Thursday, February 6, 2020

If you Had to Pick Only one spanking

Your only choices are:

1. A very light, playful spanking once a month


B. A very real no-nonsense spanking once every three months

Who which do you choose?


  1. For me it’s not about picking but being under an authority where punishment happens when it is deserved and required for disciplinary purposes. That is determined by my behavior and my disciplinarian’s judgment. The way this worked for me in real life is that a very real no-nonsense spanking, as depicted by the anguished crying icon, resulted in behavior and attitude that kept me out of that kind of trouble for a time. It was usually longer than three months.

  2. Being playfully greedy for more otk spankings, naughty devil's choice is both but much more often - should be daily for playtime spankings and weekly for no-nonsense spankings!

    ND =;)

  3. I would probably go with once a month.