Friday, October 4, 2019

Remember How I Said "I Wish This Spanking Cartoon Was Animated" ?

Well guess what, there is a version that is animated and some kind spanko was nice enough to email it to me. So here it is:
Mf spanking over the knee

As they say, "your wish is my command!"

So while we're at it then. If you have an idea of something that you think I'd be good at & that I'd enjoy that would earn me $100,000/month, go a head and send that my way too. Cause I'm wishing for that as well ;)


  1. Oh my ! Sure is a rite of passage for naughty daughters, Miss Jenn !
    I sure remember spending time over papa's knee, with my slippers falling off, doing my frantic swimming strokes & feeling my bare alabaster-white botty sting to scarlet, high heaven.

    Unfortunately my mother was the main spanker in our childhood. She was far more religious & strict & would use a whippy-thin rattan cane our our bare bums when we misbehaved "in front of God."
    Oh my ! Traumatic, already ! That was the punishment in our childhoods for my lil' sis & me.
    Sure licked us into shape, back in 1960s Georgia. And we are never too old for a well-smacked bottom, Miss Jenn. I am approaching age 61.
    Brenda xx

    1. I know someone else who does that "frantic swimming strokes" like you mentioned, hehe ;)

  2. Such a naughty daughter not wearing panties under her jeans! Naughty devil daddy insists on his naughty daughter wearing pretty panties for her preliminary teasing panty spanking before ceremoniously pulling those frilly little wisps of lace nothing down to her knees for the real spanking to start on her bare bottom! Have to maintain proper otk spanking decorum after all!

    ND =;)

  3. Naughty badboy looking for someone to put me otk spanking 🙂.

  4. I need to be spanked like that, I need a spanker.