Saturday, February 8, 2020

It's Not Too Late To Spoil Me For V-Day 2020 and More Pics Inside

Valentine's Day 2020 is coming up and I've got quite a few things on my Amazon wishlist that would make a great Valentine's Day gift.  Go on, why don't you make a dent in my wishlist. Best to do it before I get the idea to make a dent in your bottom ;)

Gift-giving ideas for Miss Jenn


  1. Consider yourself Spoiled LOL SOMETHING from your 'Wishlist' is coming....Hmmmmm.....Wonder what it is.... ;)

    BTW LOVE the last pic of you in the green shorts, VERY Sexy! ;)

  2. Of course you'll be an extra spoiled brat err darling when naughty devils are late! All the more reason to give him a good bare bottom spanking over your silky knees!!! (Such fun being late teasing and earning spankings!)

    Xoxo, ND =;)

  3. The last picture.
    What a spankable butt!

    I see the belt in your hand and the hairbrush and two paddles on the desk indicating that it's not you getting a warm bottom.

    But these beautiful butt cheeks on display are just begging to ... (your imagination here)