Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Chicago, CAPCon, & DC up Next, Plus Cute Diaper Pics (Yay for Nappies!) & a Vid

adult nappy ABDL

Check out this little video I did about CAPCon.  What is CAPcon you ask? The Chicago Age Players Convention for those who like all things ABDL.  After you watch my video, check out this link put on by the Chicago ABDL club:

Chicago CAPCon is sold out for 2020, can still have the opportunity to get have a spanking and/or ABDL session with me while I'm in Chicago. And you should definitely save up money & budget for the 2021 CAP Con. Don't know how to budget or need to be held accountable so that you are able to do things that you really really really want to do? 
Book me for a Discipline & Accountability session.  Spankings included!
I can also do phone sessions if you can't get to Seattle for an in-person accountability / life-coaching session.

If ABDL is NOT your "thing" please remember to NOT kink shame others who are into this fetish. Many ABDLs are already struggling with shame, don't make it any worse. ABDL is not a part of your session unless you request it.  If it's not your thing, just move on to a different blog post that is more in line with the fetishes you are into.

Trip Updates

Spanking &/or ABDL sessions in Chicago (will be attending CapCON, an ABDL convention): March 6-9

Spanking in Washington D.C. / Northern Virginia:  April 17-21

If you would like to give me a ride to / from the airport, please let me know. Otherwise, I will be taking Uber.  I especially need a ride to IAD airport on April 21st for my D.C. trip as well as to/from the Chicago airport.

Please remember that right now I am incredibly busy planning & going on all these trips plus preparing for my spanking class, so I'm not very active on social media at the moment, nor am I responding to many emails (of course if it's a session request, you will get a response, unless I accidentally lose your email, which does sometimes happen due to the backlog that happens while I travel)

Who loves them Nappies? Do you need to be regressed into an adult baby despite how old you actually are?
adult diaper fetish

When was the last time you were spanked & diapered? Did someone else witness your diapering besides the Mommy or Daddy that was putting you in nappies?

Do spankings go hand in hand with diapering for you? Or do you prefer one or the other?


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