Thursday, February 20, 2020

Are You Feeling Well, Doctor?

spanking cartoon

Your hands are awfully cold.

Need a spanking? Want to be spanked by a doctor or nurse? Are you ready to go over the knee and have your underwear pulled down for a bare bottom spanking? Do you love hand spankings? When was the last time you went OTK? Come see your favorite Disciplinarian, Miss Jenn for your own over the knee spanking.


  1. AHHhhhh.....THE 'SPANKING DOCTOR' will see you now.....GREAT 1960'S CARTOON! I just wish things could be like this again, (or maybe if I had 'Miss Jenn' as my FEMALE Doctor! they could be!!) ;)

  2. I have allways wanted to be spanked by a no nonsense type of nurse.Otk