Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Pleased to Paddle...and feeling under the weather

Professional Disciplinarian

Look how much FUN I've been having lately, paddling naughty boys & girls.  But perhaps all those flights from my travels have now caught up with me & I'm wondering if I have caught a bug?

I had to take a nap earlier due to some extreme fatigue and since waking up from that nap, I've had a wicked sore throat.  I've been eating soup, drinking tea, and taking anything I can to soothe my throat.

Hoping that I'm not really sick, but just run down.
Which is entirely possible with all the spanking I did at the 50 Freaks spanking party.

I do think I returned all my emails regarding my Chicago & DC trips, but if not, please let me know. I'm feeling a bit groggy so it's possible, your email got missed.
There were also a few people's emails from Chicago that got bounced back when I tried to email them (and just think it's going to be more than just emails bouncing when I arrive, it's going to be bottoms bouncing across my lap), so it's possible some naughty boys need to fix their emails so that my emails go through.

If however, you don't hear back from me over the next few days, it's either because I got sick or I am resting in order to prevent getting sick.  So please don't take it personally if you are waiting on an email from me.

spanking meme

If you emailed me about a PHONE SESSION OR A CUSTOM, I haven't gotten around to answering those emails yet. Hopefully later this week, I promise it's on my "to do" list.

I also got some really cute dresses, sexy lingerie & stockings as gifts, and yay they do fit! But have not felt up to taking any pics of me in them. When I'm feeling sick, I really hate picture taking (at least if I'm in them).  So thank you for the gifts, you made me feel very SPECIAL.

Professional Disciplinarian

Ok, the bathbrush spanking will need to wait for another day, it's early but I'm going to bed. You managed to escape your spanking tonight, but when you do get your spanking it's going to be that much HARDER.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be feeling better.

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