Saturday, February 8, 2020

Spanking Kiki Cali OTK - Chaperone Spanking, Pt 2

A while back I got to do a fun video shoot with Lil Kiki Cali for GirlSpanksGirl website. I had meant to post some pics from the video shoot back then, but as usual there is always too much to do & not enough time to do it all.  But here are the photos, so enjoy!

This was for the video Chaperone Spanking, Part 2 with Kiki Cali
Miss Jenn spanks Kiki Cali
Spanking OTK.  Doesn't Kiki have a nice blushing bottom?
 Kiki Cali goes over Miss Jenn's lap
After scolding Kiki, about to pull her across my lap

Miss Jenn Davis straps Kiki Cali
Because Kiki Cali was such a naughty girl, she received a harsh strapping as punishment for her wrongdoings.

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