Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Mom Left Me in Charge [MP4](HD) video

Professional Disciplinarian

Professional Disciplinarian

Professional Disciplinarian

hairbrush spanking

OTK spanking

over the knee spanking

Professional Disciplinarian

I wanted to share information on this clip with you because this is one of my favorites & not only that but it's a 21-min clip which would normally cost $21.99 but I discounted it to $14.99 so that more people can buy it because this is one clip you don't want to miss!

Video Clip Description:

HD 1920x1080

Mom didn't have time to discipline & punish Kevin before she left on her trip, so she assigned it to sister Jenn to do.  Kevin tries to bribe Jenn by giving her his allowance.  But mom knows Kevin so well and told Jenn that she needs to take a photo of Kevin's bottom after the spanking and if it was NOT bright red like a fire engine, then she would spank Jenn for not doing as she was told.

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Professional Disciplinarian

Professional Disciplinarian paddles

Professional Disciplinarian uses her paddle

Professional Disciplinarian spanks

Professional Disciplinarian - Miss Jenn Davis
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  1. Looks Like a fun video based on the still pictures ;)

  2. I'd like to go to this 'class' since I missed the one you did last month, hope I can make it ;)

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