Wednesday, February 5, 2020

How a Disciplinarian Punishes

First, she lets him know that he's in trouble.
Professional Disciplinarian
 Then, she prepares him for punishment while he stands there meekly.
Professional Disciplinarian pulling down pants
 She tucks up her skirt and orders him over her lap.
Professional Disciplinarian
 And proceeds to use her hand, her strap, and her hairbrush.
Professional DisciplinarianProfessional DisciplinarianProfessional Disciplinarian
 Then she may take a break to talk to him and decide if he needs further punishment.
sore bottom spanking
 She usually decides he does, so resumes the spanking.
OTK spanks
 Finally, she decides he's been punished properly, she ends the spanking and warns him to behave himself.

One of my friends sent me this, and he did such a great job, I wanted to share it all with you!
I have no idea where he got these photos or who these ladies are. If you happen to know, please post below in the comment section so that everyone can know & credit is given.


  1. GREAT 'Photo Story' I have MANY of these same pics in my vast collection of 'Spanking pics' as well as my vast collection of 'Spanking drawings'

  2. Of course darling's post-spanking warnings are just music to naughty devil's ears to be even naughtier to get his next over-the-knee spanking even sooner!!!

    ND =;)