Monday, February 3, 2020

Imagine if I made you sit

on this after your spanking?  How painful this would be.

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  1. After a stick-spanking on the lower buttocks, you would have probably seen me at the dinner table seated on a soft pillow. Considering how strict you can be, I can imagine a very bad boy or girl having to sit on that rough hard surface on bare blistered sit spots while writing you a formal and thoroughly convincing letter of apology for their behavior. When you are totally serious about teaching a lesson, the miscreant is not going to ever want their bottom to be in such trouble again.

  2. On coarse sand paper?
    I'm not sure it would feel so bad.
    Kneeling on it might be more uncomfortable.
    Somehow I don't think the sandpaper would be so bad.
    Dried peas are bigger and I guess they would feel much worse.

    Did anyone experience sitting on coarse sand paper with a sore bottom?