Thursday, February 13, 2020

Video - Miss Jenn Teaches You To Spank Your Hubby

In case you missed it, here's a video I created teaching the wife or girlfriend to spank her husband/boyfriend.  Enjoy!

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  1. A full length video of a lucky naughty devil being scolded, getting his pants and underwear yanked down to his ankles and forcefully yanked over your silky knees would be a great prelude to a great otk spanking instructional video. Special emphasis must be placed and repeated over and over again the on speed and force of the spanking for just how happily furious you are to have to be spanking your naughty devil yet again! Plus commentary on spanking sit spots and levels of the beginning blush to desired trophy flame red for your naughtiest of all naughty devils to be admired and displayed with the scolding reminder that he will be back over your knee on a regular basis for every and all naughty shenanigans past, present and future, just like old Scrooge haunted by his hourly his ghosts. It will be the year round Christmas Spanking video that gives the gift of good bare bottom over-the-knee spankings for all seasons! And as a bonus section just for fun for your most lecherous naughty devils deserving of the longest, hardest bare bottom spankings, a lengthy discussion and demonstration section on flirting, teasing and entrapping your naughty devil to instigate peeking and other overly affectionate naughty behaviors deserving of being rewarded with an instant trip over silky knees! There, that should keep audiences amused, entertained and inspired to try this at home with their own deserving naughty devils.
    ND =;)