spanking Story

I received an email from *John saying that he had a story he wanted to share with me and that it would be fine to post on my blog.  What a great story, here it is in John's own words:

-Johns Punishment-

"John, get in here right now young man, and bring your wooden spoon", Miss Lisa yelled up the stairs. She was furious with John for his blatant disobedience and will defiance in breaking Her rules. John had been told time and time again pornography was not permitted in Her house.
John came down the stairs with a large, oval headed wooden spoon. It was his punishment spoon that Miss Lisa had bought him last month - about 15 inches long with a wide, flat head. It was made for spanking naughty bare bottoms. Johns mom always used the wooden spoon on him as a boy. He had very distinct memories of the spoon soundly spanking down on his poor bare bottom for disobedience.
Miss Lisa was beautiful. She wore a form fitting pencil skirt, high heels, black seamed stockings and a tight white blouse that was unbuttoned half way down. Her womanly cleavage was showing just a bit. Miss Lisa wore her hair up and pulled back. She looked exquisitely feminine but stern and strict ready for business.
"John, what have I told you about bringing porn into my house, mister" she said, angrily. Miss Lisa showed John the magazine she found under his bed. It was called PAWGS (Phat Assed White Girls). John had a female bottom fetish - wide, large and big bottoms always attracted John. All his life he liked to loom at full, round bottoms like Kim Kardashian type ladies. On the cover was a woman with a large, round derierre. "Do you know how much trouble you are in?, she said. "What did I say would happen if I caught you with porn, John?"
John looked down. He was very ashamed. "I would get a bare bottom spanking, Miss Lisa?" John said. "Yes, john, now take down your pants and underwear, you are going over my knee this instant.", she said.
John dropped his pants and underwear as Miss Lisa sat down. His arousal was self evident - his penis was very large and hard. Miss Lisa looked down and scolded john. "What is this? Young man by the time I'm through with you will have trouble sitting for a week. I'm going to make that erection disappear. Come here, now"
Miss Lisa took john over her knees and picked up the spoon. She rubbed the wood all over his bottom as she adjusted john so his bare cheeks were ready for a spanking. She raised the spoon and brought it down HARD. "You will not bring dirty magazines in my house young again, is that clear?"
The wooden spoon felt like fire on John's tender bottom. It fell over and over again. Hard, solid smacks whapping down again and again. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK , SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. With each spank Miss Lisa scolded john for being a very bad, naughty disobedient boy.
John began to grimace a wiggle and grind atop her lap. This just made Miss Lisa spank harder, covering johns backside with large, red welts. The spankings were firm and sound, covering every inch of his backside.  After 10 minutes Miss Lisa told john to get off her lap.
"John, I want you to stand in the corner , with your nose to the wall, and think about your behavior , mister. I will be back in a minute. I need to find my hairbrush."
John was escorted to the wall and given a dime. "John, you will hold this dime to the wall with your nose. If I come back and find you've dropped the dime do you know what will happen?" Miss Lisa was so strict. She was in complete control of the punishment and knew how to scold and chastise.  John shook his head, rubbing his bare, beet red bottom as he listened. "You will get 12 strokes of my rattan cane across your roasted bottom and thank me for each stroke, that's what will happen. Don't drop that dime and don't rub your fanny, either" oh god, john thought....
John obeyed. He stood there with the dime pressed firmly to the wall with his nose, his bare cheeks welted and red from the wooden spoon spanking. He felt just like when he was a child. His mom used to spank his bare bottom red with the wooden spoon and it really hurt. John was concentrating on not moving so the dime did not drop.
Miss Lisa came back in holding the hairbrush. It was very heavy with a large , square head. The handle was long; it was made of hard cheery wood. It looked mean and meanacing.
Miss Lisa whispered in John's ear as he stood in the corner, bottom red, nose to the wall. "See john, you can be a good boy and follow directions. I expect you to be well behaved when we are done. In fact, you will write lines when we are through here. 100 times. Each line will read: "Thank you Maam for blistering my bare bottom. I will not disobey you again". Miss Lisa was a firm believer of line writing after a spanking so she really knew the boy learned his lesson. "And john, if you skip a line or your writing is sloppy, you will be back over my knee for a good paddling, am I crystal clear young man?"
John felt her breath in his ear and shivered from trepidation. He was so aroused mentally and physically from this strict Lady. Miss Lisa took john by the ear and led him over to the couch again, this time throwing john over her lap. She took her right leg and placed it over the back of johns calves so he would not move and wiggle. The brush was large and mean looking in her hand. "John" she said, tapping the hairbrush on his red bare bottom. "This is going to hurt. The spoon was just a warm up. This is your true punishment spanking. Are you ready for your discipline, john"
John nodded, knowing his bottom was going to be spanked a whipped really hard by that hairbrush. He started to cry a little.
"Ok, then ask me for the spanking you  need , john, and ask me nicely and politely like a good boy. If you are bad or you don't sound sincere I'm getting up for the paddle, is that clear?" John swallowed hard.
"Please Miss Lisa, please spank my bare bottom as hard as you can for my disobedience. I know porn is very disrespectful to women and I'm sorry. I need to learn my lesson over your knee like a bad boy should be. Please spank me, Maam."
Miss Lisa smiled. She raised the brush high above her head and swatted it as hard as she could right on John's left cheek. SMACK!  The pain shot to johns brain instantly and he started ti cry and wince from the pain. Spank after spank rained down as Miss Lisa covered johns bare cheeks with sound swats, left, right, left, left, right, as hard and fast as she could muster.  The brush wobbled and shook johns boyish rear end with each smack, 10....20....30......40 spanks danced and slapped his tender flesh. By this time john was crying and kicking and struggling to keep still. The hairbrush covered every inch of his bottom with angry, red welts.
"Please, Maam, ill be good, please Miss Lisa, I will be a good boy, owwwie, ouch ohhh Maam, please it hurts so bad, please ..."
After several minutes of the hardest spanking of his life it stopped. The pain radiated from his hot, marked bottom to his brain. John was feeling euphoric and floaty from his submission and the power exchange.
Miss Lisa immediately hugged john, wrapping her arms around him and patted his head. John asked if he could place his arms and hands,around Miss Lisa's waist and hug her, too. She smiled and said yes. John hugged and placed his hands on her felt soo good to be hugged.
John cried. He was well punished and contrite, in the arms of his disciplinarian - loving, caring and consoling Miss Lisa. She stroked johns hair, patted hid bare bottom, and soothed him like a good dominant should.  John hugged and squeezed her hips and thighs. "Thank you, thank you Maam" john sniffles between his tears. "I will be a good boy Maam, I promise."
"John, if we have to repeat this, if I find porn in your bedroom again, you won't be across my lap - I will bend you over the bed, take the wide, 3 foot Razor Strap, and spank you until you see stars, am I completely understood, young man"
John shivered. He did not want the razor strap. "Now, I know you are going to be a well behaved, good boy from now on. You are going to bed without supper. Go to your room and I will be in a little bit to tuck you in and rub cream on your bottom". John hugged Miss Lisa for a long time and thanked her again and again. He went to his room and layed on his tummy waiting for Miss Lisa, crying and whimpering, rubbing his burning bottom, a well punished little boy...

The end.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

My Favorite Movie of the Year!

So about a month ago I got to see the screening of the movie The Intern before it went out in theaters. I found the movie absolutely heartwarming & by far the best movie of the year and that was the feedback I gave to the people working the screening as I left the theater.

It has truly been years since I have liked a movie as much as this. The story is about Ben (Robert DeNiro) who becomes a senior intern for an online fashion company run by Jules (Anne Hathaway). Jules basically thinks the senior intern program is a big joke and wants nothing to do with Ben.  Ben goes above & beyond trying to do things that will help Jules company, and eventually Jules comes to depend on him and even thinks of him as a "friend". But really the basis of the movie is about this platonic friendship between an older gentleman and a younger woman, where Jules brings meaning to Ben's life & he is a bit in awe of all that she has been able to accomplish and Ben brings support, advice, and grounding to Jules life.  I laughed so hard during this movie and a few times I was almost brought to tears.  Very touching and inspiring movie...

My favorite quote from the movie is when Anne Hathaway says "How in one generation have men gone from guys like Jack Nicholson & Harrison Ford to..."

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Thank You For The Fabulous Review, C!

I really like what C says about spanking being like a dance, that is so true. Thank you C, for the fabulous review!

My bottom still hurts. This is a good thing. Know that sound when a hairbrush meets a pale butt? The sound halfway between a splat and a slap? Last night on too many occasions to count that noise was followed by a variety of exclamations: from me several very loud "OWW!" and from the lovely Miss Jenn many sounds of delight. She was enjoying blisstering my rear end as much as I was enjoying it. Spanking is like dancing - it is a back and forth between two people, and exchange many things--words, energy, the occasional plea for leiniency. Jenn is a very good dancer. In fact, it's pretty simple: if you need a spanking and you have an opportunity to see Jenn, you should. Period. End of story. I look forward to many more times over her shapely legs. In fact, I'm sure I deserve a repeat performance of last night, since as I was on my knees, I tried to sneek a peek up her short skirt. But really, if you saw her, you wouldn't blame me. 

-- C

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Closed To New Clients In Seattle

As previously mentioned, I have stopped taking on new clients in Seattle until November 23rd, 2015. During that time frame I will be quite busy with various activities in my personal life and my "vanilla" job will be taking priority.

If you are a current phone or real time client, no need to worry you can still meet me for real time sessions.  Although my time will be more limited than it normally is, when I do have time, you will be my #1 priority since we already have an established relationship.

Some exceptions:

  • If you are a new client who lives or will be in the L.A. area & wants to session with me Oct 22-26th. More info here
  • I will be accepting new clients for phone, text, or email sessions during this time.  And when I re-open to new clients for real-time sessions, you will have first priority to see me
What this also means is that if you are not a current client and your email does not mention "phone, text, or email session" then more than likely I won't have time to answer your email until sometime in November.

Looking forward to seeing you around Thanksgiving *Gobble, Gobble* for a TurkeyDaySpank. Till then you are to CALL ME FOR A PHONE SESSION!

Miss Jenn Davis

Thank You For The Testimonial, Chris

Thank you for the lovely testimonial, Chris. We had such a fun session, it was the highlight of my day!

Miss Jenn is amazing!  From the moment you have your phone interview after answering her basic questionnaire you notice that she has a very sensual voice and that is she is a very warm and caring person. When you finally meet her, you realize she is even more beautiful than you ever imagined!  You then discuss your expectations and the nature of the session.  In my case it was a role playing session that was just scripted enough for context but not too much to be in the way of a creative session.  You then find yourself on the receiving end of a very firm discipline session that blows you away in how intense and wonderful it is.  I reached subspace multiple times. She uses more implements than you can keep track of and uses them all very effectively.  At times, in certain positions, all you see are her high heels coming towards you and you know that you are just getting started!  By the time you are done, your dream scenario has come true and you can't believe what has happened.  She will help you craft a session that meets your specific needs.  I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for an awesome session!  You will be sore for awhile afterwards but you won't regret it.  I will definitely be booking another session!

- Chris

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Spanking Story: John's Appointment

I received an email from *John saying he had a cuddle story he'd like to share. And what a great writer John is, I enjoyed his story very much and have posted it here to share with you all. 

-John's Appointment-

John was running a little late to his cuddle appointment. He was really nervous to meet Miss Lisa. He had found her website online last month and decided to set up an appointment. Cuddling is becoming very popular as a form of touch therapy and he wanted to experience it first hand.
John arrived at her apartment and knocked. Miss Lisa was very pretty. She had on tight, hip hugging black yoga pants, a V neck T shirt showing her ample bosom, bare feet, and a wide, large smile as she answered the door.
"Hello John, please come in." She said. Miss Lisa looked like she was ready for bed. Her hair was long and flowing down to her shoulders as she briefly shook johns hand.
They both sat. Miss Lisa sat really close to john. She asked him why he made the appointment and what he expected to get out of the cuddling experience.
"Miss Lisa I really miss human interaction and touch by a beautiful female" john said. "Just being in the same company as a lovely lady and just to hold her in my arms is really what I'm looking for. There is nothing sexual at all about it. Just the fact of spooning a woman, smelling the fragrance of her washed hair, holding her hands, talking, hugging  and cuddling, well, I find that very satisfying. Research indicates cuddling lowers blood pressure, relieves stress, enhances brain activity and makes the average person happier"
Miss Lisa smiled. "John, I like your style. We will get along splendidly. Now, here are my rules. We are both to remain clothed. You will not place your hands on me unless you ask, and if I sense some 'natural occurrences' when we cuddle we will just change positions, are we clear?
John blushed a little. He had wondered about that. What happens if he gets excited? Miss Lisa was thoughtful enough to quell that anxiety.
"Now, go to the rest room and wash your hands. Oh, and did you bring your tooth brush? Please brush your teeth as well. Then come back here and we will begin." She said.
John was excited. He could not wait to cuddle up to Miss Lisa!  When he returned, she was laying on the king sized bed. "Okay, what position would you like to start with,  john?"
They started off spooning - John was the big spoon and Miss Lisa was the little spoon. They curled up on the bed, her large, round bottom gently curved to Johns body. His hands were holding hers and they rested on Miss Lisa's firm tummy. Johns face was close to her long, beautiful locks of hair as he pressed his nose to smell her sweet hair. John squeezed his hands in hers. Holding hands and spooning was so relaxing.
Miss Lisa wiggled her hips and bottom closer to john. "Why did you want me to wear yoga pants, john?" Miss Lisa asked, smiling and already knowing the answer. Guys loved her big bottom - so round and chubby. She loved to tease men with it. She swayed her hips a little, making them wiggle a bit. John looked down and spoke. "I've always liked them on women, Maam. It's just something about them. I've always been a 'leg' man, Miss Lisa." John blushed. He was beginning to really like Miss Lisa.
Miss Lisa sensed john was more submissive in nature by his polite tone and the use of the word Maam. She liked submissive, docile men.  Miss Lisa was the type of woman that liked to be in control at all times. She liked to be pampered and worshipped like a woman should.  She sensed john was a perfect gentleman and a sincere person and she liked being in his arms very much.
They went on to talk about all sorts of things like movies  and  the weather all the while spooning.  Pretty soon john asked that they change positions.
"Miss Lisa, could I sit on a chair and you sit on my knee or lap while I just place my arms around your hips? I would just place them there and promise I won't grab anything I was not suppose to grab. I could just let them kinda sit on the tops of your thighs if that would be ok?" John blushed.
Miss Lisa smiled and agreed. "Ok young man but you better keep your hands on the tops of my thighs, is that clear? You would not want me to have to punish you now for disobedience, now would you?" She said half jokingly, grinning widely. 
When she sat down she placed her arms around his neck and shoulders and leaned into john. She began to whisper and breathe in his ear. "Oh john, you have such wide and muscular shoulders to lay on, to cuddle into", she squealed.  Miss Lisa placed her head right on John's chest as she sat in his lap. They hugged and cuddled there in silence for a long while. John felt very nice and relaxed --here he was hugging a beautiful and nice lady, hugging and cuddling her on his lap. It was a very intense feeling. 
Miss Lisa started to rub and massage his barrel chest -- reaching to johns nipples and pinching them a bit....then harder. She commented on how strong and handsome john looked. He was in heaven with all the attention Miss Lisa was bestowing on him.
As time ticked on Miss Lisa relaxed, too. She looked down at her bare feet. "John, would you mind giving me a foot rub before you go? I was in high heels all day yesterday and my poor footsies are very sore," she said with a pout and frown. She saw john's eyes light up. 
"Oh Maam that would be so much fun! " John said. "I would really like to massage them!"
Miss Lisa sat down in an over stuffed chair as John sat cross legged on the floor. The first thing John noticed was how dainty and small her feet were - beautiful peds size six with pink colored toe nail polish. Each foot had a high arch, accentuating the ball of her foot and the bare, round heel. The feet were well cared for with weekly pedicures and mineral soakings at the local spa. She had very sexy feet and legs. 
"John, go on and massage my right foot with soft, long carress. It's the one that hurts the most. Take my bare foot in your hands and really make it feel good."
The foot felt like velvet in his hands and each touch sent shivers up the spine of Miss Lisa. She loved a good foot rub and to be worshiped by a gentleman. "Oh my john, you are so good at that!", she cooed.  "Now do the left one". Miss Lisa was smiling and in a deep trance from the soft touch.
John had both of her bare, lovely feet and toes in his hands -- kneading them, rubbing them, massaging them. He felt a deep sense of satisfaction and privledge Miss Lisa would allow him the honor of giving her a foot massage. 
It was near the end of the session and john did not want to leave. They just connected to each other on so many levels. He felt exuberant and ready to take on the world!
At the door Miss Lisa gave John a big hug, wrapping her arms around his neck in a solid embrace. John placed his hands around her waist, squeezing just a little above her hips. 
"Thank you Maam, so much for seeing me. I hope you will consider seeing me again. Was I a good boy, Maam?" 
She smiled. Miss Lisa liked John. "Of course ill see you again. If you don't make another appointment really soon you are in big trouble!" She laughed, kissing his cheek goodbye. 
The End

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Breaking In My Toys, Part 3

I left you hanging that last time didn't I?  Here are the remaining photos of my fun time with *Alex.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the rosiest cheeks of them all?

I love bamboo, it feels so nice!
bamboo paddle

This makes such a lovely sound, it is music to my ears...

I enjoy domestic servitude, as well as domestic spankings!
wooden spoon spanking

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Breaking In My Toys, Part 2

I promised you more photos from my playtime with *Alex, and here they are...

Action Shot - So fast you can't see my implement

Slow Mo...

Another Action Shot

Don't you wish you were trapped between my legs getting a spanking?

Another action shot

The Evil Stick :)

British Schoolhouse Cane

Mr. Studly Black Studded Spanking Strap, & my is it studly!

Naughty Schoolteacher or Naughty Pupil?  I do love rulers...

More photos still to come in part 3. Ohhhhh yes, I know I'm such a tease leaving you hanging like that...

Part 3 is out now, click here to check it out

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I Got To Spend the Weekend On Vacation In My Own City!

*Sam came into town and did the "Miss Jenn Experience"  both days. We had been doing phone sessions for about 3 weeks so by the time Sam showed up in Seattle, it felt like we already knew each other. Things were so comfortable, that shortly after meeting me for the first time, Sam was ready for spanking #1 in his hotel suite.  The suite had lots of different furniture that was great to be used for various spanking positions, I brought along "some", but obviously not all of my implements, and we kept the curtains open to add to embarrassment. Oh what fun we had, although probably more so for me, than for Sam who kept trying to escape the sting of my hand on his bare bottom or whatever implement I was pleasantly torturing him with at that particular moment in time.  He was particularly sensitive to the Wartenberg Wheel, which is a stainless steel wheel with sharp spikes around it's edge. The sensation is different for every person, and can range from a tickling feeling to teasing to sharp pain. Here's a little tip for those who enjoy this toy you can use it for temperature play also.  Run it under warm water to heat it up or pop it in the fridge to cool it.

After his spanking, we were both famished and headed to dinner, then drinks at a nearby bar that had a DJ spinning some good tunes.

Day 2 was jam packed with activities.  First a trip to our newest tourist attraction, the ferris wheel which has stunning views of the waterfront, downtown, and West Seattle. Then we explored Pike Place and sampled the cheese at Beecher's Handmade Cheese & watched the cheese making process. Next we indulged our sweet tooth with some chocolate truffles from Fran's Chocolates.  One of the things I learned while on a "Chocolate Tour of Seattle" that I did a few years back (yes, I highly recommend it if you are a chocolate connoisseur ) was that both Barack & Michelle Obama love Fran's & normally stop to pick up some truffles when they visit Seattle.


Entertainment Tonight Online 
"The Obama's treat of choice -- Fran's Chocolates! Mmm-mmm good!"


OK! Magazine 
"She indulges her sweet tooth with Fran's Gray Salt Caramels in dark chocolate."


After our treat, Sam was in for another treat - his second spanking. Much like the first, except now we knew each other better and he was still sore from the day before. Spanking #2 was spankingly successful except now Sam knew how to make me laugh, which I believe he was trying to use in the hopes that I would give him a less severe spanking. He was sadly mistaken.

Then we were off to dinner before a trip to the spa where he got to experience the cold plunge and the parilka, before and after our mud wrap which was absolutely incredible! Thank you, Sam, for this amazing treat!!! Here's a description for you to imagine what it's like.

The rejuvenating body mud wrap will increase relaxation while detoxifying the skin. Our therapist will apply mineral mud containing kaolin clay, lavender, rose, peppermint and sage all over your body and wrap you in muslin. While the natural minerals remove impurities and refine the skin, the therapist will massage and cleanse your face, and scrub your feet with our honey-salt blend.

Anyway, it was a whirlwind of a weekend, and between spanking time, site seeing, and talking about spanking we truly had an amazing weekend. I made sure not to book any other in-person, phone, or email sessions during this time period so that I could give Sam my undivided attention, and it was a nice feeling to feel like I was on vacation myself and just "ignore my phone" for a while.  And I feel like I've come out of it with a new friend. I think that is one of the best perks of being a Professional Disciplinarian, is the truly amazing people that I never would have met if not for this! This was definitely one of the best weekends I've had in a while.

** Please note, I only write about a session or take photos during a session if the person I'm with is ok with it and/or suggests it.

Breaking In My New Toys, Part 1

I don't know how *Alex always manages to do it, but typically I'll receive a new shipment of tools on the day he has a session scheduled with me.  So he's the lucky guinea pig whom I break in my new implements on (or rather his bum to be more exact).

Who is next up in the frying pan?  The heat is about to go up!

This red monster is one nasty loop

Could you be so kind and get me the bath brush?

Yes, that really is a mirror on that paddle! If you're lucky I'll hold it for you so you can see your very red, very sore bottom ;)

Cute lil black & white gem with nasty sting to it!

Going to leave you hanging...More photos still to come, to be continued in Part 2.

Part 2 is now out. Click here to read more. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

New Implements & Phone Sessions

The reasons people chose to have phone sessions and/or email sessions really varies.  Some people are new to spanking and want to learn more about it and want to be able to ask detailed questions about what happens in a session, questions about different implements and what not. Some people are looking for a Professional Disciplinarian and want to make sure it will be a good match and are doing their due diligence by talking to me, discussing interests, seeing what kind of "spanking vibe" they get from me and so on.  Some people like the idea, the fantasy of spanking, better than the "painful" reality.  They love discussing spanking stories and cartoons. They like to talk about their fantasies, but don't really want an in-person spanking.  Some people want to discuss their sins and how they should be punished for them. Some people are just lonely and want to talk about anything and everything.  And some would eventually like a spanking, but are not quite ready to make that leap just yet.  This way they get to dabble in their fetish before jumping in.

Phone sessions are $50 for 1/2 hour, and then in 15-min increments thereafter.

I've gotten many new implements in the past few weeks.  Aren't they gorgeous?  Which is your favorite implement?

From left to right: Delrin Body Tantalizer, rubber paddle, Mirror Mirror on the Paddle Sr 16', Devil Loop double loop, & Evil Stick Jr. with ball.

More toys here....

Most of my toys come from Cane-iac, love that store!

Thank You For the Lovely Email!

Just received this lovely email from *John.

Thanks so much for your phone call, Miss Jenn. You are so easy to talk to and your voice made me so calm and nervous at the same time since I know what's going to happen to me once I see you in your hotel room ;).


If you'd like to set up a session with me in L.A., please email me soon. 

Also if you are interested in phone or email correspondence, please email to inquire regarding rates & forms of payment. 

Sometime during the next week I'll be closing my practice to new clients for about a month. You can still reach me for phone & email sessions, and current clients will be able to see me (although my availability will be more limited than usual). 

Friday, October 2, 2015

My Experience Getting a Platza with Oak Leaf Veniks

A few weeks back I was at Banya5 in Seattle in the parilka (similar to a sauna but with lots of bricks which creates a radiant heat). On Tuesdays and Sundays they provide oak leaf "veniks" and you can usually convince one of the regulars to give you a "platza", a treatment that tones the skin and stimulates circulation.  What is it like receiving a platza? Well first you go up to the very top level of the sauna and lay on your tummy on top of your towel. Then the regular (every time I've gone this has always been a guy) dips the oak leaf veniks into cold water and climbs up to the top of the sauna. He shakes the wet leaves above your body, and you feel like there is burning water falling down on you. I find it very painful to start with, but eventually it mellows out. Next he takes the leaves and drags them from the top of your head to the bottoms of your feet and then back up again.  Then he starts hitting you with these leaves. Some of these strokes are excruciatingly painful and I want to cry out, others are not as hard and almost soothing like a massage.  Then he does something to somehow bring down the hot air from the very top of the sauna down onto me, it's so hot it's hard to breathe and the air burns. Then you flip onto your back and he runs out to put more cold water on the leaves. More patting of the leaves on your body, sometimes lightly other times much harder. Then the patting turns into hitting, and just when you think you can't take it anymore, it's too hot, it's too painful, you want to scream despite that there are probably at least 10 other people in the parilka watching this take place, you are just about ready to scream out "No, I can't take it anymore!", but just then, the intensity dies down and it becomes relaxing, and so soothing, and feels soooo good.  And then it's over and after about 10-15 minutes of having been in the parilka, you are more than ready to escape, as you make your way almost running to jump into the cold plunge,

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience with the veniks, and if you have ever been spanked you will notice many of the parallels between receiving a venik treatment and receiving a spanking.

I do love Banya5 so if you'd ever like to get me a gift, I really like the Mud Wrap.  It feels like getting massaged with mud, and my skin always feels so soft like a baby's butt afterwards.  Also, they require a paid admission into the Banya prior to the Mud Wrap.

Banya 5
Curious about the funny hats? Due to the fact that the parilka is hotter than a regular sauna, people wear hats like these to protect their heads from direct heat so they can stay & sweat in the sauna for longer periods of time.

No, this is not me.  But will give you an idea of what a Platza is like.

Also, just a reminder that starting in about a week I will stop taking new clients till right before Thanksgiving. New clients can still reach me for phone or email sessions.  

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Who will be next to be over my lap?

Will yours be the next bare bottom over my knee?

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