Sunday, December 1, 2019

What a Miss Jenn Spanking Is Like [video][preview]

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  1. Miss Jenn, I'm no longer a young man, but my imagination is fully functional and I can picture the details of our session.

    In my fantasy, I'd be the handsome young hunk that lives across the street from you. Every morning we'd wave at each other as we went our separate ways to work, and I'd spend a little too long looking at your scorching legs and bottom as you climbed into your vehicle. The way your dark skirt pulls tight across those lovely ass cheeks as you sit. I acquire x-ray vision and can see right through the pesky conservative fabric of your work clothes, through the satin panties, right to your bare flesh. Believe me, my imagination works overtime - I know you've caught me looking several times and it always turns my face a flushed red.

    Even though all of the neighborhood young males know your full name, Vera Stern, nobody, and I mean nobody, has the cajones to actually call you Vera. It's always Miss Stern. The reason being, I think we've all heard the rumours, the stories. We've heard how the exceptionally talented and strict Ms. Stern can reduce an adult male to a sobbing juvenile boy who has been caught in the act and is receiving his just punishment. We all want to test your inviting water, but even more we take an experienced cohort's advice seriously: she spanks hard, very, very hard.

    I'm thinking my neighborly interest in you might be mutual. A time or two I've been out pulling the weeds in front of my house in a pair of form-fitting shorts, and I've noticed you lending an eye so to speak. In my current predicament, it's hard to think deeply. My concerns are elsewhere. Why do I have to pull my shorts down? I don't want to! But what happened the day before Thanksgiving wasn't planned. It just impromptu occurred to me that if I'm out pulling weeds in my yard, then I really could offer the service to you as well, not that your yard looked untidy. Underwear too, are you sure? Of course you accepted that offer for yard work. Did you know even then that I'd go astray?

    Your Thanksgiving harvest decoration with the husband and wife pilgrims is so cute. I don't want to think this - your lap is comfortable, even with my bare bottom propped up on your lovely skirt. How long can this last? I don't know why I thought to do this, but I had that dead branch from your yard cleanup, that was how you say "anatomically correct, if oversized". It just seemed like such a funny joke, to insert it in the decoration just right so that it stuck out very noticeably in front of the man. Oh my God, your hand feels so heavy and flat like a board on my bare bottom. Please don't spank me too hard! You won't - will you? After my creativity, it looked like the pilgrim couple took on a whole new life, with Mr. Pilgrim ready to seek a new land so to speak. I can't joke now - oh no, your bare hand just came down on my bare bottom. Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch! You are seriously spanking my bare bottom! But it seemed so funny at the time - I even wanted to refer to it as "Pilgrim's Pride".

    Ms. Stern, you're spanking me so hard now. I'm trying to bounce my nicely curved posterior around on your lap so that the pain is less concentrated. Nobody seems to understand the younger generation's humor these days. Oh my bare butt is so hot - how can you keep spanking me with that blistering palm? It's not fair! What's that, what? You're switching to something else? Splat! Oh, ow, oh, what was that? Just a paddle? Please, I haven't been spanked too many times before. My butt is sensitive. Please stop! Miss Jenn, I mean Miss Stern, by bottom is on fire. Yes, yes, I misbehaved and deserve a hard spanking. On the bare bottom, yes! No, no, I do like it, but it hurts so much. Oh Miss Jenn, spank me, please spank me. I am a bad, bad boy.

  2. Great Video, very informative...nice the way you explain each implement nice that you make spanking seem so natural and normal ;)