Saturday, February 22, 2020

The Spanking Report...

spanking meme

will your results be GOOD or BAD?
You do know exactly what will happen if this report has nothing but bad things to say about you?

Someone will be in store for a good hard spanking and that someone is YOU. And please remember that a 'real spanking' is always on the bare.


  1. GREAT AD/CARTOON! I think I might be on that report....Uh-OH......

  2. Oh goody, naughty devil got enough naughty bad points as usual to make the hourly spanking report again; if he doesn't make the hourly spanking report, he's not trying hard enough and will have his naughty devil credentials rescinded, can't let that happen now can we? Just what would a naughty devil be without an hourly well spanked red bare bottom? He would be a poor goody two shoe ex-naughty devil without a lap to be bent over, his flaming red bottom getting paler by the second. Just can't have naughty devil hanging out with the goody two shoe angels now, and such an embarrassment without having a glowing red bare bottom! Maybe some wild naughty angels will take pity on him an entrap him with teasing flirting to get back in the good hard naughty spanking graces by peeking up at pretty angels' fannies. Over your silky knee this instant? Ah, much better, exactly where a naughty devil needs to be, always naughty by the minute!
    ND =;)